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Creating Alexa Skills with JavaScript


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This is a presentation on how to create an Alexa Skill using JavaScript

Published in: Software
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Creating Alexa Skills with JavaScript

  1. 1. Alexa Skill Development
  2. 2. Quick Intro… BRETT DAVIS
  3. 3. Quick Intro…  I’m Brett Davis and I’m a consultant at Fusion Alliance for the past 4 years.  I’m still in the process of learning how to create Alexa Skills and using Amazon Web Services.  I’m also a cat owner.
  4. 4. Amazon Echo Devices
  5. 5. Build your own Echo Device  How to Build Your Own Amazon Echo with a Raspberry Pi 1787726931  Here’s how to make a DIY Amazon Echo raspberry-pi-matrix-creator-how-to  Can’t Wait for Your Echo Show? Build Your Own!
  6. 6. Alexa Skill Development  Creating Alexa Skills is a great way to learn AWS! If you build an Alexa Skill, you can learn AWS Lamba Functions, AWS DynamoDB, AWS S3 Storage, and other AWS services.
  7. 7. Alexa Skill Development  AWS Lamba Functions – Is an event-driven, serverless computing plaform.  AWS DynamoDB – It is a noSQL database service.  AWS S3 Storage – The file storage service.
  8. 8. Alexa Skill Development  The costs of AWS are almost free! In the AWS free tier, a users is given 1,000,000 AWS Lamba Requests a month. If your skill becomes really popular and it starts to cost money, AWS will give you $100 a month credit.
  9. 9. Alexa Skill Development  It is recommend that you have an Echo Device for testing purposes. Amazon has developed a tool for testing Alexa Skills if you do not have an Alexa Device.
  10. 10. Alexa Skill Development  You can get some really cool swag for developing an Alexa Skill!
  11. 11. Alexa Skill Development  Let’s look at some code!  The Deck of Cards workout is based off this codepen:  This sample is based off of the Alexa Local Recommendations App: cookbook/tree/master/labs/LocalRecommendations
  12. 12. Alexa Skill Development  How to program – Amazon Echo: Design, Development and Testing Alexa Skills  Alexa Github  Alexa Labs  Alexa Tutorials  Alexa Facebook Group  Alexa Code Academy Tutorial  Quik Lab Training Website:  YouTube Channel