Texas Custom WoodWorkers Finally Gets A Space To Call Their Own


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K&J Woodworks moves into space built to suit their growing business.

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Texas Custom WoodWorkers Finally Gets A Space To Call Their Own

  1. 1. 1 Growing Pains Case Study May 2011 Busting At The Seams. After more than 13 years in the same location, custom millwork manufacturer K & J Woodworks had more than outgrown the location that served them well for more than a decade. With supplies scattered across storage facilities and demand for the work continually increasing, K & J Woodworks knew that the best way to meet both current and future demand was to custom build a facility that would meet their needs today and for years to come. Ready to move, K & J sold their existing property so they could free up capital to use as a down payment on a new location—and started looking for a trustworthy partner that could help them get the financing they needed to keep growing. Moving On A Trusted Partner “Building from the ground up When the decision to build was was the only way to keep the made, owner Jim Kickertz started researching his options. In addition business alive.” to traditional lenders Mr. Kickertz looked to see what government programs and incentives were available for small businesses. Based on his research, Kickertz decided Continued on page 2
  2. 2. 2 5th Gear Consulting (Continued) that the 504 “SBA loan was the clear choice—the numbers were simply the best, available way to go.” This is because the 504 program allowed him to take some of the risk off of his lender while still securing a solid rate and preserve working capital for his growing business. Ready to move forward, Mr. Kickertz spoke to his business banker at Chase to learn more about the process of applying for an SBA loan—specifically, had it improved from his last experience. After meeting with Mr. Kickertz, his lender suggested that “It turned out better than expected!” he speak to Helena Hauk of 5th Gear Consulting. Mr. Kickertz did not object, despite having a less than stellar experience with the SBA loan process in the past. “The previous SBA loans I had gotten were K & J Woodworks very slow. It was never clear if it was the banker’s fault or the packager.” Still, his business needs couldn’t wait, so Mr.Kickertz decided to take a K & J Woodworks is a down to earth chance on Helena and her firm. millwork company operating on collaborative customer synergies, excellent craftsmanship Immediately Helena’s team started pulling together the necessary items to start the loan process. “They skills and twenty-one years of millwork established clear timelines from the beginning and experience servicing some of the most stuck with them,” says Mr. Kickertz. Helena and her progressive companies in America. team managed the entire loan process, making it Specializing in retail store fixtures, K & J manageable for Mr. Kickertz to continue to run his Woodworks builds custom pieces for new growing business while also overseeing the store prototypes, high profile remodels, development of his new facility. brand flagship stores, and other needs with Says Mr. Kickertz, “Their part was very smooth and speed, quality and innovation, delivered on without a hiccup.” As far as the whole process went, time and on budget. “I couldn’t have expected better.” In addition to retail items, K & J develops With the necessary funds ready to go K & J traditional, contemporary, and cutting edge Woodworks broke ground on their new facility in designs for grocery, restaurant & specialty, Uhland Texas in 2010. Six months later they moved and audiovisual needs. Their specialty designs into their new facility and got rid of their have appeared in such notable stores as the hodgepodge assortment of storage units and Whole Foods flagship store that opened in workspaces. downtown Austin in 2005. When asked what he thought of his new space, Mr. To learn more about K & J Woodworks visit Kickertz responded by saying, “It turned out better than I expected. We have a great facility!” www.kjwoodworks.com. 2
  3. 3. 5th Gear Consulting 5th Gear Consulting Putting Your Business in Overdrive 5th Gear Consulting is the premier business consulting firm specializing in SBA loans, strategic planning, and economic development. Founded by Helena Hauk, the San Antonio SBA District’s Financial Services Champion for 2011, 5th Gear Consulting is a champion for small businesses in Central Texas and throughout the United States. In addition to their in-house services, 5th Gear Consulting regularly teaches workshops and writes articles on all things related to From left to right: business finance and development for such outlets as the San Antonio Business Journal, Sharp Skirts, CommercialLore Goodson, Terry Balster, Krystal Real Estate Women, Up and Running, and more. Loyd, and President Helena Hauk Visit www.5thgearconsulting.com to learn more! This Case Study Prepared By: Brass Knuckles Media An uncensored PR & Marketing firm catering to innovative and socially conscious experts and businesses. www.brassknucklesmedia.com 512-551-4023