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Case STudy: Building A Custom Space While Managing A Pediatric Dental Office


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After 15 years in practice Dr. Fleitas gets to realize his dream of building a custom space for his growing pediatric dental practice.

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Case STudy: Building A Custom Space While Managing A Pediatric Dental Office

  1. 1. 1 From Vision to Reality Case Study July 2011 Realizing a Vision Dr. Fleitas knew from the time he opened his pediatric dental practice back in 1997 that he eventually wanted to build his own medical space. According to Dr. Fleitas the goal of building a space was “instilled in us as dental students from the beginning of our training. Creating a vision and then designing and overseeing the construction of an office to suit my idea of modern dentistry was a natural progression for me.” Still, Fleitas recognized the challenges of managing a growing dental practice and a construction project at the same time. Says Fleitas, “The process of building is one of the most fearfully exciting challenges a dentist will undertake in their careers.” He knew he was stepping into new territory, so naturally he went to his lender for help. Moving Forward Making the Connection “The process of building is one To continue to grow his practice of the most fearfully exciting based out of LaVernia, Texas, Dr. Fleitas decided that he needed to challenges a dentist will build his facility in a high traffic area, one closer to the schools many of undertake in their careers.” his patients attend. He located a parcel of land in and ideal location. Next, Dr. Fleitas approached his Continued on page 2
  2. 2. 2 5th Gear Consulting lender with his plans to build a new 2700 sq/ft space in the heart of rustic LaVernia. As new construction facility, the total proposed project included $100,000 for the purchase of the land, $340,000 for construction of the new facility, and an additional $150,000 for equipment and furnishings for the new space. After assessing Dr. Fleitas’s needs his lender, familiar with the opportunities available with the SBA, suggested that Dr. Fleitas contact Helena Hauk with 5th Gear Consulting. Says Fleitas, “I was introduced to Helena after contacting my credit union and was impressed with her professional and personal demeanor. She was able to quickly grasp the unique aspects of my profession and my financial situation. After several meetings it was apparent that Helena was going to do everything possible to make this project a success,” even taking his calls on a Saturday. In May of 2010 Helena and her team went to work, “It is amazing how it coordinating her efforts with the lender Security all came together!” Service FCU and pulling together the necessary elements and managing the process of procuring an SBA 504 loan for Dr. Fleitas’s entire project. “The David L Fleitas DDS process overall went very smoothly,” says Fleitas. “Helena and her team were very thorough in ensuring that all the proper documents and forms were Dr. Fleitas and his team specialize in pediatric complete and accurate and submitted in a timely dentistry. His staff of competent and licensed fashion.” In July of 2010 Fleitas closed on his loan and dentists and professionals creates a fun and began building his new dental office. comfortable environment for children of all Helena’s team stayed on board throughout the ages. From cleanings and whitening, to tooth process, ensuring that funds released in a timely extractions and braces, Fleitas and his team manner and that they were applied as specified in the handle all of you child’s dental needs. Their loan agreement. Everything went according to plan. By new, expanded space in La Vernia, Texas is early 2011 Fleitas opened the doors to his new 2700 designed specifically with children in mind, sq/ft. state of the art family dental office, complete so that going to the dentist isn’t scary and it with kid friendly elements and new equipment. makes learning about good dental hygiene When asked if the project turned out as he hoped, fun! Fleitas responds, “It sure did. Despite the reality that there are so many different components to a project of this magnitude that are beyond your control, it is To set up an appointment or to learn more amazing how it all came together.” His experience call 800-647-8160 or visit their office at goes to show that any business owner can continue 101 Juniors Place, La Vernia, Texas 78121. practicing and handle a commercial real estate project at the same time, if they have the right team in place. 2
  3. 3. 5th Gear Consulting SBA 504 Loans The SBA 504 program exists to promote economic development and a sustainable tax base as well as to meet several public policy goals. Among those goals are: Job Creation New jobs contribute to the overall economy and reduce the burden on government programs. Reduced EnergyFrom One Dentist to LEED certified buildings and new or upgraded facilities that reduce energy usage by 10% or more all help to ensureAnother the sustainability of valuable resources and reduce the drain on public utilities.When asked what advice Dr. Fleitas would give to another dentist Rural Developmentconsidering building his or her own space, he replies “Several of my Poverty is an issue among rural areas.professional colleagues were able to remodel or build their offices with SBA backed economic developmentSBA and conventional commercial financing, but I say speak to Helena helps to drive growth in underservedfirst! She really has very expansive knowledge that would be extremely areas.important which can be overlooked.” Too often the loan process isslowed or stopped by small details. In business and especially realestate timing is everything. One hang up can have devastating Revitalization in Decliningconsequences. RegionsAccording to Fleitas, having Helen on his side made a huge difference. Once vibrant economies can decline“She made the entire loan process simple to understand,” says Fleitas. due to market shifts and changing“I always felt she had the competency to see the project through and industries. The SBA seeks to breatheresolve any unforeseen issues that might arise.” Even though he new life into declining areas.undertook a major construction project, having someone to rely onmade it possible for Dr. Fleitas to maintain his practice and transition Promoting Entrepreneurshipsmoothly to the new space. With a new state of the art facility, thefuture looks bright for Dr. Fleitas and his growing practice. The SBA supports small businesses that create jobs, add to the tax base, and grow economies. This includes special programs for women, minority, andNot sure if your business military veteran owned businesses.qualifies for an SBA loan? To learn more about the SBA 504 program and how to qualify visit:You’d be surprised what projectsqualify. Visit or talk to www.5thgearconsulting.com5th Gear Consulting to learn more. 3
  4. 4. 5th Gear Consulting 5th Gear Consulting Putting Your Business in Overdrive 5th Gear Consulting is the premier business consulting firm specializing in SBA loans, strategic planning, and economic development. Founded by Helena Hauk, the San Antonio SBA District’s Financial Services Champion for 2011, 5th Gear Consulting is a champion for small businesses in Texas and throughout the United States. In addition to their in-house services, 5th Gear Consulting regularly teaches workshops and writes articles on all things related to business finance From left to right: and development for such outlets as the Boerne Business Monthly, Sharp Skirts, Commercial Real Estate Women, Up COO Lore Goodson, Terri Balster, and Running, Austin and San Antonio Communities, andKrystal Loyd, and CEO Helena Hauk more. Ready to put your business in overdrive? Then Visit to learn more! This Case Study Prepared By: Brass Knuckles Media An uncensored PR & Marketing firm catering to innovative and socially conscious experts and businesses. 512-551-4023