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This project envisages the development of a generic unmanned robotic vehicle for use by fire and the ambulance services and which can play an important role in accident and disaster response.

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  1. 1. BSS Holland B.V. in cooperation withThales Nederland B.V.
  2. 2. 2SBIR Physical Protection ProjectProject Title: GOSAFERCompany: BSS Holland in cooperation with Thales NederlandThe project response. The purpose of the projectThis project envisages theThis project envisages the is to determine the feasibility of thedevelopment of a a generic unmanneddevelopment of generic unmanned vehicle and its development. The GOrobotic vehicle for use by fire and therobotic vehicle for use by fire and the SAFER robotic platform, which canambulance services and which can be equipped with a wide variety ofambulance services and which can playplay an important role in accident and sensors and tools, is intended to bean important role in newdisaster response. This accident and both affordable for the emergencydisaster response. This assistunmannedunmanned vehicle will new during: services and wholly suitable for allvehicle will assist during: planned-for emergency and disaster The survey phase: the critical scenarios in the Netherlands. exploration required in every disaster. Here on-board cameras Broadfield Security Services (BSS), and sensors will provide a crucial established 2008, is an independent overview of the situation consultancy company in the Netherlands that offers an The ‘response’ phase: the risky and international dimension to integral exhausting repression process. In security issues. The focus of the such scenarios the vehicle can be organisation is on security and deployed effectively and integrity risk management, and immediately phase: the critical first The survey in order to support security technology and innovation. responders.required in every exploration BSS supports government publicThe project, entitled ‘GO SAFER disaster. Here on-board cameras safety departments, listed and sensors will provide a crucial companies, organisations in the vital(Generic Operating Surveyor And overview of the situation infrastructure, and suppliers ofEmergency First Response), is focused innovative security products andon The ‘response’a safer risky and creating phase: the working services.environment for first responders in exhausting repression process. Inemergency and disaster such scenarios the vehicle can The BSS is cooperating in this projectpurpose of the project and determine deployed effectively is to with Thales Nederland for thetheimmediately of order vehicle and its feasibility in the to support first purpose of research and responders.development. The GO SAFER robotic development in the field of sensors, systems integration, communicationsplatform, which can be equipped with and autonomous operating systems.a wide variety of sensors and tools, isThe project, entitled ‘GO SAFERintended Operating Surveyor And the(Generic to be both affordable forEmergencyservices and wholly suitableemergency First Response), isfocused on creating a safer workingandfor all planned-for emergencyenvironment for first the Netherlands.disaster scenarios in responders inemergency and disasterBroadfield Security Services (BSS),established 2008, is an independentconsultancy in the Netherlands that
  3. 3. 3BSSHollandStrekkerweg 751033 DA Amsterdam,The (0) 20 716 24 21