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Marketing Series for Creative Professionals


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Co-Create and Brass Knuckles Media team up to present a seven part education series on how to market and sell yourself as a creative professional.

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Marketing Series for Creative Professionals

  1. 1. For  Immediate  Release  September  18,  2011     Brass  Knuckles  Media  &  CoCreate  Team  Up  To   Present  A  7  Part  Marketing  Series  For  Creative   Professionals   Local  Creative  Media  Outlets  To  Teach  Austin  Artists,   Photographers,  Designers,  And  Other  Creative  Professionals   How  To  Build  and  Market  Their  Brand    Co-­‐Create  and  Brass  Knuckles  Media  team  up  to  present  a  seven  part  education  series  on  how  to  market  and  sell  yourself  as  a  creative  professional.  Classes  start  October  5,  2011.  and  run  every  Wednesday  through  November  16,  2011.  Each  class  will  run  from  6:30-­‐8:30  with  time  to  meet  and  greet  from  6:00-­‐6:30  at  the  CoCreate  offices  located  at  106  East  8th  Street,  Austin  TX.    Each  installment  will  feature  a  2-­‐hour  hands-­‐on,  interactive  workshop  on  the  following  topics:   • Why  You?  A  Quick  Lesson  On  Branding  and  the  Story  of  You   • The  Creative  Army:  How  to  Build  a  Community  Around  Your  Work   • The  Marketing  Mix   • Simple  Social  Media  Marketing  for  the  Busy  Creative  Professional   • How  to  Become  a  Media  Darling   • The  Main  Event:  How  To  Leverage  and  Show  Off  Your  Work   • Action!  How  to  Make  and  Use  Your  Own  Videos    To  view  class  details  and  register  visit    Austin  Details  Art  +  Photo  is  a  visual  arts  flex  space  and  gallery  that  offers  coworking  and  meeting  space  at  CoCreate,  with  business  amenities  for  creative  professionals;  and  art  services,  wideformat  archival  printing,  and  event  rentals  for  visual  artists,  designers  and  photographers.    Brass  Knuckles  Media  provides  comprehensive  PR  &  marketing  strategy  and  implementation  for  socially  conscious  ventures.  Just  like  brass  knuckles,  they  expect  their  clients  to  “leave  their  mark”  by  taking  a  stand,  forcing  conversations,  and  doing  something  to  make  the  world  a  better  place.  Learn  more  by  visiting      For  questions  you  can  contact  Shennandoah  Diaz,  CEO  and  Master  of  Mayhem  of  Brass  Knuckles  Media,  at  or  at  512-­‐551-­‐4023.