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SGP slides

  1. 1. Skateboard Culture Brett Ross
  2. 2. Overview• Keynote Presentation• Video Component• Class Activity
  3. 3. Thesis• Skateboarding has existed as a subculture for many decades. By creating a documentary on skateboarding I plan on expressing the evolution of skateboard culture and its influence on the lives of skateboarders.• (... by doing this, i will prove this)
  4. 4. Personal Relevance/Why Skateboarding?
  5. 5. What is a skateboard?
  6. 6. Roots
  7. 7. What is culture?• the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group
  8. 8. Why we loveskateboarding
  9. 9. LOVE Park•
  10. 10. FDR Skatepark
  11. 11. Filming• tid=030• Spike Jonze!!
  12. 12. Video Production• Fully Flared Link
  13. 13. Sponsorship
  14. 14. As an Amateur
  15. 15. Skateboarding as a profession
  16. 16. Skate Magazines• Thrasher• Transworld• Slap• Skateboarder
  17. 17. skating in the 70’s• dogtown and the z-boys• urethane wheel• freestyle skateboarding
  18. 18. 70’s continued• skate punks
  19. 19. 80’s• Freestyle skating dies out• Vert Riding• Street skating emerges• Pool skating
  20. 20. 90’s
  21. 21. Street Skating
  22. 22. Modern dayskateboarding
  23. 23. Quote• “The idea of just jumping into something without having a clue as to what’s really going on around me isn’t really that new to me. To think about it, in fact, it’s pretty much how I go about doing anything in my life. Too often are people afraid to fail at something, or give the excuse that they are now qualified to do a specific job or task. Instead of taking the chance and maybe having a blast and learning something new, they stick to the same routine which, to me, is sorta depressing. Growing up skateboarding, I believe that not only has it physically been challenging but mentally, too. You stress about the cracks at a new spot, or rougher landing, or worrying about being kicked out from a spot and not getting your trick after multiple tries, and wasted abuse to your body. It almost seems to me that almost any skateboarder is willing to just jump at something without really having a clue if they can possible do it or not. And what does this lead too? Progression and a feeling of accomplishment. Or sometimes, yes, you are defeated. But as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Before you know it, months later you’re back again trying to conquer what once brought you to your knees. This is the skateboarding mentality in full effect. So, next time when someone asks you why you skateboard, not only can you tell them its ‘cause you love it, but you can also say it’s helping you prepare for future endeavors in life. You’ll be more willing to give something a go, maybe not just once either, after your first failed attempt.”
  24. 24. Videos• imbed videos to your slides• help with time and gives a break
  25. 25. application component• describe your application• multiple slides• use pictures, videos, etc• approx 8-15 min
  26. 26. Class activity• something creative and fun• only 5 points• approximately 5 minutes (or more)
  27. 27. works cited
  28. 28. Conclusion• what did you learn