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Teacher resources


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Teacher resources

  1. 1. Teacher Resources Community HelpersBra n d y C a rr
  2. 2. BookTitle: Jobs People DoAuthor:Christopher MaynardSummary: This book is a greattool to bring in visual concepts ofCommunity Helpers to theclassroom. Students will be engagedin the story as the characters areyoung students just like them. Thisbook also includes descriptions ofthe tools different workers use,which will help with one of oursunshine state standards.Buy it now!
  3. 3. BookTitle: Whose Hat is This?Author: Katz CooperSummary: This is a great bookthat could be used to start theactivity on identifying differentCommunity Workers by whatthey wear. This book includesvivid pictures that will engageyour students.Buy it now!Bonus: There are two other books by thesame author available called Whose toolsare These? and Whose Vehicle is This?
  4. 4. BookTitle: Career DayAuthor: Anne RockwellSummary: This book exploresseveral Community Helpers anddescribes what they do to helpothers. This pictures are fun anddetailed.Buy it now!
  5. 5. WebBrain Pop jr.This website allows students toplay interactive games whilelearning about CommunityHelpers. The site caters toyounger students which is abonus! This site does require asubscription but there is a freetrial available that you can usefor a limited time.
  6. 6. WebPre-KindersThis website has countlessresources for teachers to use thatrelate to Community Helpers.There are Books separated bycareer, there are rhymes, songs,activities, and printables tochoose from.
  7. 7. WebKinderplansThis website has a variety ofsongs that can be fun for youngstudents to sing and have goodinformation in them thatstudents will remember. Justscroll down to the CommunityHelpers section and you canchoose from a variety of songs.
  8. 8. Web This website is a kid friendly game that allows students to match job descriptions with pictures of the Community Helpers.
  9. 9. Curious GeorgeThis website has a fun andinteractive game that allowsstudents to help match toolswith different CommunityHelpers. Curious George is also afun and familiar face thatstudents will enjoy.
  10. 10. WebBen’s GuideThis website allows students tonavigate through a town, eachbuilding is labeled and thestudents can click on them toshow who works there. Thisallows students to learn torecognize where certainCommunity Helpers work.