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Facebook Platform Presentation - Copy.pptx

  1. Facebook
  2. Advertising Platform Business Benefits Budget Friendly Highest ROAS Brand & Product Awareness Creative Capabilities
  3. Advertising Platform Optimization Capabilities Ad Types A/B Testing Groups Meta Pixel Tracking Audience Targeting & Segmenting
  4. SLOWED GROWTH 1 Million Lost (2021) Stagnation of Growth Rates SOFTWARE CHANGES Privacy Focus Further E-Commerce Developments AI Integrations VIRTUAL INTERATIONS Oculus Developments VR Socialization Facebook’s Future

Editor's Notes

  1. Facebook vs. Other Platforms Simple Multi-User Brand Management - LinkedIn (Limits at 7) - Snapchat complicated - No option on Twitter (Feature pending) - YouTube not possible User Size Chloe Mentioned Facebook’s massive audience = huge growth potential Ad Manager Integrations - Instagram, Messenger Advertising Platform - 8 reasons Facebook has a distinct competitive advantage that can divided in to two sub-sections: business benefits & optimization capabilities
  2. Advertising Platform: Business Benefits 30% advertisers see 6-10x ROI on avg. 19.8% digital advertising market share’ 2nd largest (behind Google) at $112.68 billion, total market at $567.49 billion Budget Friendly Caroline explained in depth Inexpensive for great results Highest ROAS of all platform 41% marketers claim highest ROAS control option, can set ROAS at a percentage, example 110% = 1.100 ROAS control Brand & Product Awareness Facebook best used for pushing brand & product awareness Especially due to the Individual Outreach possibilities [Messenger, individually message customers] 69% companies offer customer service on FB, 60% seek customer service Creative Offers a wide variety of creative liberties to maximize branding Format variation with media types (videos [short and long form], carousel, gallery, etc.) Placement options (feed, messages, stories, Instagram)
  3. Advertising Platform: Optimization Capabilities Ad Types Boosted engagement, promotions for page likes, Website traffic, custom CTA A/B Testing Enabled variants to test optimal promoted ads Meta Pixel Tracking Using the Website traffic promotion can integrate Meta pixel to see how advertising turns to tangible sales/leads Targeting and Segmentation Micro-focus audience Gender, Age, Location, Languages, Interests, Education, Job Title, Income, Political Affiliation, Interests, Behaviors/Recent Purchases, Major Life Events Block audiences Remarket to previous buyers
  4. Future of Facebook Slowed Growth Lost 1 million users in final quarter of 2021 Stagnating growth rates due to high level of market saturation Software Changes Legislation and consumer encouraged privacy focus Further focus on e-commerce, developing better advertising Integration AI for accessibility for those with disabilities Virtual Interactions Oculus integration with social media for a more social virtual space VR used for meeting or staying connected