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Dynamic Pricing for Freemium Mobile Apps


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Overview of Sweet Pricing, the dynamic pricing tool for freemium mobile apps. See how dynamic pricing can boost revenue and engage price-sensitive users.

These slides accompany a video demo of Sweet Pricing. Watch the video demo on YouTube:

Dynamic pricing uses machine learning to automatically optimize the prices of in-app purchases for every user in real time. For example, if your mobile game sells 500 coins of in-game currency, you can specify prices of $0.99, $1.99 and $2.99. A dynamic pricing algorithm selects the most optimal price, taking into account the user's country, device and other data.

Compare this with static pricing, which the vast majority of mobile apps currently use. Static pricing sets the same prices for every user. But, no matter what prices you set, you will always have price-sensitive users that think your prices are too high. And yet other users who would be willing to pay more. So static pricing is not optimal for monetization or for engaging price-sensitive users.

The mobile apps market is increasingly competitive and many app publishers rely on paid marketing to drive installs. And that makes the monetization features of a mobile app imperative to its success. With this in mind, app publishers are quickly moving to optimize and refine their monetization model.

Sweet Pricing is a platform that focuses on monetization. We provide analytics, segmented pricing and dynamic pricing tools. Using these tools, publishers can optimize their monetization strategy and increase revenue.

Add Sweet Pricing to your existing Android or iOS mobile app. Find out more on our website:

For the latest pricing or to start using Sweet Pricing, view our plans page:

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Dynamic Pricing for Freemium Mobile Apps

  1. 1. Sweet Pricing Dynamic Pricing for Mobile Apps
  2. 2. Why Dynamic Pricing? ● Most mobile apps use static pricing ● Price-sensitive users: prices are too high ● Inefficient Pricing = Lost Revenue STATIC DYNAMIC
  3. 3. Platform of Pricing Tools ● Analytics: revenue ~ user characteristics, price ● Segmented Pricing ○ Split users into groups: “engagement > X” ○ Optimize price per group ● Dynamic Pricing ○ Machine learning approach ○ Selects optimal price for each user
  4. 4. Getting Started ● We provide Android and iOS libraries ● Implementation takes ~ 1 developer day ● No UI changes necessary
  5. 5. Pricing ● Billing at end of month on actual usage. ● $6.50 / 1000 MAU (first 20,000) $3.75 / 1000 MAU (thereafter)