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Design Sprint - Denver Startup Week


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At last year’s Denver Startup Week, we partnered with the City of Denver to reimagine how their collection of public art is discovered and interacted with throughout the city. We taught participants how to sprint by actually doing one—or, at least, a condensed version of one. Attendees participated in key design sprint activities, focused on the goal of increasing awareness of public art in Denver. They (hopefully) left the session with insights into the design sprint process, and our team left with real user feedback on the problem we were trying to solve.

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Design Sprint - Denver Startup Week

  2. 2. HEADLINE EVENT SPONSORS PARTNER SPONSORS MEMBER SPONSORS Accenture Bridgepoint Education Butler Snow Delta Tables Denver Foundation Hogan Lovells Meyer Law Slifer, Smith & Frampton SoGnar Swiftpage Zipcar General Assembly GroundFloor Media Guiceworks Imageseller Inkmonstr Intelivideo Nanno Pass Gas Denver Slalom Wazee Digital BakerHostetler Bradford LTD Capital One Cafe Coastal Cloud Colorado Impact Fund Connect for Health Colorado Cooley Corus360 / Intersect Alliance City and County of Denver Office of Economic Development EKS&H Event Integrity FullContact Gary Community Investments
  3. 3. DESIGN SPRINT: PUBLIC ART Presented by Clique Studios and Denver Arts & Venues
  4. 4. WELCOME 1. What is a design sprint . . . and why are we doing one? 2. Understand 3. Diverge 4. Sketch 5. Decide 6. Present 7. Now what?
  8. 8. One Percent of construction projects with budgets over $1 million
  9. 9. • 30 Years (1988 - 2018) • $40 million • 400+ public artworks
  10. 10. UNDERSTAND “Where we map out the problem space and create a shared brain.” What are our goals? What have we already done to get here?
  11. 11. Increase the number of people viewing & interacting with art in a meaningful way Make Denver a destination for public art
  12. 12. DIVERGE “Illuminating all of the possible paths.” What are some opportunities & risks? What are some related solutions? Where should we focus? Any ideas to execute?
  13. 13. SKETCH “They don’t need to be perfect or beautiful—they just need to communicate the idea.” Crazy 8’s Present Pick one
  14. 14. DECIDE “As a team, determine what to prototype to answer your sprint questions.” Discuss Decide
  15. 15. PRESENT “…you can’t build and test everything.” We want to see your best ideas. Which solutions should we pursue?
  16. 16. NOW WHAT?
  17. 17. PROTOTYPE “A design sprint prototype is a facade of the experience you have envisioned in the sketch phase.” Tomorrow, our design team will create a prototype the bare bones of a functional product so we can test
  18. 18. VALIDATE “…moment of truth. Your team will finally get to see live users interact with their ideas and hear direct feedback from your target audience.” Friday, we’ll be testing the prototype among Startup Week attendees
  19. 19. STAY TUNED! Follow us to see your ideas come to life! @cliquechicago @DenverArts @DenverPublicArt