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Educational Semantic Wikis in the Linked Data Age: the case of MSc Web Science Program at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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Bratsas Web Science Semantic Wiki

  1. 1. C. Bratsas, A. Dimou, G. Alexiadis, D.E. Chrysou, K. Kavargyris, Parapontis J., P. Bamidis, I. AntoniouWeb Science Program, Mathematics Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  2. 2. Web ScienceWeb Science Trans-disciplinary field of Science taking the Web as its primary object of studyWeb Science invests Statistics of the Web Mathematical Modeling of the Web Bio-medical Networks Semantic Processing Economic Analysis of the Web business Behavioral Analysis of Web users
  3. 3. MSc Program in Web ScienceGoal  multi-disciplinary approach although oriented towards the Statistics and Mathematics of the Web.  Understand and model how the Web works and evolves in the knowledge society.Study base  Web assessment,  Mathematical Modeling and Operation combined with  Business Applications  Societal Transformations
  4. 4. Semantic Wikias Learning Management System• Wikis as Learning Management Systems has been explored.• Learning Management Systems integration with Semantic Web is on the way.
  5. 5. MediaWiki Triplestore connectors Current state-of-the-artExtension Release Triplestore Expose Query Multiple Embed Status Connector wiki data external endpoint Query via enpoints implementations results in endpoint a wiki pageHalo Stable Jena Yes No! Yes YesSparql Beta Jena Yes Yes Yes YesExtensionRDFIO Beta ARC2 Yes No No NoLinkedWiki Stable 4store Yes Yes! Yes Yes
  6. 6. MSc in Web Science Program Semantic Wiki (WSSW)
  7. 7. WSSW implementation Engine Most Important Extensions• Apache 2.2.11 • SMW 1.4.3 • SMW Halo 1.4.6• PHP 5.2.9 • Semantic Forms 1.9 • Semantic Gardening 1.3• MySQL 5.1.33 • Semantic TreeView 1.2• MediaWiki 1.15.3 • Semantic Result Formats 1.4.5 • WYSIWYG FCK 2.6.4 • SMW User Manual 1.0 • Semantic Maps 0.5.5 • Semantic Rule Extension 1.0Embedding the semantic webtechnologies • Halo ACL 1.1.1_0Facilitate the use of Semantic Wiki • Confirm User Accounts 1.46for a large community of users, • Password Reset 1.7especially those who are notfamiliar with semantic annotations
  8. 8. WSSW ontologyReuse of existing ontology standards: FOAF describes the academic staff and the studentsReuse of already defined ontologies: Master Ontology the best ontology model for master program implemented by MSc’s students
  9. 9. Snapshots from Web Science Semantic Wiki (WSSW)
  10. 10. WSSW Semantic Menu
  11. 11. WSSWOntology browser – Category tree
  12. 12. WSSWOntology browser – Property tree
  13. 13. WSSWProperties and types
  14. 14. Corresponding Forms and TemplatesForms Templates• AssignmentForm • AssignmentTemplate• CourseForm • CourseTemplate• FinalGradeForm • FinalGradeTemplate• LectureForm • LectureTemplate• MaterialForm • MaterialTemplate• NewsAnnouncementsForm • NewsAnnouncementsTemplate• ProjectForm • ProjectTemplate• ThesisForm • ThesisTemplate • Other templatesSemantic Forms Extension!The semantics are stored • FileTemplatethrough templates, whereas • MainReadingsTemplateforms allow for populating a pre-defined set of templates for a • FurtherReadingsTemplatepage. • ……………………………………….
  15. 15. WSSW Course Page
  16. 16. WS11 Course Page
  17. 17. WS11 Course Page
  18. 18. WSSW Forms - Example
  19. 19. WSSW Semantic Calendar
  20. 20. SWSW Project Timeline
  21. 21. WSSW Students’ Grades
  22. 22. WSSWNavigation Tree
  23. 23. WSSWGUI of Halo ACL
  24. 24. WSSWSMW User Manual
  25. 25. Critic - Conclusions• Halo extension constrains the WSSW, and in general the implemented wiki, to use only its data.• No external endpoint can be called to import the query’s results in WSSW pages.
  26. 26. Future Work ImplementationUse SPARQLExtension as soon as it is stable to call external endpoints.Move to LinkedWiki or other extension which implements queries to external endpoints and embeds them in wiki’s pages!Embed content derived as SPARQL queries to WSSW’s pages from related external endpoints.
  27. 27. Future WorkUse Semantic Signup extension to semantically annotate every new user!Annotate courses and the educational objects they provide using the proper codes from the corresponding Scientific Classifications in SKOS format. ACM Classification Mathematics Subject Classification
  28. 28. Thank You!Web Science Wiki Team