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Growee2 updated investor deck dec:jan2019


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Growwee Updated Investor Deck

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Growee2 updated investor deck dec:jan2019

  1. 1. There is massive demand for Cannabis in the World. In South Africa it is Legal to Grow. South Africa has prime conditions for Growing.
  2. 2. Growwee (Pty) Ltd In Process of application for license.
  3. 3. License License Management Regulatory Export Scale Resource & Cost Intensity Problems & Solutions Developing Markets live In Process We manage compliance Take off agreements in place 32 Hectares of land Low Cost base compared To Europe and Canada
  4. 4. Indicative 3 Year Numbers A detailed projection and PNL statement including underlying assumptions is available for review Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Initial Capex -1,410,000 Required Capex -10,000,000 Operating costs -22,181,200 29,428,422 32,440,424 Rev Raw Production 180,403,200 2,507,604,480 6,332,152,320 NPBT 146,812,000 2,537,032,902 6,364,592,744
  5. 5. Post License Valuation : 500Million ZAR Cultivation Phase : PE from 50-100 ! Initial investment thus far : 200 000 ZAR Further Investment required : 10 000 000 ZAR Valuation and Funding
  6. 6. A Winning Formula  A clear market need  A unique advantage in a multi-billion $ marketplace  A disruptive business model  A highly monetizable model  A massive global market  A rapidly scalable business  A team with a successful proven track record  A focused, articulated execution plan
  7. 7. Huge ROI Developed Markets Export Opportunity Land Esperienced Growers Strong Team Off Take In Summary
  8. 8. Target Time Line To Market Current Status License Application in process Target Milestones 2019 January – Launch Crowdfunder 2019 February – Close Round 2019 March – Conclude and Rollout License requirements 2019 May– Begin Cultivation
  9. 9. Founders CEO: Sean D Conde’ has been active in Global markets for 25 Years of that last 15 years, in Africa. Within Telecoms, Fintech and Commodities. He has a strong track record for rolling out ambitious projects through out, and with a strong global network, can obtain the required results. He has numerous successful companies within these areas of business. With a multitude of strong contacts and relations within the South African market, Growwee is posied for great success. His favarioute saying “Screw it just Do it”
  10. 10. Founders Director :Andrew P Turnbull - For the past twenty five years across asset management, private equity, business development, investment banking and trading in the Uk , Europe and Africa Within Commodities, Energy and Technology. Experienced business builder and investor; Independent researcher with a large global network and Extensive experience in corporate governance, finance, regulatory and legal frameworks required to support projects success and growth. Favorite saying “ where there is a will there is away”
  11. 11. The Beginning