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Lecture #5 - Dark & Doom Tourism


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Lecture #5 - Dark & Doom Tourism

  1. 1. Lecture #5 – Dark & Doom Tourism • What is Dark Tourism? • Some Famous Locations • Korean Dark Tourism • South Korea • 북한 • What is Doom Tourism? • Some Famous Locations • Some More Public Speaking Tips • Strategies For A Good Conclusion
  2. 2. Introduction • Today we will discuss two similar but different styles of tourism, Dark Tourism & Doom Tourism. • We will talk about what Dark tourism is, where is it popular, and some criticisms of it. • Then we will discuss Doom Tourism and some of its famous locations. • We will also add to our presentation tips with another set of tips. – This time referring to how to have a good conclusion to your presentation.
  3. 3. Dark Tourism • It is a type of tourism where tourists are drawn to, and travel to locations that are associated with death and tragedy. – It is also sometimes called Black Tourism or Greif Tourism. • People who enjoy and try to visit many of these locations are sometimes referred to as Dark Tourists. – Are you a Dark Tourist? – Have you ever visited a Dark Tourism Location? • Even though these locations are associated with death and tragedy, their historical value is also a major reason people visit. • You don’t have to be a Dark Tourist to enjoy the importance of that tourism location.
  4. 4. Famous Dark Tourism Locations • Unfortunately, there are Dark Tourism locations all over the world. • Here are a few of the more famous locations: – Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland – The Killing Fields & Genocide Museum in Cambodia – The Cambodia Land Mine Museum – The Cluster Bomb Museum in Laos – Ground Zero in New York – Chernobyl, Ukraine – The Kigali Genocide Memorial Center in Rwanda – Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Japan • Have you visited any of these locations?
  5. 5. The Killing Fields (My Pictures)
  6. 6. The Genocide Museum In Cambodia
  7. 7. The Cluster Bomb Museum In Laos
  8. 8. Two Famous Dark Tourism Movies Have you seen these movies? They are good for understanding why those locations are now Dark Tourism locations.
  9. 9. In Korea • There are quite a few Dark Tourism Locations in Korea. – Many people don’t know them or have never visited them. • The most widely known one is the DMZ. – What does DMZ mean in English? • Around the northern parts of South Korea you can find many different war memorials of different countries that participated in the Korean War. – How many do you know? • We saw a picture of Jeong-Dong-Jin (정동진) at the beginning of this course. • Did you learn about The Jeju Uprising when you were a high school student?
  10. 10. Darangshi (다랑시) Cave in Jeju
  11. 11. The Jeju Massacre (4.3) • Here is an interesting article about the Jeju Massacre. – =2483 • It is a forgotten time in world history. – It happened after Korea was liberated from Japan – the end of World War 2. – It happened before the start of the Korean War. • Have you ever been to Jeju Island? • Did you know about this Dark Tourism location there?
  12. 12. Dark Tourism Criticism • Some people criticize Dark Tourism entrepreneurs for making a profit off of the past suffering and pain of others. – They say they are “exploiting” the location. • This is an opinion of others and not a fact for every location is different. – They all offer tourists a chance to learn about the tragedy and possibly find a way to help – Volunteerism is one way in which tourists can help – $$ - of course donations do not hurt either!
  13. 13. 북한 • North Korea is attractive to Dark Tourists. – Foreign visitors can travel their by entering through China. • What they are able to see and experience is of course controlled by the government. – Only Package Tours with government tour guides are available. • Many people also see North Korea as a Doom Tourism Location too. – It will not be around forever.
  14. 14. Doom Tourism • It is visiting the places, sites, countries, or regions, which are under some kind of an environmental and/or human threat. – It is also sometimes called Last Chance Tourism or Tourism Of Doom. • The basic aim of doom tourism is to urge people to visit the threatened sites before they are lost forever. – It is gaining in popularity because it is time sensitive. – “Some see the trend as related to Sustainable Tourism or Ecotourism due to the fact that a number of these tourist destinations are considered threatened by environmental factors such as global warming, overpopulation, or an climate change.*1” • There are critics that feel that the growing popularity of Doom Tourism is actually speeding up the deterioration process of the already threatened sites. • *1:
  15. 15. Doom Tourism Locations • Similar to Dark Tourism, there are Doom Tourism Locations all over the world. • Here are a few of the more famous Doom Tourism locations: – The Maldives – The Island Nation is sinking! – The Great Barrier Reef – The Coral is dying – Venice, Italy – The canal city is slowly flooding – Mount Kilimanjaro’s glaciers – They are melting – The Alaska glaciers – They are also melting – Churchill Manitoba – A place to view Polar Bears – Tasmania – The Tasmanian Devil will be extinct in the not too distant future – There are many more around the world. • Are there any Doom Tourism locations in Korea?
  16. 16. Doom Tourism Travel • Here is a Doom Tourism travel suggestion that I took from the internet. • “Tread Lightly! There is no better proof that the planet is in trouble than the Doom Tourism sites themselves, but we can make a difference. • Here are some suggestions: – Stay in a hotel that has made a commitment to sustainability and has an active environmental program. – Do not deface or damage monuments or artifacts. – Use public transit whenever possible. – Be courteous to local people and respectful of their culture. – do the common-sense things: switch off lights, conserve water, use a cloth bag for shopping, don’t litter and eat local produce. • By all means, visit these doomed places, but let’s also do our best to save them.*2” • *2:
  17. 17. Presentation Tips – Strategies For A Good Conclusion • When you are ready to finish your presentation it is important to have a good conclusion. – This is the last chance the audience has to listen to your presentation and they will be able to remember it easily. • Here is a simple chart that you can follow when concluding or “wrapping- up” your presentation. • You don’t have to use all of them every time, but it is a useful tool. – Each part can be as simple as just a sentence.
  18. 18. Presentation Tips – Strategies For A Good Conclusion • There are some useful phrases that you can use in each of the different parts of the chart from the previous page. • Signaling the end of the presentation. – This brings me to the end of my presentation • Summarizing the main points. – Before I finish, let me highlight my main points again • Recommending or suggestion something. – I will just run through 3 different options – I would suggest that….. – I’d therefore recommend that …….. • Inviting questions. – Now I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. • *Making your final statement is unique to each presentation!
  19. 19. Summary • Today we discussed both Dark & Doom Tourism. – What are they? – Where are they around the world? • Dark Tourism in Korea. – Due to Korea’s history, there are many Dark Tourism locations. – North Korea is its own unique Dark Tourism location and even could be a Doom Tourism location. – Are there any Doom Tourism locations in South Korea? • Just as with some of our other types of tourism, Doom Tourism is a growing international industry. – People are wanting to see these places, animals, or artifacts before they are gone forever. – It is definitely time sensitive. – Some researchers feel that this growth in tourism is actually causing the “doom” to happen more quickly. • We continued to add a bit more ideas in terms of public speaking practice. – Strategies For A Good Conclusion. – There are more tips to come, but this now gives us a great set of strategies for an entire presentation. *Make sure to review this PPT for your homework presentation assignment!*
  20. 20. Writing Homework • Download the Microsoft Word (.docx) document on the class website that is with this PPT in the Lecture #5 thread. • Complete the homework on your own before our next “lab” class. – I will be checking it. • Be ready to talk about your answers.
  21. 21. Presentation Homework • This will be the 5th presentation you will make for our class. • Every student will prepare a short (3 minute maximum) presentation for next week’s class. • The topic is your choice - either about Dark Tourism or Doom Tourism. Look back at slides #4 and #15. You can choose one of those locations, or a new one that you know about and would like to do, and introduce it to us. • Try to make sure to follow the new presentation tips we discussed today, along with the other ones we have been adding every week. • Be prepared and ready to present for next week! Everybody must post their video on Google + • Don’t worry! As long as you present, you will get the participation points!
  22. 22. Any Questions?