“I firmly believe that the cost of my coaching program will be re-paid many times over. On
           a daily basis I cont...
How it works:
Coaching and mentoring are very similar in their process and approach. The distinction is vast, however: a
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ProMentor Brochure Ver 7.30


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ProMentor Brochure Ver 7.30

  1. 1. “I firmly believe that the cost of my coaching program will be re-paid many times over. On a daily basis I continue to use things which I learnt from coaching nine months after our coaching sessions finished.” — Patrick Ashworth, Ashworth Africa Tours and Safaris, ProMentor client in 2004 What ProMentor’s coaching and mentoring are about: Coaching and mentoring are not about attaining goals, although working toward achieving goals might be the vehicle and business case for engaging a coach and mentor. The work of a coach and mentor is fundamentally about transformation and learning. Through empowering you to think for yourself, building awareness, challenging your often invisible assumptions and beliefs, and discovering your personal and organisational purpose, ProMentor’s coaches and mentors can be your catalyst for long-term, sustainable success, long after the coaching program ends. Most commonly, coaching and mentoring have their greatest results when the client is already successful, especially in comparison with conventional interventions like training, advising or consulting. This is because, unlike consulting and training, the law of diminishing returns applies to coaching and mentoring at a much later stage. In fact, it is because of the concept of client empowerment that coaching and mentoring interventions can realise phenomenal investment returns, as much as 788% according to a 2001 MetrixGlobal study. Typical returns range from 200% to 500%; note that getting any return is dependent on the client being committed to the coaching or mentoring. If you are a business executive, entrepreneur or IT professional, call us to discuss how coaching and mentoring can improve your business. Services and benefits: Through our experienced and qualified coaches, mentors and consultants, we will partner with you to address:  Leadership development – the business will only grow sustainably when the business leader grows.  Coaching and mentoring program management – assure results, ensure alignment of conversations.  Business strategy workshop facilitation – helping you design your future and your plan to get it.  Psychometric assessment and profiling – growth starts with accurate knowledge of self.  Business growth – growth, turn-around and strategy planning and implementation.  Business systems – policies, practices and productivity management and improvement.  Professional IT skills development – project managers, business analysts and IT professionals.  Implementing in-house coaching and mentoring – own your own program.  Customised soft skills workshops, training and team development – giving you exactly what you want. For more: ph: (021) 683 7575 | email: info@promentor.co.za | www.promentor.co.za ProMentor CC, CK 2004/009855/23 Member: Brent Combrink
  2. 2. How it works: Coaching and mentoring are very similar in their process and approach. The distinction is vast, however: a coach supports you in acquiring skills and knowledge from your own resources, while a mentor will additionally impart advice, expertise and knowledge. While your mentor will focus on observable skills and behaviours, your coach will go to the deeper, often transparent parts of your life. It takes a courageous person to explore and challenge our strengths and weaknesses, limiting assumptions, beliefs, learning styles and values – our structure of interpretation and self-identity. Count on a solid coaching program running for at least 6 months, while an effective mentoring programme can run for just a few sessions. Coaching and mentoring interventions both include regular face-to-face sessions, telephone sessions, team sessions, live-action sessions and direct observation. If needed, ProMentor’s coaches and mentors are available via email and telephone between scheduled meetings. Partial List of ProMentor Clients and Services Delivered: Rawsen Equipment Executive coaching (Jul 2006 – Dec 2006) Glacier (previously known as Innofin Productivity improvement at client services div. (Oct 2005 – Jan 2006) 2 and SP , a subsidiary of Sanlam) Performance and cultural audit* (Jan 2006) Discovery Health Business coaching for senior management (Jul 2005 – Apr 2006) Faculty Training Institute Course development, lecturing and assessing (since Mar 2004) Business development and marketing consulting (Feb – Oct 2006) De Abreu Cohen (attorneys) Business coaching for executive (since Jun 2005) rd EasyPay (3 party payment systems) Mentoring of 8 business analysts & project managers (Feb – Oct 2005) Business coaching for senior management* (Aug 2005 – Oct 2006) GijimaAST (IT consulting) Team development* (May – Jun 2005) Office Options (retail and projects) Business coaching (Sep 2004 - Nov 2005) Blue Chip IT (IT training and services) Project manager: learnership implementation (Jul - Oct 2004) Quality Management consulting (Dec 2004 - Feb 2005) Ashworth Africa (in-bound tourism) Business coaching and start-up business planning (Feb - Jul 2004) seda (small enterprise development) Business planning for various start-ups (since Feb 2006) Peak Performance Program Motivational and soft skills development workshops (since Feb 2005) *Expert associates collaborate in our projects where needed. Our associates have experience in small business, corporates and government, across all business functions (eg. leadership, general management, finance, operations, HR etc.) from front line to executive and shareholder level. For references, we will gladly provide client contact details after obtaining their permission to do so. Pricing Your investment is determined by your program structure and other services contracted. For more: ph: (021) 683 7575 | email: info@promentor.co.za | www.promentor.co.za