The story of diamond and pearl necklaces


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The story of diamond and pearl necklaces

  1. 1. The Story Of Diamond And Pearl NecklacesAuthor: Breths Denis Pearl Necklaces: Redefining Beauty Every female prides herself with different types of jewellery, which makes her look even better. Jewellery has been used for many years now for personal beautification, and there is no woman who can live without them. With changing times, even the ornaments have gone through a lot of change in terms of fashion and designs. The preferences of women have also changed as far as the precious stones that are used in the jewellery. One of the most coveted forms of jewellery are the pearl necklaces, which have always been in fashion no matter what era. Right from the times of kings till now, a pearl necklacedefines royalty and elegance like diamond necklaces. Hence, these necklacesare a status symbol and are proudly worn by people of good stature and class.Even in today’s times, all the high profile people from the fashion andentertainment world look to pearl necklaces for accessorizing themselves. Thesenecklaces can make any type of outfit, be it any kind of a dress look absolutelystunning. Apart from all the celebrities and well known people, even the commonworking woman wears these necklaces for regular office or special occasions. Thisis possible because the pearl necklaces are available in a wide range of designsand price tags. Hence, they can be affordable for any person, and people canchoose the necklace as per their budget.The intricacy of any pearl necklace depends on the number of beads that are putin the thread. This will obviously depend on the length of the necklace and alsothe size of the beads. The necklaces are therefore pre-designed or you can alsoget them made as per your specifications of length and design. It is important tonote that the best quality pearl necklaces are not factory manufactured, and areinstead crafted by well trained artisan personally. His gives the jewellery itsunmatched aura and sparkle to make anyone look gorgeous.Once you have made up your mind regarding the purchase of a pearl necklace,you should be sure to check the quality of pearls that are being used. Because
  2. 2. pearls are easy to imitate by fake calcium beads, you should buy the pearlnecklaces only from authorized jewellery shops and examine all the qualityaspects of the necklace thoroughly. If chosen correctly, you can also own a verybeautiful set of pearl necklaces. Advantages of sporting multi-colored pearlNecklaces have been something that men are deprived of. One can see themsporting a sleek chain or a two but necklace is a copyright of women and onlywomen. Are they complaining? I am not sure and even if they are doing it won`tbe highly explicit. In any given day women love wearing and flaunting theirnecklaces. Women and jewelry have married with each other secretly and there isno room for a third person. This liaison is well-admired and highly cherished downthe ages.Pearl necklaces are the in-thing to watch out for. They are timeless, classy andimperial. There is a greed factor attached to it. Pearl necklaces are somethingwhich any woman cannot have it as one or two but quite a handful of them willkeep them quiet for some time. They come in all colors and variety that owninggood numbers is also not enough. I have seen many women getting colorfulpearl necklaces which they can match with their attire everyday to work orparties. Pearl necklaces with ruby, emerald, sapphire, gold, silver, sterling silverattached looks fabulous and great. A plain pearl string has one style statementand when the same sparkling thing is clubbed with other precious and semi-precious gems it essays out a different style statement altogether.Pearl necklaces gels fine with formal businessattire of women. A pearl stud along with neatlydone hair and western office attire makes onelook stylish, classy yet formal at the same time.While attending parties or weddings if wecombine pearl with gold or ruby it will signal outmeaning matching with the occasion andsituation. I find this aspect very flexible andversatile. I cannot wear a heavy gold necklace towork but I can very well carry-off a string ofwhite or pink pearl necklaces with élan. Pearlnecklaces are economical and you don`t have tosave an entire year`s savings to get one. With somany varieties overboard everyone and anyone can choose the pearl withoutburning a big hole in their pocket. This facility is not available with other preciousstones or metals. Planning , saving and all that hectic worries can take rest forsometime as buying beaded bracelets is no more an expensive luxury. It has
  3. 3. become more of need than mere opulence. S without pondering much whether tobuy or not just go ahead and buy few for these are incredible things which forman essential part of anyones style- kitty. The Pearls, Neck-Less! A stone, that the sea has made with pains, As precious and beautiful as your girl. Then why think of the cliché gold and silver, When you can always gift her a necklace of pearl.Pure, smooth, beautiful, precious, rare and priceless are the words that one oftenrelates to, when the pearl necklace comes to ones mind.Yes! The only gem known to man, which isproduced within a living body. The deep seas andhuge waves that gush over the oysters give thepearls, a rare combination of beauty andstrength. This makes the precious pearls evenmore precious. Since ages, pearls have been astatus symbol and ornament of pride for thewomen. Why not make your lady a proud ownerof such a rare stone?Dont worry, you dont need to know deep waterdiving and dozens of rare oysters that havesparkling pearls in their shell to make a necklaceout of it. Today a beautiful and priceless necklace is just one call or one clickaway! Thats one of the benefits which online trading and telecoms industry hasbrought to the all the men.Gone are the days when the young boys living besides the seashore would godeep into the sea and find couple of pearls and then sell them at any rate andoften fool the tourists. Today the globalization has brought the whole pearlindustry to professional and fare grounds. Hundreds of pearl necklace sellingjewelery stores and outlets have made the priceless pearls come into everyonesbudget. There are pearl necklaces ranging from $100 to $1 million. But nomatter what your pockets have, every pearl is as unique as our fingerprints andbeautiful too.The quality of pearls is popularly measured in Mikimotos A-system, where thepearls range from A to AAA. The pearls with the grading A are considered littleinferior in quality whereas the AAA pearls are considered to be of the best value.There is another system of grading the quality of pearls which is called TahitianPearl Rating. This has five categories namely grade D, grade C, grade B,
  4. 4. grade A and Top Gem in the ascending order of their quality. However thesegrades of quality in the pearls are not much distinctly visible to normal humaneye. You got it right! No matter what grade pearl necklace you gift your lady, thesmile on her face shall be equally priceless.Gift a pearl necklace or a silver ring to your special one and make the neck-lesspearls glitter on your ladys pearl necklace. What things you should keep in mind when purchasing pearl necklacesWomen love necklaces and there are different varieties to satisfy theirpreferences. There are certain necklaces that are always in style. These lookclassy and elegant but the greatest advantage is that these go perfectly with anyattire. Here mention can be made of pearl necklaces which have always been afavourite with women irrespective of age, race or country. These can be great togift to somebody during special occasions like weddings, marriage anniversaries,birthdays etc. For some people the pearl happens to be their birthstone so thoughthey wear it as a ring they also make necklaces with pearls. Pearl necklaces havebeen popular since thousands of years. Natural pearls are expensive because of their rarity but nowadays you get cultured pearls which are affordable without compromising on the quality. If you are a novice you won’t be able to distinguish between a cultured pearl and a natural pearl. If you are looking for pearl necklaces be informed that there are some common types which are available in the market. These are made of pearls like Tahitian, Akoya, Mikimoto and even South Sea ones. If you are looking for the highest quality then go for the Mikimoto pearls. These areavailable in various colours. For lighter colours like cream, white and silver youcan choose the Akoya pearls. If you prefer darker colours then you have tochoose either Tahitian or South Sea pearls. Regarding the cost freshwater pearlsare cheaper than saltwater pearls so keep this in mind.Determining the length of your necklace is also important. This depends on yourage, the size of your neck and your body structure. If you have a short neck, then
  5. 5. choose a long necklace and vice versa. Different length pearl necklaces aremade to suit the different neck sizes of women. The various types are namelycollar, choker, princess, matinee, opera and rope etc. Each type is made focusingon a specific neck size.If you have got a short neck pearl strands will look great on you. Women withthick or heavy necks will look good with pearl chains and those with long thinnecks will also look nice with chains of shorter lengths or diamond necklaces.Therefore it is your neck which should determine the style and length of thenecklace. With pearls you get a lot of options and since pearls are evergreen youcan be sure that you can never go out of style.