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More About Beehive


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An intro slide about Beehive, an open source initiative launched by former United Nations staff to improve humanitarian crowdfunding technology.

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More About Beehive

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Beehive is a nonprofit open source initiative linking humanitarian organizations, tech volunteers and supporters
  3. 3. Beehive members are working together to advance open data sharing between humanitarian organizations and donors
  4. 4. and to solve how data channeled through technical frameworks like IATI can power next- generation crowdfunding platforms
  5. 5. and emerging artificial intelligent applications, including popular digital assistants like Siri, Alexa and Facebook M
  6. 6. What’s IATI?
  7. 7. IATI is an open data sharing framework that the humanitarian community has been developing, broadly putting in place and mandating outside of view of the private sector
  8. 8. Professional humanitarian organizations use IATI to report aid activities, who they’re helping and where for example and to make the detailed information accessible to machine applications
  9. 9. Donors and institutions use IATI to report grant transactions, follow aid activities, spending and results and to help plan and coordinate future programs and support
  10. 10. Government development agencies are mandating IATI to improve transparency and data comparability and to advance open data sharing across the humanitarian community
  11. 11. How does IATI work?
  12. 12. Organizations use standardized information fields to report activities then they convert the information into machine readable XML code
  13. 13. Organizations publish the XML files on their own servers then send file metadata to IATI, making it possible for anyone to aggregate, compare and analyze the data
  14. 14. IATI makes it possible to see what different organizations are doing and to track activities in real time through planning, implementation and completion stages
  15. 15. Cross-connected activity data streaming through IATI can be traversed by artificial intelligent applications to answer queries about operations and where needs are most acute in the field
  16. 16. Why Beehive was launched?
  17. 17. IATI was originally setup to make aid funding more transparent not to unlock innovative potential by setting up a way to power futuristic applications such as ones that are commonplace today or on the horizon tomorrow
  18. 18. On a technical level, because of its original design the framework is missing a robust entry point suitable for applications to plug into
  19. 19. Beehive was launched to build a modern IATI data server and API capable of powering sophisticated enterprise-grade applications
  20. 20. and to solve and model how applications can connect and communicate with the server and function to ultimately help organizations get their needs in front of the crowd and turn around funding for operations
  21. 21. Beehive is dedicated to working out the technical challenges preventing developers from building intelligent IATI-data-driven applications improving humanitarian financing and operational coordination
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