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Diaz Lawn Newsletter September 2011


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Published in: Real Estate, Business, Technology
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Diaz Lawn Newsletter September 2011

  1. 1. S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 Praying for Rain! The Drought Continues in Central Texas Eliminate Fire Hazards Extreme heat and no rain is the perfect mix for brush fires. Since November of 2010, Treating Turf Affected With wildfires have destroyed over 3million acres of Texas land. Drought Stress Protect your property byIf your grass is turning a blue-green or silverfish color, then chances removing all dead brush andare you’re lawn is suffering from drought stress. It’s no wonder. debris and by deeply wateringWith temperatures hovering above 103 and watering restricted to 1-2 times a week. Mulch debrisjust one day a week now, we’re all feeling the stress of a long- on site or transport it away tostanding heat wave. Luckily all turf can survive drought stress, be disposed of in analthough some varieties hold up better than others. environmentally sound manner. Just be sure to remove any Buffalo: Very drought tolerant diseased plants or weeds that Bermuda, Zoysia: Drought Tolerant have already gone to flower from material to be mulched St Augustine: Tolerant in shade only and spread on flowerbeds soBe sure to water to a depth of 4-6 inches and allow to dry you can avoid contaminatingthoroughly between waterings to further promote healthy drought healthy plants.resistance.Upcoming Maintenance Items For Your YardSeptember October NovemberRemove dead Top off or replace Apply fall fertilizerbrush and check mulch and aerate and prep outdoorirrigation for water and top dress to spaces for holidayloss and leaks. replenish lost entertaining. nutrients.
  2. 2. SEPTEMBER 2011Your Complete Outdoor CompanyDesignDesign the best outdoor space for entertaining, apeaceful escape, or to sell. From small upgrades to acomplete landscape from scratch, we have landscapedesigners and horticulturists as well as seasoned expertson hand to help you design the outdoor space to fityour specific needs. Install From grass and plants to water features, pools, and hardscapes we have the qualified professionals and high-quality materials to build a beautiful outdoor oasis for your home and business. Outdoor kitchens, pathways, gardens, ponds, waterfalls—you name it we can do it!MaintainKeep your home or business looking beautifulwith regular care and maintenance. From thebasics to comprehensive property management wekeep your outdoor space healthy, attractive, and inshape year round. Trimming, fertilizers, mulch,and disease and pest management are all available! Family Owned and Operated Diaz Lawn is local family owned and operated. We live here so we care about keeping Austin beautiful! Our growing team of experts is passionate about horticulture and outdoor spaces. No one else will work as hard as us at keeping your home or business beautiful and healthy. Check out or call 512-266-0414 to learn more! 2