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Power Edge Portfolio

  1. 1. Dell PowerEdge ServersPortfolio Guide Dell PowerEdge servers and the power to do more: Achieve more, maximize efficiency, and ensure business continuity with Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers, the foundation for adaptive IT solutions.
  2. 2. With Dell, you can do moreDell PowerEdge servers are built to support the work that IT organizations do. They are engineered to handlethe most demanding business applications and designed with specific features to better run workloads likeHPC, collaboration, database, ERP, business intelligence and data warehousing.As the foundation for a complete, adaptive IT solution, Dell PowerEdge servers deliver dramatic performanceand management advantages that more effectively and efficiently power the business applications ourcustomers run most.Combined with innovative iDRAC systems management and industry-leading workload solutions,PowerEdge servers provide technology that is intelligent, yet simple, giving you the power to do more ineven the most complex environments.Achieve moreIncrease application performance andavailability while gaining scalability.Maximize efficiencyUse IT to boost productivity and get the mostout of every dollar.Ensure business continuityProvide secure, continual access to IT servicesthat power your business.Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 2
  3. 3. PowerEdge serversEngineered by Dell, designed by youPowerEdge servers are customer inspired and purpose built. We spend countless hours listening to customersand then put our time and expertise into giving you the features you need to accomplish more, improveefficiency, and ensure business continuity. Our latest generation of PowerEdge servers deliver innovations like:• Express Flash PCIe solid-state drives—offer more transactions per second, resulting in faster interactions• Agent-free server management—uses the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller, providing significant reductions in administration time• The Dell fresh air program—allows servers to run at much higher ambient temperatures, saving tremendous operational costs• More widely integrated GPU technology—provides accelerated HPC research with high sustained GFlopsOur latest generation of servers responds to customer needs in the following areas:• Memory capacity and scalability—much larger memory footprints• Virtualization performance—more processor cores and denser memory• Systems management—complete lifecycle management using iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller• Energy efficiency—comprehensive optimizations, including Dell OpenManage™ Power Center• Infrastructure flexibility—innovations like Select Network Adapters, offering more and better I/O options• Reliability—even more RAS features, including a failsafe hypervisor option on most serversDell PowerEdge servers deliver value by taking technology that was previously overpriced, complex andunderutilized, and giving you the power to do more while saving time, money and resources.Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 3
  4. 4. The newest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers PowerEdge R620 PowerEdge T620 A hyper-dense 2-socket, 1U A 2-socket, 5U tower server rack server with a large memory ideal for corporate data footprint and impressive centers and remote sites I/O options that make it an that require high availability, exceptional platform for exceptional virtualization, space-sensitive environments. large internal storage capacity and energy efficiency. PowerEdge R720xd PowerEdge M620 An ultra-dense, 2-socket, An exceptionally feature- 2U rack server with massive rich 2-socket blade server internal storage and designed for maximum performance balanced for performance combined with data-intensive operations. extreme density and power efficiency. PowerEdge R720 PowerEdge C6220 Setting the standard for feature Compact 2U shared flexibility in a 2-socket, 2U rack infrastructure rack server server and built to run complex designed for performance, workloads using its highly density, and flexibility, scalable memory, I/O capacity supporting up to four and flexible network options. independent server nodes.Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 4
  5. 5. Dell PowerEdge servers PowerEdge R210 II PowerEdge R310 PowerEdge R210 II is an A high-performance, 1-socket 1U entry-level, yet enterprise rack server with flexible computing ready, ultra-dense 1-socket 1U power, business scalability, simplified rack server that is well suited management, data protection and for single-tier architectures, security options ideal for small- to workloads and SMB mid-size businesses, remote offices applications. and enterprises. PowerEdge R410 PowerEdge R415 A powerful 2-socket, 1U server ideal A 2-socket rack server with enterprise- for compute-intense applications in class features offering a great balance space-constrained data centers and of processing power and value with up HPCC environments. to 16 cores in a 1U form factor. PowerEdge R510 PowerEdge R515 A multi-purpose 2-socket, 2U core A 2-socket rack server offering application rack server offering an immense amounts of local storage excellent balance of internal storage, capacity, enterprise-class features and redundancy and value in a compact, excellent price/performance with up 24” deep chassis. to 16 cores in a 2U form factor. PowerEdge R610 PowerEdge R710 A 2-socket, 1U rack server great A 2U rack server created to efficiently for corporate data centers and address a wide range of key business remote sites that require exceptional applications which can help lower virtualization, system management, TCO with enhanced virtualization density and energy efficiency. capabilities, improved energy efficiency and innovative system management tools.Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 5
  6. 6. Dell PowerEdge servers PowerEdge R715 PowerEdge R810 A 2-socket rack server powered by the A scalable 2U, 2- or 4-socket server latest AMD Opteron™ processors and offering performance and rack density offering excellent price/performance in a that allows workload consolidation or 2U form factor. high virtualization machine density. PowerEdge R815 PowerEdge R910 A 4-socket rack server offering the latest A scalable 4U, 4-socket server offering AMD Opteron™ processors with up to 64 performance and reliability while processor cores and an excellent balance allowing large workload consolidation of advanced manageability, memory or max virtualization machine density. scalability, I/O and redundancy in a space-saving 2U form factor. PowerEdge T110 II PowerEdge T310 PowerEdge T410 An ideal first server for small A powerful, reliable, Dell’s high-value, flexible business with the right enterprise-class, 1-socket 2-socket tower server combination of value, reliability, tower server featuring designed to address collaboration and data advanced manageability, the broad needs of the protection features to improve redundancy and scalability. growing business and your business continuity and corporate remote offices. productivity. PowerEdge T610 PowerEdge T710 A 2-socket, 5U tower server A 2-socket, 5U tower server ideal for corporate data centers that offers high internal storage and remote sites that require capacity and enhanced system high availability, exceptional performance with more virtual virtualization, large internal machine per server capacity than storage capacity and energy previous generations. efficiency.Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 6
  7. 7. Dell PowerEdge servers PowerEdge M610 PowerEdge M710 A 2-socket, half-height blade server A 2-socket, dual-and quad-core, designed for virtualization, mainstream full-height blade server that is business and database applications. ideal for I/O-intensive applications, virtualization and compute-intense, business-critical applications. PowerEdge M610x PowerEdge M710HD A full-height, 2-socket blade server Virtualization-optimized, half-height with PCIe expansion capabilities that 2-socket server that offers tremendous bring flexibility and performance to I/O throughput, maximized memory the Dell M-Series. density and robust Intel® Xeon® 5600 processing power with hot-pluggable SAS or SSD hard drives. PowerEdge M910 PowerEdge M915 A full-height, 4-socket blade server A full height, 4-socket AMD that allows deployment of large processor-based blade server Enterprise-class applications, with robust performance, flexibility as well as the ability to support and throughput for maximized heavy virtualization or workload performance per watt and cost. consolidation in maximum density.Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 7
  8. 8. Dell PowerEdge C servers PowerEdge C1100 PowerEdge C6145 Hyperscale-inspired, 1-socket, One of the highest performing servers ever, six- and quad-core, 1U rack server. with two 4-socket AMD Opteron 6200 series Ideal for scale-out power and processor-based servers in a hyper-efficient space-sensitive data centers 2U; with 10 PCIe slots to ramp up expansion requiring maximum memory possibilities. flexibility. PowerEdge C2100 PowerEdge C5000 Chassis Hyperscale-inspired, 2-socket, Up to 12 single-socket servers fit in this 3U six- and quad-core, 2U rack server. rack chassis. Ideal for scale-out power and Ideal for scale-out data center space-sensitive environments, this server environments with critical memory was designed for those looking to increase and storage density requirements. revenue per square foot in their data centers. PowerEdge C6100 PowerEdge C5125 Microserver Hyperscale-inspired, 4 x 2-socket, Up to 12 hot-plug, AMD processor-based six- and quad-core, 2U shared server nodes in a 3U C5000 chassis. Ideal for infrastructure server. Ideal for dedicated hosting, Web 2.0, content delivery scale-out environments such as networks (CDN) and other applications that HPCC, Web 2.0, gaming and cloud are not very compute intensive or complex, building. yet benefit from compute density and power efficiency. PowerEdge C6105 PowerEdge C5220 Microserver A 4-node 2U shared infrastructure Up to 12 Intel processor-based server nodes AMD® Opteron 4100® series in a shared-infrastructure C5000 chassis. This processor-based hyperscale microserver provides more density with less to server designed to maximize cool. Designed for lightweight workloads like performance per watt per dollar. virtualized hosting and CDN, the PowerEdge C5220 8-sled version has a mezzanine card slot for SAS drives, hardware RAID or an extra dual-port 1GbE NIC.Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 8
  9. 9. PowerEdge rack serversMaximize performance and availability Dell provides a complete portfolio of 1-, 2- and 4-socket rack servers designed to reduce complexity and deliver superior value. PowerEdge rack servers feature excellent performance and functionality and outstanding reliability.Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 9
  10. 10. Dell PowerEdge rack servers Form Embedded RAID Description Features Processor(s) Memory PCI slots Integrated NIC Hard drives Availability features factor controllers 4-socket, up to Intel Xeon® The PowerEdge R910 is an Intel 10-core Intel® processor 7500 processor-based, 4-socket, 4U Up to Up to sixteen Hot-plug hard drives, hot-plug processors series Two embedded rack server for mission-critical 2TB Up to 10 hot-plug 2.5” redundant power, hot-plug R910 Up to 16 hard drives Intel Xeon PERC H200 Broadcom® applications in corporate data centers 4U Up to PCIe Gen2 SATA SSD, SAS, redundant fans, ECC memory, 64 DDR3 DIMM slots processor PERC H700 5709C and workloads needing the highest 1066 + 1 storage nearline SAS, or internal dual SD module, Advanced systems E7-4800 and dual-port NICs performance, reliability and I/O MT/s SATA drives redundant cooling management E7-8800 product scalability. Redundancy options families The PowerEdge R815 is an AMD 4-socket, up to processor-based 4-socket, 2U rack 64 AMD processor Up to Up to six 2.5” server ideal for customers seeking cores Two embedded Hot-plug hard drives, hot-plug AMD Opteron™ 1TB 6 PCIe hot-plug SATA R815 a combination of value, systems Up to 6 hard drives PERC H200 Broadcom redundant power, dual SD 2U 6100 and 6200 Up to Gen2 + 1 SSD, SAS, management and performance in 32 DDR3 DIMM slots PERC H700 5709C modules, ECC memory, interactive series processors 1600 storage nearline SAS, or virtualization, database, HPC and Advanced systems dual-port NICs LCD screen MT/s SATA drives other highly threaded application management implementations. Redundancy options 2- or 4-socket, up to 10-core Intel The PowerEdge R810 is an Intel Intel Xeon processors processor-based 2- or 4-socket, 2U processor 7500 Up to 6 hard drives Up to Up to six rack server ideal for usage in data and 6500 series Two embedded 32 DDR3 DIMM slots 1TB 6 PCIe hot-plug 2.5” Hot-plug hard drives, hot-plug R810 centers and remote sites needing Intel Xeon PERC H200 Broadcom 2U Unique Dell FlexMem Up to Gen2 + 1 SATA SSD, SAS, redundant power, ECC memory, optimal performance and memory processor PERC H700 5709C Bridge memory 1066 storage nearline SAS, or dual internal SD module scalability for mission-critical E7-2800, E7-4800 dual-port NICs expansion technology MT/s SATA drives applications in an efficient 2U form and E7-8800 Advanced systems factor. product families managementRacks Redundancy options High-efficiency, hot-plug The PowerEdge R720xd is ideal for 2-socket, 2-, 4-, 6- or redundant PSU, hot-plug drive workloads that are hungry for storage 8-core Intel Select Network Up to bays, TPM/No-TPM; dual internal and I/O performance, like medical processors Intel Xeon Adapter— Up to twenty-six R720xd 768GB PERC H310 SD support, hot-plug redundant imaging and email servers, and is Up to 26 hard drives processor 6 PCIe minimum hot-plug 2.5” 2U Up to PERC H710 fan, optional bezel, luggage-tag, a powerful combination of highly 24 DDR3 DIMM slots E5-2600 product Gen3 configuration: SAS, SATA or SSD 1600 PERC H710P ECC memory, interactive LCD expandable memory, impressive I/O Advanced systems family 4 x 1Gb, 10GbE drives MT/s screen, extended thermal support, capabilities and extraordinary storage management (optional) ENERGY STAR® compliant, switch capacity. Redundancy options independent partitioning Up to eight hot- High-efficiency, hot-plug The PowerEdge R720 is designed 2-socket, 2-, 4- 6- or plug 3.5” SAS or redundant PSU, hot-plug drive to excel at running a wide range 8-core Intel Up to Select Network SATA drives; up bays, TPM/No-TPM; dual internal of applications and virtualization processors Intel Xeon 768GB PERC S110 Adapter— to sixteen 2.5” SD support, hot-plug redundant R720 environments for both mid-size and Up to 16 hard drives processor Up to 7 PCIe PERC H310 minimum 2U SAS, SATA, SSD fan, optional bezel, luggage-tag, large enterprises. R720 is a general 24 DDR3 DIMM slots E5-2600 product 1600 Gen3 PERC H710 configuration: drives ECC memory, interactive LCD purpose platform with expandable Advanced systems family MT/s PERC H710P 4 x 1Gb, 10GbE Up to four screen, extended thermal support, memory up to 768GB and impressive management (optional) Express Flash ENERGY STAR compliant, switch I/O capabilities to match. Redundancy options PCIe SSDs independent partitioning 2-socket, 4-socket, up The PowerEdge R715 is an AMD to 32 AMD processor processor-based 2-socket, 2U rack Up to Hot-pluggable hard drives, cores Two embedded Up to six hot- server ideal for customers seeking AMD Opteron 512GB 6 PCIe Hot-pluggable redundant power R715 Up to 6 hard drives PERC H200 Broadcom plug 2.5” SAS, value, systems management, and great 2U 6100 and 6200 Up to Gen2 + 1 supply, internal dual SD module, 16 DDR3 DIMM slots PERC H700 5709C SATA or SSD price for performance in workload series 1333 storage ECC memory, interactive LCD Advanced systems dual-port NICs drives consolidation, virtualization, medium MT/s screen management databases and other applications. Redundancy options Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 10
  11. 11. Dell PowerEdge rack servers Form Embedded RAID Description Features Processor(s) Memory PCI slots Integrated NIC Hard drives Availability features factor controllers The PowerEdge R710 is a mainstream Intel processor- 2-socket, 4- or 6-core Up to six hot-plug Hot-plug hard drives, optional hot- based 2-socket, 2U rack Intel® processors Up to Four embedded 3.5” SAS or SATA plug redundant power supplies, dual Intel Xeon® PERC H200 server great for server rooms Up to 8 hard drives 288GB 4 PCIe Broadcom® drives embedded NICs with failover and load R710 processor PERC H700 or corporate data centers 2U 18 DDR3 DIMM slots Up to Gen2 + 1 NetXtreme II™ Up to eight balancing support, PERC 6/i, hot-plug 5500 or SAS 6/iR and remote sites that require Advanced systems 1333 storage 5709C Gigabit hot-plug 2.5” redundant cooling, toolless chassis; fibre 5600 series PERC 6/i exceptional virtualization, management MT/s Ethernet NICs SAS, SATA or SSD and SAS cluster support, validated for systems management and Redundancy options drives Dell/EMC SAN energy efficiency. High-efficiency, hot-plug, redundant The PowerEdge R620 is a hyper- 2-socket, 2-, 4- 6- or Up to ten 2.5” hot- power supplies, DC power supplies, hot- dense 2-socket, 1U rack server 8-core Intel processors Intel Xeon Up to Select Network plug SAS, SATA, or PERC S110 plug hard drives, TPM, dual internal SD with a large memory footprint Up to 10 hard drives processor 768GB Adapter— SSD drives or up R620 Up to 3 PCIe PERC H310 support, hot-plug redundant fans, and impressive I/O options that 1U 24 DDR3 DIMM slots E5-2600 Up to minimum to four hot-plug Gen3 PERC H710 optional bezel, luggage-tag, ECC make it an exceptional platform Advanced systems product 1600 configuration: 2.5” SAS, SATA, or PERC H710P memory, interactive LCD screen, extended for space-sensitive management family MT/s 4 x 1Gb SSD + two Express thermal support, ENERGY STAR compliant, environments. Redundancy options Flash PCIe SSDs switch independent partitioning DDR3 memory; ECC; hot-plug hard The PowerEdge R610 is an Intel 2-socket, 4- or 6-core drives; optional hot-plug redundant processor-based 2-socket, 1U Intel processors Up to power supplies; dual embedded NICs rack server well-suited for server Intel Xeon PERC H200 Two embedded Up to 6 hard drives 192GB with failover and load balancing support; R610 rooms or corporate data centers processor 2 PCIe Gen2 PERC H700 Broadcom Up to six 2.5” SAS,Racks 1U 12 DDR3 DIMM slots Up to optional PERC 6/i integrated daughtercard and remote sites that require 5500 or 5600 + 1 storage SAS 6/iR 5709C Gigabit SATA or SSD drives Advanced systems 1333 controller with battery-backed cache; exceptional virtualization, series PERC 6/i Ethernet NICs management MT/s hot-plug redundant cooling. toolless systems management and Redundancy options chassis; fibre and SAS cluster support; energy efficiency. validated for Dell/EMC SAN The PowerEdge R515 is an AMD processor-based 2-socket, 2-socket, 4- or 6-core Up to Up to eight or 2U rack server that is great AMD processors AMD 128GB One embedded twelve 2.5” or Hot-plug hard drives, hot-plug redundant for department, branch or Up to 12 hard drives 3 PCIe Gen2 PERC H200 R515 Opteron™ Up to Broadcom 5716 3.5” SAS, SATA or power, ECC memory, and quad-pack LED small business database tasks, 2U 8 DDR3 DIMM slots + 1 storage PERC H700 4100 and 1600 Gigabit Ethernet SSD hard drives + diagnostic or interactive LCD (only with 8 email, virtualization, workload Optional advanced PERC S300 4200 series MT/s NIC two 2.5” internal hard drive chassis) consolidation and business systems management cabled hard drives applications with large storage Redundancy options requirements. Up to four cabled The PowerEdge R510 is 3.5” SAS or SATA an Intel processor-based 2-socket, 4- or 6-core PERC 6/i drives 2-socket, 2U rack server ideal Intel processors Up to Hot-plug hard drives, hot-plug redundant Intel Xeon SAS 6/iR One embedded Up to eight or for department, branch or Up to 12 hard drives 128GB power, ECC memory, quad-pack LED R510 processor 3 PCIe Gen2 PERC S100 Broadcom 5716 twelve hot-plug small business database tasks, 2U 8 DDR3 DIMM slots Up to lights, LCD display screen, and redundant 5500 or 5600 + 1 storage PERC S300 Gigabit Ethernet 3.5” SAS or SATA email, virtualization, workload Optional advanced 1333 cooling (availability of some features series PERC H200 NIC or 2.5” SAS or SSD consolidation and core business systems management MT/s dependent on chassis selected) PERC H700 drives + two 2.5” applications with large, local Redundancy options internal cabled storage needs. hard drives Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 11
  12. 12. Dell PowerEdge rack servers Form Embedded RAID Description Features Processor(s) Memory PCI slots Integrated NIC Hard drives Availability features factor controllers The PowerEdge R415 is an AMD 2-socket, 4- or 6-core AMD processor-based 2-socket, 1U rack Up to four cabled 3.5” Hot-plug hard drives, processors One embedded server suited for small and medium Up to PERC H200 SAS or SATA drives hot-plug redundant power, Up to 4 hard drives AMD Opteron™ Broadcom® R415 businesses and data centers run- 128GB 1 PCIe Gen2 PERC H700 SAS Up to four hot-plug ECC memory, and quad- 1U 8 DDR3 DIMM slots 4100 and 4200 NetXtreme™ the-business functions such as Up to + 1 storage 6/iR 3.5” SAS or SATA or pack LED diagnostic or Optional advanced systems series II 5716 Gigabit IT infrastructure, file/print, web, 1600MT/s PERC S300 2.5” SAS or SATA SSD interactive LCD only with management Ethernet NIC email, select HPC usage and entry drives hot-plug HDD chassis Redundancy options virtualization needs. The PowerEdge R410 is an Intel 2-socket, 4- or 6-core Intel® Hot-plug hard drives, processor-based 2-socket, 1U PERC H200 Up to four cabled 3.5” processors One embedded hot-plug redundant power, rack server with advanced systems Up to PERC H700 SAS or SATA drives Up to 4 hard drives Intel Xeon ® Broadcom ECC memory, and quad- R410 management and redundancy 128GB 1 PCIe Gen2 SAS 6/iR Up to four hot-plug 1U 8 DDR3 DIMM slots processor 5500 or NetXtreme II pack LED diagnostic or options for small and medium Up to + 1 storage PERC 6/i 3.5” SAS or SATA or Optional advanced systems 5600 series 5716 Gigabit interactive LCD only with business to larger enterprise 1333MT/s PERC S100 2.5” SAS or SATA SSD management Ethernet NIC toolless hot-plug hard business applications, select HPC PERC S300 drives Redundancy options drive chassis, TPMRacks usage and entry virtualization needs. Intel Xeon The PowerEdge R310 is an Intel processors 3400 1-socket, dual- or quad- processor-based enterprise-class series Up to four cabled 3.5” Hot-plug hard drives, core Intel processors PERC H200 One embedded 1-socket rack server that provides Intel Celeron® Up to SAS or SATA drives hot-plug redundant power Up to 4 hard drives PERC H700 Broadcom R310 advanced systems management G1101 32GB 2 PCIe Up to four hot-plug supplies, DDR3 ECC 1U 6 DDR3 DIMM slots SAS 6/iR NetXtreme II and redundancy options for web, Intel Pentium® Up to Gen2 3.5” SAS or SATA or memory, and quad-pack Optional advanced systems PERC S100 5716 Gigabit email, SAN proxy, DHCP server, G6950 1333MT/s 2.5” SAS or SATA SSD LED or an interactive LCD management PERC S300 Ethernet NIC video streaming, security, and file/ Intel Core® i3 drives display screen Redundancy options print services. processor 500 series 1-socket, dual- or quad- Intel Xeon core Intel processors PowerEdge R210 II is an entry-level, processor One embedded Up to 2 hard drives Up to Up to two cabled 3.5” R210 II yet enterprise ready, ultra-dense E3-1200 product PERC H200 Broadcom Quad-pack LED 4 DDR3 DIMM slots 32GB SAS or SATA or up to 1-socket 1U rack server that is well 1U family PERC S100 NetXtreme II diagnostics, ECC Memory, Optional advanced systems Up to 1 PCIe Gen2 four 2.5” SAS or SSD suited for single-tier architectures, Intel® Core® PERC S300 5716 Gigabit add-in RAID, TPM/TCM management 1333MT/s drives workloads and SMB applications. processor i3-2100 Ethernet NIC eSATA external storage product family connectivity option Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 12
  13. 13. PowerEdge tower serversAchieve unprecedented value Dell provides a complete tower server portfolio with a wide choice of performance and functionality, providing you with a solid foundation to run your businesses and organizations. The PowerEdge tower servers are designed to deliver high quality and reliability at a consistently low acquisition cost with exceptional price for performance.Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 13
  14. 14. Dell PowerEdge tower servers Embedded RAID Description Form factor Features Processor(s) Memory PCI slots Integrated NIC Hard drives Availability features controllers The PowerEdge T710 is an Intel processor-based DDR3, hot-plug hard drives; optional 2-socket, 4- or 6-core 2-socket tower server that PERC H200 hot-plug redundant power supplies; Intel® processors Two offers remote sites, large Intel Xeon ® Up to PERC H700 Up to eight 3.5” SAS optional PERC6/i integrated Up to 16 hard drives embedded T710 business units and growing Tower or processor 192GB 6 PCIe Gen2 SAS 6/iR or SATA drives daughtercard controller with 18 DDR3 DIMM slots Broadcom® businesses robust virtualization 5U rack 5500 or 5600 Up to + 1 storage PERC 6/i Up to sixteen 2.5” SAS, battery-backed cache; hot-plug Advanced systems 5709C Gigabit and server consolidation series 1333MT/s PERC S100 SATA or SSD drive redundant cooling; toolless chassis; management Ethernet NICs features, outstanding scalability PERC S300 fibre and SAS cluster support; Redundancy options and advanced systems validated for Dell/EMC SAN management. Eight 3.5” SAS, SATA, High-efficiency, hot-plug, redundant or SSD + four PCIe The PowerEdge T620 is 2-socket, up to 16 power supplies; hot-plug drive SSD drives, or an enterprise-class, Intel processor cores bays; TPM; dual internal SD support; Intel Xeon Up to PERC S110 Twelve 3.5” SAS, SATA processor-based 2-socket Up to 24 DIMM slots Up to 6 PCIe Two Intel dual- hot-plug redundant fan; optional T620 Tower or processor 768GB PERC H310 or SSD drives, or tower server that emphasizes Up to 32 hard drives, Gen3 + 1 port 1GbE LOM bezel; luggage-tag; ECC memory; 5U rack E5-2600 Up to PERC H710 Sixteen 2.5” SAS, high performance and high Advanced systems PCIe Gen2 with TOE interactive LCD screen; extended product family 1600MT/s PERC H710P SATA, or SSD + four availability with built-in room for management thermal support; ENERGY STAR PCIe SSD drives, or growth. Redundancy options compliant; switch independent Thirty-two 3.5” SAS, partitioning SATA, or SSD drives The PowerEdge T610 is an DDR3 memory; ECC; hot-plug hard Intel processor-based 2-socket 2-socket, 4- or 6-core PERC H200 drives; optional hot-plug redundant tower server ideal for growing Intel processors One Hot-plug: Up to eight Intel Xeon Up to PERC H700 power supplies; optional PERC6/i small and medium businesses, Up to 8 hard drives embedded 3.5” SAS or SATA T610 Tower or processor 192GB 5 PCIe Gen2 SAS 6/iR integrated daughtercard controller as well as remote sites that 12 DDR3 DIMM slots Broadcom drives or up to eight 5U rack 5500 or 5600 Up to + 1 storage PERC 6/i with battery-backed cache; hot- require high availability, Advanced systems 5709C Gigabit 2.5” SAS SSD, SATA series 1333MT/s PERC S100 plug redundant cooling; toolless exceptional virtualization management Ethernet NIC SSD, or SAS drivesTowers PERC S300 chassis; fibre and SAS cluster capabilities, and advanced Redundancy options support; validated for Dell/EMC SAN systems management. The PowerEdge T410 is an 2-socket, 4- or 6-core Cabled: Up to six 3.5” Quad-pack LED Diagnostic or LCD Intel processor-based 2-socket PERC H200 One dual-port Tower only Intel processors SAS or SATA drives diagnostic with hot-plug HDD tower server well-suited Intel Xeon Up to PERC H700 embedded (5U rack Up to 6 hard drives Hot-plug: Up to six chassis; TPM; optional hot-plug hard T410 for growing businesses and processor 128GB SAS 6/iR Broadcom using 8 DDR3 DIMM slots 5 PCIe Gen2 3.5” SAS or SATA drives; optional hot-plug redundant remote sites that require 5500 or 5600 Up to PERC 6/i NetXtreme II third-party Optional advanced drives or up to six power supply; optional PERC 6/i high performance, flexibility, series 1333MT/s PERC S100 5716 Gigabit tray) systems management 2.5” SAS or SATA SSD RAID controller with battery-backed advanced systems management PERC S300 Ethernet NIC Redundancy options drives cache; toolless chassis and value. Intel Xeon 1-socket, dual- or processor Cabled: Up to four The PowerEdge T310 is an Intel quad-core Intel 3400 series PERC H200 3.5” SAS or SATA processor-based 1-socket tower One dual-port processors Intel Celeron® Up to PERC H700 drives DDR3 ECC memory, TPM/TCM, server that provides growing embedded T310 Up to 4 hard drives G1101 32GB SAS 6/iR Hot-plug: Up to four redundant PSU, quad-pack LED businesses and remote offices Tower 5 PCIe Gen2 Broadcom 6 DDR3 DIMM slots Intel Pentium® Up to PERC 6/i 3.5” SAS or SATA diagnostic, hot-plug hard drives, enterprise-class performance, 5716 Gigabit Optional advanced G6950 1333MT/s PERC S100 drives or up to four toolless chassis advanced systems management Ethernet NIC systems management Intel Core® i3 PERC S300 hot-plug 2.5” SAS or options and redundancy. Redundancy options processor 500 SATA SSD drives series The PowerEdge T110 II is an 1-socket, dual- or Intel Xeon Intel processor-based 1-socket quad-core Intel processor tower server that is an ideal first processors E3-1200 Up to One single- Cabled: Up to four T110 II server for small business with Up to 4 hard drives PERC H200 DDR3 ECC memory, SW RAID, TPM/ product family 32GB port Broadcom 3.5” SAS or SATA or up the right combination of value, Tower 4 DDR3 DIMM slots 4 PCIe Gen2 PERC S100 TCM, quad pack LED lights, toolless Intel Core Up to 5722 Gigabit to six 2.5” SAS or SATA reliability, collaboration and data Basic system PERC S300 chassis processor 1333MT/s Ethernet NIC SSD drives protection features to improve management i3-2100 your business continuity and eSATA external storage product family productivity. connectivity option Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 14
  15. 15. PowerEdge blade serversInvest in total business-class solutionsThe Dell PowerEdge M-Series blade servers address the challenges of an evolving IT environment by deliveringleading enterprise-class features and functionality. The M-Series delivers a unique array of options configured tomeet the needs of your IT environment today and in the future.Simple manageabilityDell’s blade solutions deliver an array of enterprise-classmanagement capabilities, including centralized,chassis-based tools to maximize data center productivity.Increased flexibilityDesigned to lead the industry in rapid deployment, Dell’s fullymodular blade enclosure provides an effective solution forscaling your I/O infrastructure that delivers savings in time,cabling and switch port costs.Energy efficiencyDell M-Series blades are designed for energy efficiency anddensity to address growing power consumption and spaceconstraints in your data center.Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 15
  16. 16. Dell PowerEdge M1000e blade enclosure Form Power Cooling Management Product Description I/O modules Management highlights factors supplies fans modules Up to 6 I/O modules for three redundant Dynamic power management allows 1 (standard) or 2 Unrivaled power efficiency fabrics; available switches include Dell and for predefined power limits to individual Fully modular (redundant) Chassis and I/O throughput for Choice of 9 hot-pluggable, Cisco® 1Gb/10Gb Ethernet with modular blades; real-time reporting for enclosure M1000e blade enclosure 10U enclosure Management performance combined with up to 6 hot- redundant fan bays, Dell 10Gb Ethernet with modular and blade power consumption; real-time optimized holds up to 16 Controllers (CMCs); scalability and flexibility to pluggable modules all bays, Dell Ethernet pass-through, Brocade® thermal monitoring; secure SSL and for Dell blade blade servers optional integrated meet blade server needs for power supplies come standard 8Gb Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel pass- command line interfaces; front control servers KVM switch for "crash multiple generations. through, Mellanox® DDR QDR and FDR panel with interactive LCD for module cart" management InfiniBand setup, info and troubleshooting Dell PowerEdge blade servers Mezzanine RAID Description Form factor Features Processor(s) Memory Integrated NIC Hard drives Availability features slots controllers Three USB 2.0 bootable ports The PowerEdge M915 is 2- or 4-socket, 8- or 12- on front panel for floppy, CD/ a full-height, 4-socket core AMD processors 4 mezzanine Full-height PERC H200 Four modular DVD, memory key, keyboard/ AMD processor-based 32 DDR3 DIMM slots Up to four AMD card slots for Up to two blade; Up Up to 512GB (6Gb/s) Broadcom® mouse; Integrated Dell Remote M915 blade server with robust Two Flexible LOM Opteron™ 6100 up to 3 fully 2.5” SAS or to 8 fit into Up to BCM5709S Access Controller (iDRAC); performance, flexibility and Internal dual SD module and 6200 series redundant, SSD hot- an M1000e 1333MT/s PERC H700 Gigabit Ethernet Integrated Dell Lifecycle throughput for maximized for hypervisor redundancy processors highly available plug drives enclosure (6Gb/s) NICs Controller; Optional Redundant performance per watt and Advanced embedded I/O fabrics Embedded Persistent Storage cost. systems management for Virtualization Hypervisor The PowerEdge M910 is 2- or 4-socket, 8- or an Intel processor-based Three USB 2.0 bootable ports 10-core Intel processors Up to four 4-, 6-, high-performance 4-socket on front panel for floppy, CD/ 32 DDR3 DIMM slots or 8-core Intel® 4 mezzanine full-height blade server Full-height PERC H200 DVD, memory key, keyboard/ Unique Dell FlexMem Xeon® processor card slots for Up to two ideal for organizations blade; Up Up to 1TB (6 GB/s) Four embedded mouse; Integrated Dell Remote M910 Bridge memory expansion 7500 series or up up to 3 fully 2.5” SAS orBlades that require maximum to 8 fit into Up to Broadcom Access Controller (iDRAC); technology to two 4-, 6-, or redundant, SSD hot- performance and scalability an M1000e 1333MT/s PERC H700 Gigabit NICs Integrated Dell LifeCycle Internal dual SD module 8-core Intel Xeon highly available plug drives for core applications enclosure (6GB/s) Controller; Optional Redundant for hypervisor redundancy processor 6500 I/O fabrics while minimizing their Embedded Persistent Storage Advanced embedded series power and physical space for Virtualization Hypervisor systems management requirements. Three USB 2.0 bootable ports on front panel for floppy, CD/ The PowerEdge M710 is DVD, memory key, keyboard/ 4 mezzanine an Intel processor-based 2-socket, 4- or 6-core mouse; embedded ATI RN50 card slots for 2-socket, full-height Full-height Intel processors PERC H200 video controller with 32MB Up to two 4- or up to 2 fully Up to four blade server providing blade; Up 18 DDR3 DIMM slots Up to 288GB PERC H700 Four embedded memory; Integrated Dell M710 6-core Intel Xeon redundant, 2.5” SAS or the bandwidth necessary to 8 fit into Excellent memory Up to SAS 6/iR Broadcom Remote Access Controller processor 5500 or highly available, SSD hot- for virtualization and an M1000e scalability 1333MT/s CERC 6/i Gigabit NICs (iDRAC6); flexible I/O options 5600 series high-speed plug drives performance-intensive enclosure Advanced embedded PERC 6/i include 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet, mezzanine card business-critical systems management 4/8Gb Fibre Channel, and I/O fabrics applications. DDR or QDR InfiniBand; Integrated Persistent Storage for Virtualization Dell PowerEdge Servers Portfolio Guide 16