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Businessweek Article Presentation (MKT Intell&Tech)

  1. 1. Erika Bornemann Dontae Jean Brendan Kelleher Meryl Sousa BrianWilson
  2. 2.  Written by Mark Clothier, March 29, 2012  Considered purchasing Zipcar, decided to create their own brand  Connect by Hertz born, rebranded in 2008 as Hertz On Demand
  3. 3.  Plan to make entire 375,000 car fleet accessible for hourly rental service  Fleet size 30 times larger than Zipcar “The difference between us and Zipcar is, frankly, the scale. A good example is NewYork. I’ve heard them say they have 2,000 cars there.Well, we have 35,000. When I have them all enabled with Hertz On Demand, they have a real problem.” - Mark Frissora, CEO Hertz Global Holdings
  4. 4.  Plan to use sheer “heft” to test Zipster’s loyalty Fred Lowernce Jr., an analyst fromAvondale Partners says: “Hertz is certainly a competitive threat, and it’s part of a very popular short story, but so far they haven’t even been a bug on Zipcar’s windshield. I’m skeptical Hertz’s bite will measure up to the bark.”
  5. 5. “We don’t want to cannibalize the [core] car rental business. Our whole mission is to get incremental market size out of a new market: hourly rental.” -Mark Frissora, CEO Hertz Global Holdings The bottom line: Hertz, a leader in daily car rentals, will add equipment to 375,000 vehicles in the U.S. to allow hourly rentals in a bid to overtake Zipcar.
  6. 6. Published byWorldwideVideotex, March 1, 2012 “Living Journey” positions Hertz as leader in Sustainable Mobility and Equipment Solutions Providing ElectricVehicles (Evs) and hybrids to minimize environmental footprint and operating costs
  7. 7.  Diverted 2 million tons of e-waste from landfills since 2005  Recycled 680,000 gallons of oil in 2011  Reduced paper use by 2.8 million pounds since 2006  80% of water used at Hertz car washes is recycled  Implementing energy audits and lighting upgrades across their national facilities
  8. 8. In 2011, Hertz was recognized by the Global BusinessTravelAssociation for Sustainable Practice through Hertz On Demand.
  9. 9. Written by John Kell, published January 2, 2013 Wall Street Journal Online "I've been somewhat dismissive of car sharing in the past, but what I've come to realize is that car sharing, particularly on the scale that Zipcar has achieved and will achieve, is complementary to our traditional business.” - Avis Chief Executive Ron Nelson
  10. 10.  Avis will help Zipcar achieve profitability by “leveraging Avis’ fleet and infrastructure as well as offer more vehicles during peak rental periods.”  Zipcar demand is low during the week and peaks during weekends  Avis demand peaks midweek  Avis will be able to allocate vehicles accordingly based on these demands
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