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Interactivenotebooks 090528125928-phpapp02

  1. 1. Interactive Notebooks How to Set Up Your Notebook for English
  2. 2. Interactive Notebooks...Are a place to record informationEnable you to process ideasEnable you to make connectionsHelp you become independent, creativethinkers and writers
  3. 3. Two SidesThe right side = information from classand work; is teacher directed; includestestable or quizzable itemsThe left side = connections you make; isstudent directed; includesinterpretations and responses tolearning
  4. 4. The Right SideRecord notes from class and groupdiscussion and lectureRecord notes from readingRecord notes from video or audioLiterary terms to knowAssignments
  5. 5. The Left SideReading responses and journalsKWL charts and diagramsPictures, cartoons, songs, poemsConnected or related ideasReflections, quotes, perspectivesMnemonic devices, memory aids
  6. 6. connections, cartoonsmnemonic literary term
  7. 7. What do I need?A binder (at least 1-inch, 1 1/2-2 is better)Notebook paperA glue stick or tapeHighlightersColored pencils or pensSubject dividersPencil bag (you may use a backpack or purse)
  8. 8. How will it help me?Condense and summarize informationDistinguish between relevant and irrelevantinformationCompare/contrast informationMake connectionsWriting ideasPortfolio of learning
  9. 9. Why?Writing down notes ≠ learning materialNote-taking is more active; active =learningOrganized note-takingPermission to be playful and creativeReminder to absorb ideas
  10. 10. Title PagePage at beginning of notebookTitle of course, student’s name, teacher’sname, class period (block #), symbols orpictures related to course
  11. 11. Table of ContentsPage at beginning of notebook withname of activity, date, and page numberYou will add to this as the semester/yeargoes on
  12. 12. HandoutsHandouts with holes on left = right sidepagesHandouts with holes on right = left sidepagesAll must be dated, numbered, andincluded in Table of Contents
  13. 13. Title Page for UnitsAt beginning of each unitTitle of unit and relevant pictures,symbols
  14. 14. Student Initiated EntriesRelated to topic of studyDemonstrate critical thinkingIdeas: newspaper and magazineclippings with page-long summary;personal response to materialAt least one per notebook submission
  15. 15. Extra EffortIllustrate your notes with pictures ofliterary figuresMap sketchesCartoonsColor and highlightingOrganized topics and subtopics
  16. 16. Left Side IdeasReviewing and Previewing (RAP)Working it OutPersonal ResponseHere I StandExtras (Student-Initiated Entries)
  17. 17. Reviewing and PreviewingAlso known as RAPWrite or draw for 2-3 mins.Response to question or statementPrompt to help review or previewMay be called on to share with class
  18. 18. Working it OutWrestling with ideas and newinformationRepresent ideas in ways that make senseto youGraphic organizers
  19. 19. Personal ResponseMay be assigned by me or initiated byyouExpress an ideaAsk a questionExplore your feelingsReflect on how topics touch your life
  20. 20. Here I StandState conclusions or personal positionsConcise on ideas you’ve been grapplingwithDemonstrate mastery of contentWell-supported conclusion
  21. 21. ExtrasStudent-initiatedRaise questions and make connectionsto “real life”Newspaper/magazine clippings andcartoonsDrawings and illustrationsPersonal responses
  22. 22. Is this for a grade?YES!Collected every 4 weeks or soMajor grade (50 points each time)Correctness, Critical Thinking,Completeness, Organization, GrammarWork must be original
  23. 23. What if I’m absent?Notebook assignments, like any otherassignments MUST be made upUse weekly syllabus or calendarCheck with me (not during class)Check with classmates
  24. 24. What if I use a computer?Print notes and assignmentsTake time each day to organize yournotebookDo NOT wait until a notebook check toorganize
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