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Don't Stretch Before Workouts


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Are you stretching before workouts? Do you know that you may have been slowing down your progress and risking injury? Here is how to fix that...

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Don't Stretch Before Workouts

  1. 1. Don’t stretch before workouts - USE DYNAMIC WARM-UPS INSTEAD -
  2. 2. We were taught to Stretchbefore working out,to decrease risk of injuries
  3. 3. New studies tell us why we Should not!
  4. 4. Consensus is:
  5. 5. “pre-exercise stretching isgenerally unnecessary andlikely counterproductive”
  6. 6. “Static stretching reduces strengthin the stretched muscles by almost 5.5 percent”
  7. 7. Research from Texashelps those who lift weights.Young fit men + barbell squats +Stretching =
  8. 8. Implement moves that prepare the bodyfor the specific activity to come!
  9. 9. Image  by  adwriter Include the following:
  10. 10. Image  by  LongitudeLa2tudeJump Rope!
  11. 11. Jumping Jacks!Image  by  Frame  It  Photography
  12. 12. Exercises planned for that session with lighter weights
  13. 13. Leave the static stretch for the end!!
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  15. 15. Or join the fun
  16. 16. Compiled  by:Sources:  and  grea2st.comResearch  from:• Motor  Control  and  Human  Performance  Laboratory,  School  of  Kinesiology,   University  of  Zagreb,  Zagreb,  Croa2a• Department  of  Kinesiology  and  Health  Science,  Human  Performance  Laboratory,   Stephen  F.  Aus2n  State  University,  Nacogdoches,  Texas