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Vans (crm)


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Vans (crm)

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  3. 3. THE VANS’-sensational Loyalty ProgrammePurchase Vans products within SDS storesFor every $1 Spent on Vans product within the SDSstores, the customer receives 1 point.Earn 800 points and the customer receives 1 freeentry to a specific local event*, in which Van’s/SDSsponsors, host and/or endorses.Includes industry related events & promotionalhappenings…
  4. 4. VANS’-sensationalLoyalty Member
  5. 5. Important Campaign ?#@*&%! Target Market: Vans’ target market includes young individuals who are involved in a high degree of counter-culture. Vans four counter-cultural pillars include art, music, action sports and street culture. Campaign Inf0: Campaigns Duration: 2 Years No card (Digits) Joint objective & Relationship Increase loyalty long-term financial stability
  6. 6. More ?#@*&%!• Reward consumer via Experience  Enhances relations with the Vans/SDS brand due to direct and indirect contact to which the consumer experiences via the event  Emotional value. creates stronger relations, which assist in providing a stronger customer retention rate• Motivation  Consumers characterize openness and genuine concern for a brand’s goods or services and will respond in a willingness to sacrifice short-term and long-term compensations for long-term gain (Bennett, 2011)  Incentive and demand via an end result.• Measurability• Rules