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Making Content Curation Work for You at SMX Advanced 2013


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Content Curation is fast becoming a reality for most companies and websites, but there is more than just re-publishing or re-purposing other peoples content.

This presentation details how you can create better content than the source you curated it from, so you become the preferred source that people link to, reference, and share publicly.

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Making Content Curation Work for You at SMX Advanced 2013

  1. 1.
  2. 2. www.kairaymedia.com1) Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digitalcontent that surrounds specific subject matter.2) Content Curation is the gathering, organizing and online presentation of contentrelated to a particular theme or topic. As a rule, a content curation sitereproduces some of the original content and links to the full entry. Somecontent curation sites also provide original content, interpretation and commentary.Collecting vs Re-CreatingWhat is Content Curation?
  3. 3.• The bare minimum• LazyThe Problems with Content Curation?
  4. 4.• Become your mechanism for research and ideation• Stand out, even when not completely unique• Become the preferred sourceBest part is…• It’s not that hard• Just take it seriousAnd remember…• In marketing, you never want to blend in• Be Unique & Better Than The Source!Content Curation Needs to...
  5. 5. www.kairaymedia.comFinding Content to Curate
  6. 6.• Improved version of the original• Argumentative or Controversial (Opinion)• Lists• How-To / Guides• Images / Memes• Make a story or event into an image or comic• Timeline• Comparison• Offbeat or Extreme• VideoTypes of Content
  7. 7. www.kairaymedia.comHow to Improve Content
  8. 8.• Images• Should actually speak to the reader• Shared in Social MediaHow to Improve Content
  9. 9.• Images• Video• YouTube = Start at any time• Vimeo = Embed without linking outHow to Improve Content
  10. 10.• Images• Video• Relate articles• Look for information you personally want to know more about• Look for any elements that might have more information• Use search filtersHow to Improve Content
  11. 11.• Images• Video• Relate articles• Social imagesHow to Improve Content
  12. 12.• Images• Video• Relate articles• Social images• Quotes• If possible, get your own quotes• Search for other related quotes• Think about what people can useHow to Improve Content
  13. 13.• Images• Video• Relate articles• Social images• Quotes• Title with HookHow to Improve Content
  14. 14.• Images• Video• Relate articles• Social images• Quotes• Title with Hook• Better than sourceHow to Improve Content
  15. 15.• Article / Conversational tone• Less promotional / commercial• Quick data to use• Quotes• Images• Social buttonsGet the Most Out of Social
  16. 16.• Increased• Links• Social signals• Traffic• Branding• Conversions• Followers / ReadersThe Payoff!
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Connect With Me…