Broken Records Austin Press Kit


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Broken Records represents the most unique Austin musicians emerging today.

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Broken Records Austin Press Kit

  1. 1. Broken Records Supporting Independent Artists in Austin and BeyondMusic and Film Bringing the most unique Austin musicians to the Main Stage. Audio, visual, and post production services for Broken Broken Records seeks out the most unique talent from all genres, bringing Record’s artists, local to market the most original and authentic artists emerging in the Austin advertisers, independent artists, scene. Unbound by a particular sound or genre, Broken Records is able to and businesses. bring a wide variety of artists together to explore cutting edge technologies Live music, charity events, and techniques while staying true to the heart of music and the soul of live partnerships, and constant support for Austin independent performance. Committed to a dynamic of collaboration and mutual respect artists in film and music. with their artists, Broken Records works hard to help their artists get where they want to go. The most unique Austin artists With their heart on the pulse of the Indie scene, Broken Records provides from every genre, background, the muscle and expertise of a major studio with the creative control and and performance style. collaborative partnerships indie artists crave. Learn more by visiting
  2. 2. 21 Broken Records Honoring What Makes Austin Great Empowering The New Artists of the Future Independent Artists Are The and pro-artist vibe make it the Creative Force Driving place for independent musicians and film producers to create, Change. . . develop, and promote their work. Broken Records is founded on the Broken Records embraces the principle that independent artists unique energy and culture of their are the creative force driving Austin home. As operators of The change in music and film, and as Soco Mission, Broken Records Creative Control such they should have access to continually builds on and promotes Artistic Integrity high-quality partners who value what makes Austin great through Quality Production their talents, support their creative live concerts, charity events, and control, and magnify their reach. the production of high quality Broken Records gives independent video, music, and film. artists access to the same quality Broken Records only employs the pre and post production equipment best of the best in music and film and professionals the big houses production and works hard to keep use, without having to sign over Austin talent working in Austin. ownership over their creative Passionate about supporting destiny. artists, their staff is often seen at Broken Records is located on local, national, and international South Congress in Austin, Texas. festivals, premiers, and concerts. Known as the heart of live and To learn more about their state-of- independent music, Austin is home the-art facility opening in the heart to SXSW, ACL, and a dozen other of Austin check out their website at international live music and film byline Lorem Ipsum festivals. Austin’s creative energy 2 Broken Records Press Kit
  3. 3. Broken Records is the dream child of Texas natives Conor “We’re From Texas. Chamberlain and Jeff Wilkinson. Passionate about music and film, We Live Here, So Conor and Jeff are dedicated to supporting Austin independent artists. We Want Austin As Austinites, Jeff and Conor are able to “provide the boots on the ground, banging on doors, getting our artists seen.” Artists to Succeed” Conor Chamberlain As founder and CEO, Conor is responsible for staying up-to-date on the music and film industry and insuring that Broken Records is able to meet the changing needs of artists. A musician himself, Conor is able to combine the artist’s perspective with the understanding of what the industry wants and needs. His experience as an account executive responsible for developing new relationships means he knows how to find and hook the best people to assist with all areas of pre and post production, distribution, marketing, and management. Jeff Wilkinson Jeff serves as the “legs” of the business, helping to develop and maintain the facility as well as handling the execution of projects and development at Broken Records. Motivated by his love of music, Jeff handles the dirty side of business, getting the best tools and services for Broken Records artists while making sure all the moving parts keep moving.3 Broken Records Press Kit
  4. 4. Contact Broken Records’ Publicist Want to Shennandoah Diazinterview the Brass Knuckles Media crew? 512-551-4023