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Moving Your Business Forward - Using Platforms to Build Your Business


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Moving Your Business Forward - Using Platforms to Build Your Business

  1. 1. Using Platforms to Build Your Business Brent Leary CRM Essentials, LLC @BrentLeary
  2. 2. The Age of the Empowered Customer Channels The The Impact proliferate Internet customer ripples evolves is more across from vocal than business and pages to ever entire people industries www
  3. 3. Jeff Bezos
  4. 4. Jeff Bezos
  5. 5. Jeff Bezos
  6. 6. Jeff Bezos
  7. 7. Jeff Bezos
  8. 8. Improving the life ex perience ofa customer goes bey ondimproving their expe rience asyour customer
  9. 9. CRM Essentials / SMB Group Social Business Study – 2011 Culture of Listening Use social tools to monitor Use social tools to monitor company mentions industry/competitors/market mentions 39% Strategic Users 29% Strategic Users 3% 2% Informal Informal Users Users
  10. 10. “If you makecustomers unhappyin the physical world,they might each tell6 friends. If youmake customersunhappy on theInternet, they caneach tell 6,000friends.” Jeff Bezos
  11. 11. The Box Toss – By The Numbers+0 Hours 13 Hours go by & Fedex Finally tweets a response 4,825 Fedex Tweets by that time 40 Hours go by & Fedex finally tweets official blog post 15,658 Tweets by that time 40,644 Tweets over 72 hours 1,097,388 People in Twitter impact radius
  12. 12. Importance of Over-servicing CustomersB oloc o, a B os ton-ba s e dEmpowering storemanagers withsocial help desk
  13. 13. How a Free Burrito Turned into a $55 Parking Ticket & A Great Customer Experience
  14. 14. Jeff Bezos
  15. 15. Jeff Bezos
  16. 16. Jeff Bezos
  17. 17. Jeff Bezos
  18. 18. Jeff Bezos
  19. 19. Jeff Bezos
  20. 20. Jeff Bezos
  21. 21. Jeff Bezos
  22. 22. Jeff Bezos
  23. 23. Jeff Bezos
  24. 24. Role of Social Listening in Launching A New Product – Case Study • Engage ordinary consumers instead of industry influencers and turn then into everyday advocates • With Facebook targeted ads, drove 23,898 people to Facebook app • Used proprietary tools to profile their likes, interests, network size and amplification • Identified 4 key archetypes through data analysis and social profiling • Picked 1,000 consumers to join the program
  25. 25. Jeff Bezos
  26. 26. The Results of The 1000 – Case Study Cont’d • 64% of participants have created branded content, helping generate thousands of positive reviews. • Each piece of content shared has the potential to reach 2,084,048 people. • 87% have recommended the product - performing 2,452 unsolicited product demos already. • With the success of the program, the company is looking to extend the program by a further 1,500 people
  27. 27. Jeff Bezos
  28. 28. Jeff Bezos
  29. 29. Jeff Bezos
  30. 30. Jeff Bezos
  31. 31. Jeff Bezos
  32. 32. Jeff Bezos
  33. 33. Jeff Bezos
  34. 34. Thank You! @BrentLeary