Hyperlinked Library MOOC Symposium ~ #HyperLibMooc


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Virtual Symposium Assignment
What I, Brendon Moir, am taking away from the Hyperlinked Library MOOC ~ thoughts, reflections & lessons.

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Hyperlinked Library MOOC Symposium ~ #HyperLibMooc

  1. 1. Hyperlinked Library MOOC #HyperLibMOOC Virtual Symposium What I am taking away from the Hyperlinked Library MOOC ~ thoughts, reflections & lessons The Odeon Theatre, Christchurch (post earthquakes) … Glad it is a virtual symposium #HyperLibMOOC 1
  2. 2. About me and the team  I am Brendon Moir & I work in the web team at Christchurch City Libraries, New Zealand  The team at Christchurch City Libraries has continued to offer an excellent service despite the earthquakes (social media as a means of communication has been vital)  There is a changing landscape to Christchurch physical libraries as well as our online/digital presence (hyperlinked library)  I was fortunate enough to meet Michael Stephens and other library professionals in person at a Christchurch tweet-up #HyperLibMOOC 2
  3. 3. Thoughts, Reflections & Lessons  The #HyperLibMOOC has been the most relevant and engaging LIS course I have ever completed  Being part of an international community of passionate professionals has been a wonderful experience. It is heartening to know we all contribute to making the world a better place  The majority of us in the library profession are not driven by money. We are driven by our hearts and the ideal of helping people / our communities #HyperLibMOOC 3
  4. 4. Thoughts, Reflections & Lessons  The hyperlinked library is only going to grow  Access on computers & mobile devices is equally important as it is in buildings (for everyone, everywhere ~ convenience can’t be underestimated) #HyperLibMOOC 4
  5. 5. Thoughts, Reflections & Lessons  Always think about the BIG picture ~ it is important  Libraries need a mapped strategy, with input from all staff  Management should not enforce policies from the top down  A participatory, transparent, model involving all staff is the key #HyperLibMOOC 5
  6. 6. Thoughts, Reflections & Lessons  No matter what position LIS individuals hold, we should all help create, understand and support what our library is trying to achieve  Staff buy-in is essential  Learning to know our patrons is important  We should all be leaders, take responsibility and promote our library, everyone of us  Always think of your patrons when making decisions #HyperLibMOOC 6
  7. 7. Thoughts, Reflections & Lessons  The web requires us to be flexible and fluid  Promote reflective practice – thoughtful consideration – what worked and what didn’t?  Remember to trial, reflect , review … and repeat (learn)  Failing is fine … it may even be fun #HyperLibMOOC 7
  8. 8. Make sure your library has a pulse A people & participatory model Open 24/7 Open walls Open minds Open source Hyperlinked LIBRARY the heart of the Community Open to everyone Open community Open conversation Open learning Open to change Open to creativity Transparency #HyperLibMOOC Open to ideas Collaboration Open people Trust Open stories Connections not barriers 8
  9. 9. Thoughts, Reflections & Lessons  Make technology simple for users and they will endorse, return and share  Play, learn, grow and flourish  It’s important to have fun  We can always improve personally and professionally #HyperLibMOOC 9
  10. 10. Thoughts, Reflections & Lessons  With the internet / hyperlinked library being available 24/7, it is important to remember to have a good work / life balance  Remember to take breaks and enjoy the little things in life #HyperLibMOOC 10
  11. 11. Thoughts, Reflections & Lessons  It is a given that technology is going to continue to improve and offer new opportunities  Let’s continue to dream of how we can use it to better serve our patrons/ community #HyperLibMOOC 11
  12. 12. Thoughts, Reflections & Lessons  Lastly, a big thanks to Michael Stephens, Kyle Jones, Lauren Fox, the guest lecturers and the School of Library Information Science Team at San José University  Also a big thanks to all the course participants #HyperLibMOOC 12
  13. 13. Links  The Hyperlinked Library MOOC https://mooc.hyperlib.sjsu.edu/  Twitter #HyperLibMOOC  San José State University School of Library and Information Science http://slisweb.sjsu.edu/  Christchurch City Libraries http://christchurchcitylibraries.com/About/  Brendon Moir http://www.linkedin.com/pub/brendon-moir/19/b6a/3b0/ #HyperLibMOOC 13