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Michelle Ward Press Kit


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Michelle Ward helps creative people devise the career they think they can't have - or discover it to begin with! Read the press kit to learn more about how she helps creative types and how to book her as a guest expert.

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Michelle Ward Press Kit

  1. 1.   Press  Kit   Michelle  Ward   Creative  Career  Coach   Founder  of  When  I  Grow  Up   Helping  Creatives   ★   Devise  the  career  they  think   they  cant  have  -­‐  or  discover  it   to  begin  with!   The  Short  Story   ★   Discover  their  Unique  Talents   Michelle   Ward,   aka   The   When   I   Grow   Up   Coach,   works   with   creative  people  to  devise  the  career  they  think  they  cant  have  -­‐   or   discover   it   to   begin   with!   A   certified   life   coach   by   the   International  Coach  Academy  &  a  musical  theater  actress  with   ★   Overcome  fears  to  pursue  their   her   BFA   from   NYU/Tisch,   Michelle   uses   a   dose   of   empathy,   a   passions   shot  of  butt-­‐kickin,  a  wagon  full  of  enthusiasm,  &  a  crapload  of   inspiration  to  help  solve  the  puzzle  &  turn  her  clients  grown-­‐ Leave  jobs  they  hate  to  find  a   up   skills   &   values   into   a   passionate   (&   possibly   out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box)   ★   career.   Shes   been   interviewed   for   Newsweek,   Metro   News   and   career  or  business  that  fulfills   amNY;   is   a   co-­‐host   on   Spring:   Inspiration   in   Bloom;   and   is   their  creative  talents   encouraging   everyone   to   claim   their   uniquity   via   The   Declaration   of   You,   an   e-­‐course   with   Jessica   Swift.   She   could   be   ★   Stop  procrastinating  and  meet   found   coachin,   bloggin   &   givin   away   free   stuff   at   their  goals      
  2. 2. 321   The  Long  Story   As  Told  by  Michelle  Ward  Herself   Since  I  was  a  little  girl  of  6   waitress/  hostess/  temp/office   But  I  didnt  want  to  limit   years  old,  I  always  wanted   manager.  I  wanted  my  days  to   myself  to  Career  Coaching.  I   to  be  an  actress.  Being  on   mean  something,  to  be   wanted  to  help  people  along   stage  is  where  I  belonged,   valuable,  to  matter.   with  all  their  life  challenges,   and  it  took  me  places.  It   but  not  in  a  Hippy-­‐Dippy  or  a   took  me  to  New  York  City,   So  I  got  a  real  job.  And  another   Tell-­‐Me-­‐What-­‐Your-­‐Parents-­‐ where  I  majored  in  musical   one.  And  another.  I  went   Did-­‐When-­‐You-­‐Were-­‐Five   theater  at  NYU,  Tisch  School   through  seven  jobs  in  four   way.  I  wanted  to  be  their   of  the  Arts.  It  took  me  on  a   years,  constantly  trying  to  find   springboard,  their  partner,   cruise  ship  around  North   "the  perfect  fit".  Id  get  restless   their  confidante,  their   America  where  I  sang  my   easily  and  fairly  despondent,   cheerleader.   heart  out  for  a  year.  It  took   thinking  that  there  was   me  to  Studio  8A  in   nothing  else  out  there  for  me   I  WANTED  TO  BE  THEIR   Rockefeller  Plaza,  where  I   that  I  could  devote  myself  to   LIFE  COACH!     got  to  be  on  "Saturday  Night   passionately  and   Live".  It  even  took  me  to   enthusiastically.  One  day  I   I  went  full  throttle  into  taking   The-­‐Closest-­‐Movie-­‐  Theater-­‐ declared,  "Enough!  I  refuse  to   classes  at  the  International   Is-­‐An-­‐Hour-­‐Away,  PA  and   accept  that  there  is  nothing   Coach  Academy,  where  I  got   The-­‐Town-­‐With-­‐A-­‐Gas-­‐ else  out  there  that  Im  going  to   certified  as  a  professional  life   Station,-­‐a-­‐  Consignment-­‐ love  doing!"  I  decided  to  put   coach.  It  took  almost  two   Shop,-­‐a-­‐Pizzeria,-­‐and-­‐a-­‐ some  chutzpah  into  my  search.   years  -­‐  with  getting  engaged,   Gun-­‐Store,  New  Hampshire.   I  was  going  to  find  My  Perfect   getting  married,  &  having  a   Career.   full-­‐time  day  job  in  between  -­‐ And  all  of  a  sudden,  the  life  I   but  I  graduated  in  June  of   was  pursuing  for  20  years   I  enrolled  in  a  Career  Change   2009  with  high  marks  for  my   wasnt  what  I  wanted   Workshop  at  NYU,  and  through   60  coaching  hours,  120   anymore.  I  didnt  want  to   a  series  of  personality  tests,   classroom  hours,  &  term   leave  my  home  in  New  York   exercises,  and  conversations   paper!   City,  where  I  built  an   with  my  classmates,  I  realized   incredible  life  for  myself.  I   that  I  wanted  to  help  others   Ive  been  training  my  whole  life  to  be  a   didnt  want  to  spend  my   find  their  own  path,  especially   coach.  My  communication  skills,  my   "days  off"  sitting  at   enthusiasm  and  sense  of  humor,  my   "creative  types"  that  thought   desire  to  help  people  find  their  passion,   auditions  to  sing  8  bars  of  a   they  wanted  one  thing  their   and  my  people-­‐loving-­‐personality   song  and  wonder  where  the   whole  life  and  now  have  to   makes  this  the  role  that  I was  born  to   day  went.  I  didnt  want  to   rewrite  their  plans.  I  wanted  to   play.   get  a  job  and  have  to  pick  up   help  them  figure  out  what  they   my  life  with  one  days  (or   wanted  to  be  When  They  Grow   one  weeks)  notice.  I  didnt   Up.   want  to  be  a  35  year  old   2  
  3. 3.   In  The  News   Michelle  frequently  shares  her  insights  and   expertise  by  writing  articles  and  serving  as  a   guest  both  in  print  and  on  camera.  Whether   it’s  helping  creative  people  find  happiness  at   work,  rekindle  an  old  passion,  or  starting  a   business  Michelle  always  offers  friendly,   encouraging,  and  to  the  point  advice.       Michelle  Ward  has  been  featured  or  published  in  the  following:   • “Tap  the  Twitterverse”  in  amNew  York   • Featured  interview  in  recurring  segment  “Inspirational  Women”  on  Alternative  Lovely   • Featured  Interview  on  Pursuing  Our  Passion   • Spotlight  Interview  on  Right  Brain  Business  Plan   • “Put  Me  In,  Life  Coach”  video  interview  on  Newsweek   • “Women,  the  5g  Network”  presented  by  Pepsi  and  Momversations   • “Why  Not  You,  Why  Not  Now”  Psychology  Today   • Red  Dress  Conversations  “When  You  Grow  Up”  on  Red  Dress  Studios   • “How  to  Design  Your  Creative  Career  with  Michelle  Ward”  in  The  Examiner  New  York   • Featured  Panelist  at  Blog  Out  Loud   You  can  also  find  more  interviews,  articles,  videos,  and  podcasts  of  Michelle  Ward  on  the  When  I  Grow  Up   Coach  Press  Page!   Some  of  Michelle’s  Recent  Article  Topics   “5  Reasons  I  Got  Off  My  Ass  &  Discovered  a  New  Passion”   “5  Ways  to  Accomplish  Your  Goals  Sans  Fairy  Godmother”   “Come  Out,  Come  Out  Whoever  You  Are!”   “I  Quit  My  Day  Job.  Are  You  Next?”   “Safe  Is  A  Four  Letter  Word”   3  
  4. 4.   Hear  What  Michelle’s  Clients  Have  To  Say!   Jessica  Gonacha  Swift,  Georgia   I  hired  Michelle  as  my  life  coach  because  I  loved  her  positive  energy,  and  I   was  feeling  really  stuck  in  a  spiral  of  negative  energy.  I  needed  someone   to  help  get  me  unstuck,  and  she  seemed  like  the  perfect  person!     Getting  to  talk  to  someone  that  really  understood  what  I  was  feeling  was   so  wonderful.  Plus,  Michelles  hilarious,  and  it  was  just  so  much  fun  to   TALK  to  her.  Shes  a  great  listener  and  could  really  quickly  get  to  the   heart  of  what  I  was  trying  to  say,  and  often  pulled  things  out  of  what  Id   said  that  I  didnt  even  know  were  there.     Mark,  Canada   It  was  great  when  she  could  help  me  connect  something  that  just  wasnt   Michelle  will  cheer  you  on,   happening  on  my  own.  I  could  feel  that  she  was  very  present  and  that  she   make  you  accountable,  and  ask   genuinely  wanted  to  help  me.  It  was  really  inspiring  that  Michelle  was   the  right  questions  that  will   steer  you  to  where  youre   able  to  think  of  really  wacky  yet  practical  things  that  I  had  never   supposed  to  be. But  above  all,   considered-­‐-­‐  she  was  great  at  opening  my  eyes  to  different  ways  I  could   she  genuinely  cares  about  your   perceive  a  situation  or  how  I  was  thinking  about  something.  She  gave  me   success.  Her  energy,   permission  to  do  whatever  the  heck  I  want  to  do,  and  that  is  HUGE!     enthusiasm  and  great  sense  of   humor  make  her  one  of  a  kind."   I  gained  a  new  sense  of  being  my  own  boss,  in  business  and  in  my  life.  I   am  learning  to  let  go  of  the  "shoulds"  in  my  life  more  now,  and  just  living   instead.  It  feels  really  good.  I  think  the  permission  to  be  whoever  I  want   to  be,  work  however  I  want,  and  trust  that  I  know  what  is  best  for  me  is   the  biggest  thing  I  gained.  Its  invaluable."     Alexandra  Franzen,  Minneapolis-­‐St.  Paul   Michelle  is  relentlessly  positive  without  handing  out  "empty  praise."  She   has  a  knack  for  keeping  the  conversation  action-­‐oriented  when  I  veer  off   into  long,  rambling  brain-­‐dump  monologues.  She  gets  what  it  means  to  be   an  entrepreneur  -­‐-­‐  and  a  creative  entrepreneur,  at  that.   Michelle  helped  me  connect  -­‐-­‐  both  directly  and  indirectly  -­‐-­‐  with   brilliant,  fabulous  role  models,  collaborators  and  clients.  She  expanded   Sophie,  Australia   my  vocabulary,  giving  me  the  gift  of  the  word  "amazeballs."  In  working   with  Michelle,  I  gained  a  ferocious  sense  of  who  I  am,  what  I  can  do,  and   "Michelle  has  an  amazing  gift   how  much  to  charge  ...  tons  of  creative,  non-­‐icky  self-­‐promotion  tactics  ...   for  "just  knowing  what  to  say",   and  a  fresh  network  of  virtual  and  real-­‐life  career  comrades.  Thanks  Baby   for  reading  what  I  need,  for   Jesus  for  Michelle  Ward."   pointing  out  my  strengths  and   creative  skills,  and  for  guiding   Read  more  testimonials  by  clicking  here!   me  to  best  manage  my  time   with  my  personality.”   4  
  5. 5.   Book  Michelle  for  a  guest   interview,  as  an  expert,  or  as  a   contributing  author!   Contact  Michelle’s  Publicist  at:   Shennandoah  Diaz   Brass  Knuckles  Media   512-­‐551-­‐4023   P.O.  Box  341821   Austin,  TX  78734   Images  Available  Upon  Request     Learn  more  about  Michelle  at!   Contact  her  at  or  at  917-­‐678-­‐7461