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50 traffic sources you should start using today


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50 traffic sources you should be using

Published in: Business
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50 traffic sources you should start using today

  1. 1. 50 Traffic Sources you should start using TODAY!
  2. 2. Use videos for traffic and * add your blog's URL to opening “scene” * add a link to your blog in the video description * create video responses for popular videos on YouTube
  3. 3. Use images for traffic * link to your blog under an image you used and tell author how you used the image * make sure the image is under Creative Commons license
  4. 4. Use slideshows for traffic * turn your most popular posts and pages into slide shows
  5. 5. Use other documents * create how-tos and other useful documents in PDF and DOC format and let people download them * don't forget to include a link to your blog in the document
  6. 6. Use audio iTunes * record podcasts and upload them to iTunes
  7. 7. Wikis *contribute
  8. 8. Usual traffic sources you should not neglect * Guest posting * Commenting on other blogs * Round ups – lists of best posts (contact bloggers who are making them and ask them to include your post)
  9. 9. Social bookmarking Google Buzz Yahoo Buzz *be very active over there, don't bookmark just your own posts
  10. 10. Bookmarking and voting for bloggers *be very active over there, don't share just your own posts
  11. 11. Get traffic by writing for other sites and Forum *Squidoo and Hubpages can even bring some cash :)
  12. 12. One forgotten traffic generation source Forum *there are so many of them, in every possible niche. Just Google: your-keyword “forum”
  13. 13. 3 Facebook traffic sources Facebook itself Posting links, Fan pages and groups Networked blogs app Facebook ads
  14. 14. Other social “places” Yahoo Groups
  15. 15. Paid traffic sources Besides mentioned Facebook ads Google Adwords Ads on other blogs
  16. 16. Answer sites Yahoo Answers Google answers
  17. 17. Answer sites Wiki answers (AOLAnswers)
  18. 18. Fresh traffic ideas
  19. 19. Promoting your blog offline * handing flyers to your targeted audience (University students, high school students, coffee drinkers…) * buying ads in printed magazines or local newspapers * giving away free samples of what ever you offer on your blog
  20. 20. For more details on these traffic sources go to (clickable link) Author: Brankica U,