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  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?
  2. 2. Teaser Trailer & ancillary tasks• The main product was a horror genre teaser trailer. The narrative was a person who had gone missing and a stranger had to find them.• The two ancillary tasks were to make a front cover for a film magazine which was about the main task and a film poster.• And all of them had to link.
  3. 3. Screenshots of teaser trailer
  4. 4. Ancillary plan for magazine cover• Before I made the ancillary tasks I needed to do research in to film magazines and film posters to find out the key features of them.• I looked at TotalFilm and Empire magazine front covers to see what type of layouts are used on film magazines.• By finding out the key features on magazine covers I was able to start and plan one for the ancillary tasks.• And planning how I put information about the teaser trailer on to the magazine.
  5. 5. Examples of film magazines• Examples of two film magazine front covers which are Total Film and Empire.
  6. 6. Key features for magazine cover• Key features on the film magazine front cover for ancillary task• Name of the magazine - Complete Cinema• Date - December 2011• Issue Number - Issue 1• Website - www.CompleteCinema.com• Title of our teaser trailer film - No Where To Be Found• Extras - Information on things inside the magazine• Quote - “Ground breaking new horror film”
  7. 7. • After deciding the title of the magazine and what was going to be on it, I could start to make it.• I made the Film Magazine front cover using Microsoft Word and Photoshop.• But I kept referring back to the teaser trailer trying to link them together.• I used a picture from the teaser trailer which was of a sign saying “missing” and this was one of the key shots from the teaser trailer.• So if someone had seen the teaser trailer they would recognise the “missing” sign on the magazine cover.
  8. 8. Photo used The pictureThe picture I used for the film on themagazine cover in the teaser Ancillarytrailer. task
  9. 9. Film Magazine & features on it Title of the teaser trailerTitle of theteaser traileragain
  10. 10. How they link?• The film magazine front cover links with the teaser trailer because it uses an image from the main task.• The title of the teaser trailer “No Where To Be Found” is on the magazine front cover twice one above the image and one below it saying “world exclusive” next to it.• There is even a quote about the main task I have on the front cover because quotes about films are normally on film magazine covers when they are featured on them.• Looking at the film magazine cover you are able to tell it is about “No Where To Be Found”
  11. 11. How they didn’t link?• Because of the lack of footage our group filmed for the teaser trailer there wasn’t many pictures I could have used for the magazine front cover.• As it was only a teaser trailer there weren’t any characters shown in the footage which mean’t I didn’t have a picture of a character from the main task to put on the ancillary task.• As normally on film magazine front covers there is an image of a character from the film on it.• I think I should have used more colours to show “No Where To Be Found” was a horror genre.
  12. 12. Ancillary plan for film poster• The film poster was easier to plan, compared to the film magazine cover because it was only going to be a teaser film poster.• Which meant it didn’t have to be to detailed just show the key features for the teaser trailer on the poster.• The things which needed to be on the poster were title, tagline, release, date, production company logo etc.• I decided to look at examples of horror genre film posters to get a better understanding of them before I started to make the film poster.
  13. 13. Image from the teaser trailerThe titleof theteasertrailer in ahorrortype text Website for thelinks to teaser trailergenre ofthe film
  14. 14. Image from the film Same image used on the filmteaser trailer and it’s poster just it’s been edited toused on the magazine make it darker inposter PhotoShop, to link in with the genre.
  15. 15. How they link?• The film poster links to the teaser trailer because of the image it’s print screened and edited from the teaser trailer.• The font used in the film poster is meant to be a horror type font which links to the genre of the teaser trailer.• How the only colours used on the film poster are black and white which is the same on the film magazine front cover.• Uses same image which is on the film magazine front cover just edited to make it darker so it fitted better for the film poster.• The tagline used is “prepare to be scared” which if someone read this they would know it would be a horror genre.
  16. 16. Only colours used on both ancillarys were black andwhite which links them together.So you can see the idea was to make them both blackand white as a theme for both ancillary tasks
  17. 17. How they didn’t link?• In the titles in the teaser trailer the font colour which is used is red and in the film poster it’s white. I should have used the colour red instead.• The tag-line is a bit misleading.• I should have used the tag-line in the film magazine front cover as well instead of using a quote under the film title on it.
  18. 18. Conclusion• I think the teaser trailer and the film poster links in well together because you can see the poster is an advert for the teaser trailer unlike the film magazine front cover.• The film magazine front cover could have been better by having a different image and relating it more about the teaser trailer somehow. E.g. a review system for the film.• You are able to tell both ancillary tasks are about the teaser trailer through the image used, titles etc.