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BreakingPoint Resiliency Score Data Sheet

  1. 1. BreakingPoint Resiliency Score™BreakingPoint Resiliency ScoreStress and measure the performance and security for network devices and virtualized serversGlobal enterprises, government agencies, and service providerswant measurable answers, not assurances, when it comes to theperformance, security, and stability of their networks and datacenters. The ever-increasing complexity of network tra c and datacenter environments is exposing the weaknesses in public andprivate IT infrastructures. The core reason? Billions of dollars’ worthof network devices and data center implementations that do not Data Centerperform as promised when deployed, leading to costly outages, 4030data losses, cyber attacks, and other failures.BreakingPoint Resiliency Score: Ends the Vendor Data Sheet User BaseGuessing GameThe BreakingPoint Resiliency Score™ and the BreakingPointData Center Resiliency Score™ put an end to relying on productmarketing literature by establishing standards against whichnetworks and data centers are measured. Each score providesan automated, standardized, and deterministic method forevaluating and ensuring resiliency. This feature of BreakingPoint Measure the e ect of iterative changes to virtual resourceCyber Tomography Machines (CTM)™ provides the standard variables (VMs, vCPUs, memory, disk and I/O) to pinpoint themeasurement using real-world application tra c, real-time maximum capacity and minimum resources attacks, extreme user load, and application fuzzing. Certify that changes to the environment will not negativelyBy using the BreakingPoint Resiliency Score, organizations can: impact existing capacity and that any new application mix or Understand the exact performance, security, and stability of device remains optimized. competitive products in a fraction of the time and save up to 50% on IT infrastructure investments by purchasing only Calculating the BreakingPoint Resiliency Score what’s needed. The BreakingPoint Resiliency Score is calculated using standards Right size their infrastructure with advance insight into by organizations such as US–CERT, IEEE, and IETF, as well as real- product capabilities and con guration requirements, while world tra c mixes from the world’s largest service providers. Users avoiding virtual machine sprawl, performance bottlenecks, simply select the network or device for evaluation and the speed security breaches, and outages. at which it is required to perform. The BreakingPoint CTM then De nitively measure the number of concurrent users a runs a battery of simulations using a blended mix of application virtualized server will support before response time and tra c and malicious attacks, including obfuscation and evasion stability degrade. techniques. The BreakingPoint Resiliency Score simulation Improve application performance and roll out new provides a common network con guration for all devices in order applications and additional users with con dence with more to maintain fairness and consistency for all vendors. granular preproduction insight into behavior.
  2. 2. BreakingPoint Resiliency ScoreThe BreakingPoint Resiliency Score is presented as a numericgrade from 1 to 100. Networks and devices may receive no Contact BreakingPointscore if they fail to pass tra c at any point or they degrade to an Learn more about BreakingPoint products and services byunacceptable performance level. The BreakingPoint Data Center contacting a representative in your area.Resiliency Score is presented as a numeric grade re ecting howmany typical concurrent users a data center can support without 1.866.352.6691 U.S. Toll Freedegrading to an unacceptable quality of experience (QoE) level. www.breakingpoint.comBoth scores allow organizations to quickly understand the degreeto which infrastructure performance, security, and stability will be BreakingPoint Global Headquartersimpacted by user load, new con gurations, and the latest security 3900 North Capital of Texas Highwayattacks. Austin, TX 78746 email: salesinfo@breakingpoint.comAbout the BreakingPoint CTM tel: 512.821.6000BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM is used to evaluate, size, and toll free: 866.352.6691con gure IT infrastructures to perform optimally and securelywhile under load from millions of users, hundreds of applications, BreakingPoint Government Solutions Groupand thousands of cyber attacks. This all-in-one modeling and Washington, D.C.testing system pinpoints previously impossible-to-detect email: government@breakingpoint.comweaknesses and vulnerabilities in networks, network devices, and tel: 703.443.1501data centers before they can adversely a ect IT operations. BreakingPoint EMEA Sales O ceThe BreakingPoint CTM is a 4U device that creates the online Paris, Francebehavior of millions of simultaneous users, hundreds of email: emea_sales@breakingpoint.comapplications, and thousands of security attacks, including: tel: + 33 6 08 40 43 93 120 gigabits per second of blended stateful application tra c BreakingPoint APAC Sales O ce 90 million concurrent TCP sessions Suite 2901, Building #5, Wanda Plaza 3 million TCP sessions per second No. 93 Jianguo Road 3 million complete TCP sessions per second Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100022, China 120,000+ SSL sessions per second email: 150+ stateful application protocols tel: + 86 10 5960 3162 4,500+ live security strikes and 27,000+ live malware© 2005 – 2011. BreakingPoint Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. The BreakingPoint logo is a trademark of BreakingPoint Systems, Inc.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.