Web marketing of your home


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Web marketing of your home

  1. 1. buyers search online 74% 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2010I have the informationI intend to sell your home for the maximum price in the minimum amountof time.To a certain extent, achieving that goal is a numbers game. We need tocreate a richly detailed, spectacular listing for your home, and then weneed to put it in front of as many potential buyers as we possibly can.Did you know that, as of 2010, nine out of every ten home buyers usedthe web to find their new home? In 2011, the percentage is predicted toincrease even further.The number of buyers who use the internet to find their next home is “ 2003 to Over time, buyers’ use of the Internet to search for homes has increased, rising from 71% in 89% in 2010. Even more importantly, the share of buyers who reported using theincreasing daily. The traffic to online real estate marketplaces is sky- Internet frequently to search for ”rocketing. The power of the web is growing. And I have been able to a home has risen from 41% insuccessfully establish myself online so that I am able to tap in to thissteady stream of real estate shoppers. 2003 to 74% in 2010. 11. The 2010 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, Published by the NationalAssociation of REALTOR, 2010
  2. 2. Today’s reality is that buyers look for real estate online.I have the networkThe web is now by far the most important advertising medium for realestate, and that’s becoming truer every day. Fortunately, I’ve managed The Point2 Agentto stay ahead of this trend, and have been continuously working to in- network includes:crease my web presence so that I can push listings to more places veryquickly, putting properties in front of online buyers very effectively. thousands of real estateI subscribe to Point2 Agent, a web service that connects real estate pro- websites across Northfessionals with one another and with the most important real estate ad- America, including dozens ofvertisers on the web. This service allows me to advertise your listing on the highest-traffic real estatemy website, on many other local real estate websites, and on some of the sites on the web.busiest real estate marketplaces on the internet.Thanks to this listing service, and to my numerous contacts, you will seethat I belong to a powerful online network that can make a substantialdifference in the exposure your property receives.
  3. 3. your listing can have its own web addressI have the search advantageThe software that I use will allow me to create your listing in such a waythat it is more likely to be found in online searches. This is thanks to afew key components.Neighborhoods – instead of creating Multiple Search Platforms – not only Better Information – because I try to addlistings according to awkward ‘selling ar- will I help your listing attract attention as many high-quality photographs and aseas,’ each of my listings is categorized by via “natural search” in search engines much richly detailed information to yourits familiar neighborhood name. Why is like Google, Yahoo! and MSN, I will also property listing as possible, it will have athis important? Simple – buyers don’t place your listing in real estate-specific significantly better chance of attractingtype “Area 7B, Houston, Texas” into search sites such as Point2 Homes, Oodle, more buyers. In fact, 85% of homebuyerssearch engines like Google. Instead, it is Trulia and Google Base. In all, I have ac- value pictures as the most important fea-estimated that over 60% of all real es- cess to up to 35 distinct listing market- ture of a listing advertisement2.tate searches have a neighborhood ele- places where your listing can be displayed.ment such as “homes for sale in King-wood, Houston.” Because I willcategorize your listing accordingly, it willhave a better chance of being found viathese crucial searches.2. The 2008 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers,Published by the National Association of REALTOR, 2008
  4. 4. buyers want more informationI build better listingsBetter listings. What’s the big deal? Well, it’s simple – many inde- Online Listing Photo Effectiveness © 2011 Point2 Agentpendent studies show that better listings with more photos attract morevisitors, they keep buyers looking at your home longer, and they generate 10 0 %more quality buyer leads. 90 80 ListingMore photos. I understand the power of quality photographs, and will Views 70 60include as many photos as possible to help attract attention to your listing. 50 ProspectsMore information. Buyers want information. That’s only natural – Generated 40 30they’re trying to make an informed decision about a major purchase. So Consumer 20instead of withholding information about your property, I deliver as much Interest 10information as possible. Not only does this make your listing easier to 0 0 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36find online, and not only does it help ensure that inquiries about yourproperty are serious ones . . . it can also attract more attention from the Number of Listing Photosbuyers who find it.More personality. No one knows your home better than you do. That’swhy, if you’re interested, I am able to set up a special area of your listingwhere you can add your own comments. You can even log in via your ownpassword and access statistics on the visitors your listing is attracting.More power. My listings always include Google mapping with satelliteimagery, virtual tours, and many other features to showcase your propertyat the highest level of professionalism and technological elegance.
  5. 5. email notification means I’ll never miss a prospectI turn more browsers into buyersToday’s buyers expect lightning-fast responses to their emails and in-quiries, they expect regular updates, and they expect an impressive,feature-rich website. Not only is my website designed to attract andengage today’s buyers, it also includes numerous behind-the-scenessoftware elements that will help me to sell your home.My network is set up to enable buy- My website has the ability to send a My software automatically placesers to register their preferences and notification directly to my cell phone as potential buyers in a communicationreceive listings via email. That means a text message if a prospect is inter- program so that I am sure to maintainthat I may already have dozens of wait- ested in your property and inquiring friendly contact with them, encouraginging buyers who are looking for the type about it. This means that I am able to more repeat visits to my website – andof property you are offering. As soon as respond with incredible speed to impor- more repeat viewings of your listing.I have completed work on your listing, it tant potential buyers.will be instantly emailed to thesematched buyers.
  6. 6. your listing will never go unnoticedI put your listings everywhereNot only will your listing get serious advertising on my website and onthe websites of all of my network partners . . . I will also push it out allover the web, to the busiest real estate marketplaces online . . .
  7. 7. proven results have a way of changing the gameI have the advantagesI’ve researched and subscribed to some of the most effective real estatetechnology available. This technology is just one of the important toolsthat allow me to present your property as effectively as possible, and tohave it discovered by as many potential buyers as possible.In modern markets, having a technological edge can make a dramaticimpact. I have that edge, and I am looking forward to using it to youradvantage.Yours truly,