BreakingPoint Cost-Effective TestingCost-Effective Security and Performance TestingBreakingPoint Storm CTM™ 4-Port 1GigE B...
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BreakingPoint Cost-Effective Testing  BreakingPoint Storm CTM with 4-Port 1GigE Blade Specifications  Selected Performance...
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BreakingPoint Storm CTM Cost-Effective Testing Solution


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BreakingPoint Storm CTM Cost-Effective Testing Solution

  1. 1. BreakingPoint Cost-Effective TestingCost-Effective Security and Performance TestingBreakingPoint Storm CTM™ 4-Port 1GigE Blade Provides Unprecedented Value for Performanceand Security TestingThe BreakingPoint Storm Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM)is designed to test the performance and security of networkand data center devices and systems in order to harden andoptimize resiliency. The BreakingPoint Storm CTM 4-Port 1GigEBlade provides the most cost-effective way for any organizationto pinpoint previously impossible-to-detect weaknesses andvulnerabilities in networks, network devices, and data centers beforethey are exploited to wreak havoc within critical IT infrastructures.The BreakingPoint Storm CTM 4-Port 1GigE BladeThe 4-port 1GigE blade is used in any BreakingPoint CTM 4U chassis • Session Sender: Measure connection-processing capabilitiesand provides line-speed performance for blended application for security devices.traffic and live security attacks on all ports. For users who need the • Multicast: Create traffic from streaming media and financialadvanced capabilities of blended application traffic, security attacks, services communication protocols.and live malware but don’t require the blistering performance of • Resiliency Score: Measure device performance, security, andthe other BreakingPoint Storm CTM or BreakingPoint FireStorm stability on a scientific, objective basis.CTM blades, the 4-port 1GigE blade offers the ideal combination ofperformance, functionality, and value. • Data Center Resiliency Score: Determine user capacity of virtualized servers using real-world applications.Besides offering 4 ports of authentic line-speed traffic, the 4-port Enterprises, government agencies and defense contractors, service1GigE blade can double in port density and performance through a providers, and network equipment manufacturers rely on thesimple license add-on. Furthermore, as performance requirements BreakingPoint Storm CTM 4-Port 1GigE Blade to:evolve, an additional 4- or 8-port 1GigE interface blade or 4-port • Harden network infrastructures by assaulting them with a10GigE interface blade can be added to the same BreakingPoint custom, global, and current blend of stateful applications, liveCTM 4U chassis. security attacks, and high-stress load to probe every weakness and vulnerability.Advanced Capabilities and Ease of Use • Optimize data center resiliency by simulating the behavior ofBreakingPoint offers the industry’s fastest time-to-test for virtually millions of users, a crush of real-world applications, and securityany scenario. To help users leverage its extensive performance attacks—without deploying racks of servers and costly software.and security testing capabilities, each BreakingPoint CTM features • Evaluate and select the most appropriate network equipmentan intuitive user interface and dedicated Test Labs for common for critical infrastructure with standardized and repeatablescenarios such as: product assessments. • Mobility Testing: Create wireless user behavior, application • Measure and harden the resiliency of routers, switches, traffic, and security attacks over 3G and LTE/4G wireless firewalls, IPS and UTM devices, and other equipment by network protocols. subjecting them to real-world conditions prior to deployment • Lawful Intercept/Data Loss Prevention: Validate lawful and after patches or reconfiguration. intercept and data loss prevention systems with multilingual • Audit and maintain standards compliance throughout the life “needle in a haystack” simulation. cycle of network and data center devices. • RFC 2544: Test against industry standards for packet-forwarding • Analyze the impact of traffic on network devices and systems to rates. conduct research and train the next generation of security experts.
  2. 2. Comprehensive World-Class Security Unsurpassed Performance Applications 4,500+ Live Security Attacks Simulates millions of users and 150 Applications 27,000 Malware Attacks blended application traf c at Voice/Video/Media 80+ Evasion Techniques line speeds on all ports Database Complete Microsoft Tuesday Coverage Scales to unlimited performance Mail/Messaging levels with multiple chassis managed via a single interface Microsoft File Service Social Media/Gaming > >>> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>> > > >>>> >>>BreakingPoint Storm CTM 4-Port 1GigE Blade Features Stay Current with Comprehensive Applications, Attacks,BreakingPoint produces blended applications and the most current Service, and Supportsecurity attacks at global-scale performance levels while emulating BreakingPoint also provides the BreakingPoint Application andmillions of users. Each BreakingPoint device: Threat Intelligence (ATI)™ Program, an all-in-one service backed by • Ships with more than 150 application protocols out of the box, a team of security researchers and application protocol engineers, including popular applications such as AOL® IM, BlackBerry® to complement the BreakingPoint Storm CTM. This program keeps Services, Google® Gmail, FIX, IBM® DB2®, VMware® VMotion™, BreakingPoint products updated with the latest security attacks and HTTP, Microsoft® CIFS/SMB, MAPI, BGP, RIP, Oracle®, Encrypted applications, as well as new features and performance add-ons. BitTorrent™, MSN® Nexus, RADIUS, SIP, Skype™, Windows Live® Messenger, World of Warcraft® Yahoo® Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, About BreakingPoint Systems and many others. BreakingPoint cyber security products are the standard by which • Provides 4,500+ live security attacks and 28,000+ pieces of the world’s governments, enterprises, and service providers malware—including mobile malware—out of the box, with optimize and harden the resiliency of their cyber infrastructures. new attacks made available weekly, and the industry’s only Learn more about BreakingPoint products and services by full coverage for Microsoft security updates within 24 hours of contacting a representative in your area. announcement. • Enables sophisticated attack simulation with more than 100 1.866.352.6691 U.S. Toll Free evasions, botnet-driven distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and more. • Scales to unlimited performance levels with multiple chassis managed via a single interface and configuration, with integrated reporting.
  3. 3. BreakingPoint Cost-Effective Testing BreakingPoint Storm CTM with 4-Port 1GigE Blade Specifications Selected Performance Information System Configuration and Expansion Options • 4 gigabits per second of stateful application traffic • 4U chassis with 1 system controller • 7.5 million concurrent flows • Up to 2 interface blades per chassis: • 21,000 SSL transactions per second • 1 GigE Interface blade • 4 ports BreakingPoint Storm CTM Physical Specifications • SFP interfaces • Rack Units: 4 • 1 GB of capture buffer per port • Installed: 17.4 in W x 7 in H x 19.5 in D • Expansion options: (44.2 cm W x 17.8 cm H x 49.8 cm D) • 1GigE Interface blade (as above) • Shipping Weight: 45 lb (20.4 kg) • 4-port add-on kit to expand to 8 ports • Operating Environment: 15° C to 40° C • 1GigE Interface blade • Nonoperating Environment: -20° C to 70° C • 8 ports • Power Requirements: 100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz • SFP interfaces • Maximum Power Consumption: 1200W • 1 GB of capture buffer per port • Regulatory Approvals: FCC Class A, CE, EN60950 • 10GigE Interface blade • 4 ports • XFP interfaces • 2 GB of capture buffer per© 2005 – 2011. BreakingPoint Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. The BreakingPoint logo is a trademark of BreakingPoint Systems, Inc.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.