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Jasmine - Score 4


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AP Studio Art 2D Portfolio

Published in: Education
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Jasmine - Score 4

  1. 1. Jasmine AP Studio Art Portfolio Professor Robson Period 5
  2. 2. What was your initial idea? My concentration explores the balance between light, shadows and colors on the face of a human. This concentration displays how the manipulation of light can convey certain tones, feelings and moods.
  3. 3. How did your idea grow and develop as you worked? This photography concentration demonstrates how the manipulation of light and tones on the figure can convey feelings and moods. The pieces in my concentration reflect the discovery of self-confidence through self- actualization as represented by color. I am exploring the balance between light, shadows and colors on the human figure. I chose my closest friend, Abby for my concentration, to portray a personal transformation by strategically using light on the figure. As almost every teen does, I have struggled with my self-confidence. I sought to explore the development of growing into a confident person aside from others opinions of me as I mature. To illustrate this change, I also sought to exhibit her change of confidence from shy and apprehensive to her true extroverted, bold self. I began my concentration with contrast using a flat, dark, silhouette that represents Abby hiding from society and her reluctance to show her true self, shown by muted color. Abby finds herself sad and lost, in C3, I utilize the figure/ground relationship with the words commonly felt by teenagers projected on her as she struggles with the pressure and opinions of society. In C5 Abby turns, representing her transformation from dark and colorless to growing into color. In C6, C8 and C9, I use repetition as I double the image illustrating the way one might have two sides: one the world sees, that craves validation, versus our true selves. In C10, Abby is able to find confirmation without having to look in the mirror. In C12, the “FUTURE” visor displays her self- realization and confidence as she steps into her future.
  4. 4. Advice to Future AP Students: Make sure to meet with Prof Robson A LOT during the year. The only time I truly struggled in this class was when I wasn’t communicating properly with the professor. Meeting with her helps keep you on track with your assignments, your direction and any adjustments you need to make. Also making sure you work on your concentration statements before hand is very helpful when it comes to the rush of turning in your portfolio. Professor Robson is an amazing outlet for all your Art questions and making sure you talk to her all throughout the school year is important to being successful and gaining the most out of her class.