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Visit our site http://bellatravelonline.com/ for more information on Brazilian Travel Agency.We are proud to offer you our South America,(Brazil), Europe and Asia including Israel, Tour Packages! We work hand-in-hand with our travel partners on eachdestination to ensure that your trip to the country and places of your choice will be unforgettable. We offer guided tours in English, Spanish,and Portuguese.

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Flight to brazil

  1. 1. Visit Our Website www.bellatravelonline.com Call Us 1 (866) 306-6014 1 (954) 639-9515
  2. 2. Topic Page No. Flight To Brazil 3 Welcome To Bella Tours & Travel On Line! Your World Link! 3 Get Your Plane And World Cup Ticket 6 Tour Brazil 9 Tour Brazil And Experience The Colorful Culture Of The Country! 9 Brazilian Travel Agency 12 Keep It Safe And Comfortable Travel With Us To Brazil 12 Brazil Flight Tickets 15 Be Careful Where You Buy Your Plane Tickets! 15 Brazil Packages 18 Make Sure That Your Travel Agency Can Deliver! 18 2 www.bellatravelonline.com
  3. 3. Welcome to Bella Tours & Travel on line! Your World Link! Bella Tours & Travel, Inc. has been South Florida premier travel agency since 1996. We are licensed and bonded by the State of Florida, accredited by the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC). Additionally, we are members registered with CLIA, IATA, local Chambers of Commerce, also with Israel Tourism Ministry. 3 www.bellatravelonline.com Bella Tours & Travel, Inc. has an experienced, professional travel team striving to optimize your travel experience (Business or Leisure). We facilitate net fares contracts with major airlines around the world, car rentals, resort and hotel accommodations, plus local sightseeing any where you go. We are happy to tailor your trip basead on your most possible travel dream. We are looking forward to serve you on all your travel needs.
  4. 4. Bella Tours & Travel, Inc. is Your World Link – Brazil Expert! We are proud to offer you our South America,(Brazil), Europe and Asia including Israel, Tour Packages! We work hand-in-hand with our travel partners on each destination to ensure that your trip to the country and places of your choice will be unforgettable. We offer guided tours in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. 4 www.bellatravelonline.com
  5. 5. At Bella Tours & Travel, Inc., Our Top Priority is You! Once we send you off on an exciting and memorable vacation, we are always available if you need to contact us. We do our best to make your trip as enjoyable as possible, so we are happy to answer any questions you may have in hopes that we will enhance your travel experience. Bella Tours & Travel, Inc. was born to accomplish a goal to send people on unforgettable vacations while providing the best service in a timely manner at a fair and honest price. 5 www.bellatravelonline.com
  6. 6. Get Your Plane And World Cup Ticket As Early As Possible And Avoid The Stampede! Flight To Brazil next year is going to be very difficult to obtain. If your going to take a flight to Brazil in the first six months next year its expected to get crowded as the 2014 World Cup Games are getting nearer. With the draw now complete, ticket sales have been announced already. FIFA has set ticket sales to three schedules. The opening games will be held on June 12, 2014 with a 7 game blast off which will be held in the capital city and 11 other sites. Book now and avoid the rush and the expected plane ticket price increase. The rule of supply and demand will play a big role in ticket prices. Reserve your tickets now with Bella Travel and get protected from any fluctuation of ticket prices and availability. Tickets may vanish suddenly and they may end up in the hands of black marketers. 6 www.bellatravelonline.com
  7. 7. With an event such as this, millions are expected to arrive in Brazil and getting a flight to Brazil will be very difficult by then. So come early and Bella Travel will organize a pregame package for you. This will include a reserved and sure flight to Brazil, hotel accommodations, and a tour of the wonderful city. If you want a customized tourist service, Bella travel can arrange one for you. You will travel like nobles in pomp and style. You’re going to see what Brazil has to offer. 7 www.bellatravelonline.com
  8. 8. And when the games finally begin, you’ll be ready to party and cheer your favorite team. It’s going to be a month of nonstop carnival. And being there is already a unique and wonderful experience. How many people can make it there? While others will just have to be content with watching from their LCDs or Plasmas, you’ll be right there witnessing an event that only happens twice a year. So there are two tickets that you need to secure in order to make your fun adventure complete. One without the other will make the entire event useless. If you have your plane ticket and board a flight to Brazil on time but don’t have a game ticket that would be catastrophic. On the other hand, you have a world cup ticket and were unable to take the flight to Brazil, that’s even worse. 8 www.bellatravelonline.com
  9. 9. Tour Brazil And Experience The Colorful Culture Of The Country! Tour Brazil and get the experience of a lifetime Tour Brazil by Bella Travel is the best way to experience the charms of Brazil. Brazil is the largest country in South America and is also the fifth largest country in the world. That being said, it is full of very unique and very beautiful venues. These areas are considered some of the most beautiful and recognizable places in the world today. There are various Tour Brazil destinations that are worth visiting. You may want to relax on the majestic beaches of Ipanema, one of the world’s most famous beaches. The Ipanema beaches are widely known for their social qualities, elegance, and breath taking sunsets. You may also want to visit the Corcovado granite peak, which is known for the famous statue of Jesus called the Cristo Rendentor (Christ The Redeemer). 9 www.bellatravelonline.com
  10. 10. Salvador da Bahia is also one of the best sights of Brazil; this city is known as the “Capitol of Happiness” because of its numerous outdoor parties. Brazil also hosts the world-famous Carnival party. This Carnival party is considered one of the best parties in the world. Brazil has a very colorful culture; proof of this is the many different festivals they hold every year which usually include bright, loud, and colorful parades. So if you want to experience the beauty of these sights, the colorful culture, and all the things that Brazil has to offer, tour Brazil now! If you’re wondering how you can get there then don’t you worry, Bella Travels has you covered. 10 www.bellatravelonline.com
  11. 11. In light of this, Bella Tours is now also offering different tour Brazil packages for the upcoming events. These are the FIFA World Cup 2014 Package as well as an Olympic Cup Package for the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in 2016. There are many travel agencies that don’t care about whether you get your money’s worth; they may even try to fool you with overpriced deals. Don’t be fooled! Go with the best and trust only the best. Call Bella Tours now and enjoy the wonderful country with their Tour Brazil offering! They only have your best interest in mind. 11 www.bellatravelonline.com
  12. 12. Keep It Safe And Comfortable Travel With Us To Brazil Brazilian travel agency is the surest way to travel to the country You must have plans on going to Brazil to watch the FIFA World Cup tournament or enjoy your summer getaway with your family; you can contact us at Bella Travel for a most enjoyable and comfortable travel accommodations. It’s the top Brazilian Travel Agency in South Florida. It has the finest travel arrangements backed up by its incomparable customer service. Try it next time you’re going to Brazil and you will know that you have at last found the most luxurious way to travel at very affordable prices. 12 www.bellatravelonline.com
  13. 13. There are run of the mill Brazilian travel agencies, then there’s Bella Travel Brazilian Travel Agency. What’s the difference? Bella Travel is better than the rest! For one thing we have several great destinations which I know will fully coincide with your favorite vacation hideaways. If you want to explore your neighbor’s great assets, feasts, foods, and sites, and listen to the Latin beat from the Latin artists themselves, then a Brazilian tour is one of Bella Travels favorite summer escapes. You can also visit Asia with Israel as their travel schedules where you can seek inspiration by visiting the holy grounds where our Lord Jesus had spent most of His life here on earth. Europe is another enchanting proposition. It’s another culture that’s worth exploring with their wonderful castles, cathedrals, parks, museums, landmarks, and historical places. So whatever you’re in for, be it pleasure, leisure, business or religious mood, Bella Travel’s Brazilian Travel Agency will take you in style and comfort. Their travel arrangement efficiency is a legend among tourists and business travelers. They’re highly professional, using their training and experience to give their client service that other travel agencies can only dream of giving. 13 www.bellatravelonline.com
  14. 14. Bella Travel’s Brazilian travel agency will have your schedule full up to the wee hours of the morning and you won’t miss anything that is worthwhile. Summer only comes once a year and it should not be wasted with too much sleeping. You’ll have time to do that when you reach home. Experience the best of the countries that you’re going to visit. That’s what summer vacation is all about. Bella Travel’s Brazilian Travel Agency will see to it. Of course, you have the last say in every decision making during your trip. 14 www.bellatravelonline.com
  15. 15. Be Careful Where You Buy Your Plane Tickets! Brazil Flight Tickets, beware of fake ones Every road is going to Brazil, the same with every plane flight. The flight booking is so heavy that some FIFA World Cup players were downgraded to second class. If it happened to them, it could happen to everyone else, but not with Bella Travel. If you book your Brazil Flight Tickets with us, you will get to stay where you’re supposed to be. We always see to this. It would be a major catastrophe on our part if such booking changes happened to you, our customers; that is why it won’t happen on our watch. 15 www.bellatravelonline.com
  16. 16. The rush for last minute travel to Brazil has also created a lot of scams. Fake Brazil Flight Tickets are sold to unsuspecting tourists. This just goes to show how they’ve become a very scarce commodity. This is something that you should watch out for or you’ll end up waiting at the airport for nothing and instead of seeing the FIFA Cup Finals in Brazil you’ll end up watching it on your giant HD Plasma TV and a few hundred dollars poorer. Buy your Brazil Flight Tickets from us at Bella Travel and arrive at your destination safe, sound, and happy. And if you availed of the complete travel package you will be met at the airport by our travel agency representative and brought to your hotel for your total comfort. The whole travel experience will be completely effortless for you and your family. 16 www.bellatravelonline.com
  17. 17. The 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup will end on July. You can still book your Brazil Flight Tickets now for your summer vacation here in Brazil. Brazil is such a lovely country; there are many other reasons you should want to buy a Brazil Flight Tickets. You will have a great time visiting their famous beaches and other tourist attraction, one of the more popular of which is the Rio Street dancing. You may think that because the world cup is now over that it’ll be easier for you to get the tickets. This is not the case. Fans may be going home already, but the usual tourists will be coming in to experience the beautiful beaches of Brazil. With summer temperature forecasts at very high temperatures, people will cross the border to find refuge in Brazil. We are always ready at Bella Travel to book your Brazil Flight Tickets right now. 17 www.bellatravelonline.com
  18. 18. Make Sure That Your Travel Agency Can Deliver! Brazil Packages that are highly affordable and hassle free Brazil is a country that’s emerging to be a great tourist travel destination. It has become very aggressive in promoting itself as a tourist haven, a paradise worth exploring. By hosting two of the greatest sporting spectacles on earth, it has shown that it has the manpower and facilities to make your stay there very memorable and comfortable. People’s perception of this country will change forever and depending on the outcome of the games. Brazil will rival the most popular tourist spots in the world. 18 www.bellatravelonline.com
  19. 19. Bella Travel, Brazil’s premiere travel agency has its office in Florida. It has both the expertise and experience if you want a hassle free travel to the country. You will enjoy the Brazil packages they have prepared for you. Not all Brazil Packages are the same. We’d like to encourage you to check the offerings in order not to miss the benefits that you are suppose to take advantage of during your trip. For example are you flying international airlines, what type of flight ticket are you having? Are you going to be met in the airport and most importantly the kind of hotel you’re staying, its location and your accommodation. Confirm what amenities you will receive with the Brazil Packages that you have and be sure that it is what you want. 19 www.bellatravelonline.com
  20. 20. Bella Travel will make sure your vacation goes smoothly. You don’t have to call them. They will call you to confirm your flight, accommodation, and itineraries; a mark of true professionalism. Nothing is left to chance. You get what you paid for and then some. And when you reach your destination they have travel agency partners’ right there where you are. That would mean you don’t have to call them back in the US if you want additional amenities in your Brazil packages. That means fast delivery service. They have the most affordable Brazil Packages but not in any way inferior. It has something to do with finding the best discounts and great deals for you and your loved ones. This is the advantage that you get because of their hard work. They were able to find the right connections in every destination that you find yourself. You will benefit from Bella Travel’s continuing drive towards service excellence in the form of cheap, comfortable and wonderful Brazil Packages. 20 www.bellatravelonline.com
  21. 21. www.bellatravelonline.com21 For Any Query Visit our Site At:- www.bellatravelonline.com Follow Us