Cybersecurity: Arm and Train US Warriors to Win Cyber War


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Quickly & easily recreate Internet scale cyber war, interpret the results, and rapidly act upon cyber threats to:
-Train cyber warriors to defend against threats or neutralize the enemy.
-Harden targets – networks, data centers, individual devices.

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Cybersecurity: Arm and Train US Warriors to Win Cyber War

  1. 1. Arm and Train US Warriors to Win Cyber WarDeploying the Modern Cyber Range
  2. 2. The Cyber Range Imperative Prepare for cyber war with cyber war: •  Thousands of global attacks •  Botnet and global DDoS simulation •  Millions of users •  Hundreds of applications •  As much non-repetitive data as the U.S. Library of Congress in one hour2
  3. 3. Military Preparedness Requires RangesEvery base must be able to easily recreate, interpret,and rapidly respond to cyber threats.•  Conduct basic training•  Develop ingrained skills•  Harden critical targets
  4. 4. Legacy Methods Cannot Solve Modern Problems •  Too complex •  Not scalable •  Not practical •  Not cost-effective
  5. 5. Legacy Thinking Breeds Costs and Delays
  6. 6. Science of Cyber TomographyCreates Internet-scale cyber war in controlledenvironment and records impact.•  Visibility to harden network and data center targets•  Intelligence needed to act on cyber events•  Repeatable, deterministic Resiliency Score ™
  7. 7. BreakingPoint Storm CTM™The comprehensive alternative tocostly and complex cyber ranges.• 4,500+ real-time attacks• 150+ applications• Traffic from millions of users• Extensive automation speeds configuration and reporting• Futureproof and always current
  8. 8. Harden Network and Data Center Targets
  9. 9. Centralized Command and Control The BreakingPoint Storm CTM is an ever current command and control center for: •  Keeping conditions up-to-date and standardized •  Coordinating multi-party situational analysis •  Replicating content across a network of machines •  Distributing and managing cyber warming exercise
  10. 10. Hardening Targets Throughout IT Supply ChainWe must build resiliency into every element of criticalinfrastructure.•  Measure and improve resiliency from chip to application•  Hold vendors accountable•  Identify and remediate stress fractures•  Monitor the effects of changes over time
  11. 11. Evolving Voodoo into ScienceWe must leverage science and technology torecreate, interpret, and rapidly respond to cyberthreats.•  Develop elite cyber warriors•  Advance capabilities through research and development•  Harden critical targets
  12. 12. US Defense Information Systems AgencyGoal: Deploy operationally Solution: Measure resiliency Benefits: Increased relevant cyber range with high stress conditions performance and ROI –  Provide cyber warriors –  Rapidly deployed –  Dramatically reduced with model of Internet operational cyber the time and cost of and curriculum to hone range to troops creating war game cyber defense skills exercises –  Armed staff to attack –  Support red and blue infrastructure to –  Exposed warriors to teaming exercises with measure and harden real attacks and relevant conditions and resiliency network traffic in a new attacks controlled environment –  Remain current with –  Enable staff to stay attack and application –  Retired 100+ linear feet current with attacks changes of racks full of hardware
  13. 13. Northrop Grumman Cyber Range