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Case study 3


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Case study 3

  1. 1. Brett  Henderson  COMM  636:  Integrated  Marketing  Communications    Case  Write  up  12.3  October  30,  2012   Statement  of  the  problem     There  are  a  few  main  problems  that  need  to  be  discussed  regarding  Whole  Foods  grocery  store.  The  main  problem  is  keeping  the  target  market  returning  to  the  store.  The  next  problem  would  be  how  to  effectively  PR  the  store  to  the  potential  customers.  The  last  problem  is  looking  at  the  different  tours,  self  help  magazines,  and  programs  they  are  developing  and  how  promote  them  to  the  media  and  continue  to  bring  in  customers  to  the  stores  with  these  programs.     List  of  critical  factors   1. Developing  programs  to  educate  customers  about  smart  economic   and  health  conscious  purchasing  via  tours,  self  help  magazines,  how  to   programs  and  blogging.     2. Promote  the  tours  and  buying  guides  through  flyers,  press  releases   and  media  coverage.   3. Develop  an  initial  target  market  following,  and  then  expand  to  border   regions.  After  obtaining  a  small  cult  following,  expand  the  market  to  a   new  type  of  customer.     4. Really  push  the  trendy,  organic,  environmentally  friendly  and  “cool   place  to  shop”  image.  Run  new  and  innovative  programs  to  continue   bring  the  customers  back  to  the  store.  
  2. 2. 5. Expand  on  their  social  media  plan  to  continue  to  develop  the  trendy   image  that  they  have.     Definition  and  evaluation  of  alternatives  1. First  step  of  the  plan  would  spend  some  time  and  money  in  development  of   programs.   a. Pros:  Developing  new  programs  such  as  guided  tours,  self-­‐help   magazines,  how  to  shop  efficiently  and  other  various  programming   will  draw  customers  to  the  store.     b. Cons:  2. Promote  the  developed  programs  in  a  in  the  most  effective  way  possible.   a. Pros:   b. Cons:  3. Start  developing  a  small  target  market  to  create  a  buzz,  and  then  expand  the   target  market  to  a  broader  market.   a. Pros:   b. Cons:  4. Start  pushing  the  trendiness  of  the  grocery  store.  Continue  to  develop  a  set  of   new  and  innovative  type  of  programs  to  draw  the  customers  to  the  store   more  often.   a. Pros:   b. Cons:  5. Start  developing  a  trendy  social  media  plan.   a. Pros:  
  3. 3. b. Cons:   Conclusion