Introduction To Jewellery By CHANTI – Leading Brand In                         EuropeAuthor Name: Breths Denis     There a...
you will see a lot of cool designs. You can also get ringsthat are embedded with beautiful stones. If you have afancy for ...
Charm bracelets were also made from clay, animalteeth or gems. You may also find varied braceletssold online with beautifu...
are set in an angle to the central row, giving an illusion of being a threedimensional ring. The third design would be a s...
Before you buy a necklace consider taking into account the shape of your faceand neck. If you are the proud owner of a cha...
With time and technology, new materials werediscovered and were used in many ways.Sterling silver necklaces are very popul...
dress. It looks fashionable that way too. Gold necklaces are available in differentdesigns and the design determines the p...
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Introduction to jewellery by chanti – leading brand in europe


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Introduction to jewellery by chanti – leading brand in europe

  1. 1. Introduction To Jewellery By CHANTI – Leading Brand In EuropeAuthor Name: Breths Denis There are great styles to choose from when it comes to watches for men and mens ringsThe good old watch is no longer considered as just a time piece. Fashion andstyle have taken over the simple watch. Therefore you will see many men lookingfor watches that not only display accurate time but also set a style statement.Since preferences may vary you should first decide on the look.First of all there are different shapes to choose from. You can choose fromsquare, round or rectangle shapes. The price is the next important factor. Sinceyou already have a pre-determined budget set forth to check watches that matchyour preferred price range. This will save you time because you don’t have tocheck all those watches that have different price ranges. You should know whereexactly you will get the watch that you are looking for. For this you have to dosome initial research. When you have a fair idea about what you want you won’t find any difficulty in getting a watch of your choice. Many men may not be that choosy but you want a watch that reflects your personality so you have to get one that matches your preference. Though there are different watches for men you won’t require much time to purchase one that you are looking for. Remember that different watches have different features. Today watches are not just timepieces but much more than that.Similarly when you are looking for a ring you will discover that that there aremany unique designs to choose from. Both men and women love to wear rings. Itis not that you have to wear a ring only during a special occasion likeengagement or wedding. It is one of those accessories which you can weareveryday. Mens ring come in different styles as well as designs.You can choose rings made of gold, silver or even platinum. Nowadays rings formen are available in unique styles. Step into any reputable jewellery store where
  2. 2. you will see a lot of cool designs. You can also get ringsthat are embedded with beautiful stones. If you have afancy for gemstones then you can buy rings that have agemstone of your choice set on it. There are diamondrings too. These are expensive but if you want to splurgethen nobody is stopping you. However gold rings are themost popular.For those special moments you can choose special ringsthat are made of titanium, tungsten or palladium. Selectrings that look unique and do justice to your personality. Charm and fashion bracelets-the ultimate choiceJewellery is women’s best friend too! Bracelets are great way of decorating yourwrists. They are worn around the wrist which automatically enhances your look!Charm bracelets are uniquely made to keep away evils or bad luck. Fashionbracelets are a great to give a final touch to your over all look. Charm bracelets and fashion bracelets are highly in demand and worn frequently. After necklaces and earrings, bracelets are mostly preferred by women in her collection. Many craftsmen are involved in making one beautiful piece of jewellery. Choices of bracelets vary according to the occasion you are going for trendy bracelets are very much in demand and tend to be every woman’s strong wish. Varieties of bracelets are found in the market today. There are various designs, materials used for makingsuch bracelets. Designs and colours are found in every piece of bracelet. Whetherit is a party or a wedding, bracelets look good with your outfit. They go with anykind of outfit and make it even better for you. Jewellery and women can neverremain aloof. Bracelets in diamonds, stones, special gems, etc. are beautifullymade. They are available in various shapes, designs, colours, to wear for specificoccasions. They are an ultimate way to enhance the empty wrist. Be it a bigparty, a dinner or a dazzling event, bracelet makes it up for you! They are alsoavailable in various prices. If you don’t wish to spend much charm and fashionbracelets may be fetched you. Without bracelet it remains undone. It creates afinished look. They are comfortable and a single jewellery piece serves thepurpose for anything. In earlier days charm and fashion bracelets wereextensively used too.
  3. 3. Charm bracelets were also made from clay, animalteeth or gems. You may also find varied braceletssold online with beautiful designs and reasonableprices. Branded gold and silver bracelets are invogue! Delicate designs and intricacy is what isoffered. . Fashion bracelets are preferred on most ofthe outfits, while charm bracelets hold theirexclusive look.Bracelets and other jewellery are found everywherebut choosing the right designs to go with your wrist and the outfit you wear,matters a lot, Fashion is something that can be created by an individual foroneself. So, go out and collect some exclusive bracelets. Women wedding rings – Piece of Jewellery to last a lifetime Women wedding rings are very special for any women in her life .Cave diamond rings can be used as a women wedding rings. They are diamond encrusted gold or silver rings. Even though it is a gold or silver ring, diamonds are encrusted in such a manner that it gives an impression of having a diamond surface rather than gold or silver. Diamonds appear to be free standing as very little of the metal band shows through. It is called a pave setting as it uses minute beads or prongs to hold each diamond. These settings can be full pave or half pave, i.e. Diamonds can beencrusted on the entire band or stop halfway around. Full pave settings have agrand look whereas half pave settings are more comfortable to wear, asdiamonds will not rub against the skin.The quality of this setting is that it maximizes illusion of being purely a diamondring, rather than having a gold band as the surface. Pave diamond gold rings aremade of platinum, white gold and yellow gold. Platinum and white gold furtherdecreases effect of metal band being used as the base, as it merges beautifullywith diamonds, whereas yellow gold gives a traditional elegance to the ring.Pave setting is used in a wide range of diamond rings such as womens rings,mens rings, wedding bands, stylish solitaire rings and even casual wears.Popular designs in pave setting are thin band with diamonds set in a single row.Second design would be a wider band which has a large central diamond, inbetween single row of stones. This design has other rows of stones as well, which
  4. 4. are set in an angle to the central row, giving an illusion of being a threedimensional ring. The third design would be a simple band without a centre stone.These rings look very elegant and sophisticated and are preferred as engagementrings.Pave setting diamond rings are very popular aswedding rings. In wedding rings there is a largercentral stone encrusted in between paveddiamonds. The large centre stone along withbeautifully paved diamond setting gives a veryglamorous look to the ring and is sure to win overa lady’s heart. Pave diamond gold rings encouragefancier centre stones of colored gem stones andcolored diamonds. These rings give a more colorfuland royal look than rings with platinum base. Youcan have your ring custom made as well. Chooseyour own diamonds, select the base yourself –white gold, yellow gold or platinum, and decide onthe pave setting too.These breathtaking rings are sure to make you feel like a king or queen. So, don’tmiss out on owning one of these beautiful diamond rings and make your weddingevent inforgettable in your life.Women wedding rings plays a huge role in yourwedding and cave diamond ring should be a one of the favourites in yourselection.Pearl and sterling silver pendants to adorn your neck in luxury and style A necklace pendant can look great on any woman. It not only looks luxurious but charming too. Therefore you will find many men buying a necklace pendant for their beloved. Usually a necklace is made from popular metals like gold, silver etc. For the pendant it is usually gemstones (both precious and semi-precious), pearls etc. A pendant necklace can go with any attire. The idea is to adorn the neck so that it looks striking. You can make your necklace with platinum, silver, 18K rose gold, white gold etc. You will not only feel comfortable but will look special too. When it comes to pendant necklaces the simple pearlpendant necklace looks absolutely impressive.
  5. 5. Before you buy a necklace consider taking into account the shape of your faceand neck. If you are the proud owner of a charming chest then you should buy along necklace. Similarly buy a short necklace to highlight your beautiful neck.Usually necklaces are available in three common length sizes- 16 inch, 18 inchand 24 inch. Regarding the pendant it is available as short or long-shaped ones.The short ones are meant for long thin necks and the long ones for short ticknecks.Though pendants have been in vogue since olden times, today it has becomemore popular because it is available in a variety of designs as well as in differentmetals. Pendants made from sterling silver pendants have become a signaturestyle. You can wear one to any occasion.You can get your sterling silver pendant designedin all sorts of designs. You can choose from naturalelements, symbols etc. Nowadays you get manystylish shapes and designs. The great thing aboutsilver pendants is that it suits people irrespective ofage. Even then you should get your pendantdesigned according to your body structure. Heavyand solid pendants look great on slim figures. Longpendants are meant for short women. They will looktaller. If your neck looks thin then choose pendantsthat are small in size.The size of your necklace will also determine the size of the pendant. Wear ashort thin necklace so that the pendant gets highlighted. Sometimes it is theoccasion which can determine the size of your pendant. Wear a small-sized one ifyou are attending either a formal or a casual occasion. If the occasion turns outto be something bigger or grand then wear a large-sized pendant. Never Say No To A NecklaceA necklace is a piece of jewellery which is worn around the neck and many atimes it has been seen that necklaces have a pendant attached to it. Necklacesare usually made up of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum whereasthe pendants can be either of the same metal or different or a combination ofboth. When it comes to making pendants, diamond is the first choice of womenall over. Gemstones such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz, pearls and coral arealso considered favourable choices by many. Archaeologists have traced thehistory of necklaces to Stone Age which is approximately 40,000 years old. Theearliest necklaces were made of natural objects such as rock, bones, leaves,stones and shells and were used for the purpose of bodily ornamentation. Sincethen there has been no looking back as far as body ornamentation is concerned.
  6. 6. With time and technology, new materials werediscovered and were used in many ways.Sterling silver necklaces are very popularamong young women as they are light in weight,inexpensive, affordable and can be worn at homeas well as office with dresses ranging fromtraditional to modern. Another dazzlingcombination is a Swarovski pendant with a sterlingsilver necklace. Swarovski is a kind of crystalwhich is cut to precision and is sold under thebrand name of the same by an Austrian companynamed Swarovski AG of Wattens. Pendants madeof Swarovski are a symbol of luxury and fashion. Necklaces made of beads are afavourite of youth which gives them a very funky appearance. Whereas women intheir middle age swear by a simple pearl necklace and a chiffon dress, young girlsgo for bead necklaces in colours as bright as red, green, yellow, purple, turquoiseand other vibrant hues. These necklaces can be of long, short or medium lengthand can be single string or multiple. For movie lovers it is difficult to forget SalmaHayek’s Frida where Hayek playing the role of Frida has worn necklaces made ofbright beads which have complemented her traditional Mexican dresses. Wearing silver hoop earrings with just a thin silver or platinum necklace is another classy choice which will never go out of fashion. Platinum necklaces are expensive owing to the rarity of the metal but look very elegant with a diamond pendant worked upon a platinum base. Necklaces help in highlighting the neck part of a female anatomy. However the most common in this category are necklaces of gold which complement almost everything. Gold necklaces are worn among women across the globe. Whether expensive or inexpensive, they do add magic to the persona of a female. Necklaces are designedby jewellery designers and a beautifully crafted necklace is a reflection of theartist’s creative vision. Step out in style with a pendant necklace and matching diamond earringsBoth men and women wear gold necklaces. A gold necklace can go with anyoccasion. You can either wear a thick or a thin necklace depending on how muchof your neck area is exposed. Sometimes people also wear necklaces over their
  7. 7. dress. It looks fashionable that way too. Gold necklaces are available in differentdesigns and the design determines the price.Then there are pendants to go with a gold necklace. The round shaped medallionpendant is one of the first styles in the history ofpendants. It can be made in either gold or silverbut if you are wearing a gold necklace then youhave to take a gold one. To stand out in thecrowd choose a bold medallion pendant. Thereare lots of gorgeous designs to choose from. Ifyou want you can also get your pendant set withbright coloured stones. If you are a female thenyou can choose flower shaped medallions that willenhance your femininity.There is also the key and heart shaped pendantsto go with your gold necklace. These are classicand timeless styles which are very popular. Theheart shaped ones have been there since a long time whereas the key shapedhave come in recently. Thus you can get your gold pendant necklace madewith any of these pendants.Earrings are also much sought after jewellery items. Earrings set with diamondsare a treat for the beholder as well as the wearer. It was the Egyptians who firststarted the trend of wearing earrings. Thereafter the Romans followed suit.Diamond earrings became fashionable in the 18th century. There are basicallytwo types of diamond earrings made for pierced and non-pierced ears. Diamondclip earrings are meant for the latter and diamond post and wire earrings for theformer.There are different types of diamond earrings and each varies from the other interms of design, price and carat. You can also set other precious stones with thediamond if you prefer. While choosing the colour of diamond you can choose from different colours. Till date more than 300 natural colours have been discovered. However colored diamonds are considered to be very rare. The rarest amongst coloured diamonds is the black diamond. Black diamond is only found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. This diamond looks cloudy and gives off a metallic black colour. Therefore black diamond earrings not only look elegant and sophisticated but because of its rarity people will envy you when you wear one.