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My lit id


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My lit id

  1. 1. Equine Fishing
  2. 2. A biology literacy includesterminology that allows itspossessor to read articles rangingfrom functions of cells to thecoding of DNA. I have a biology literacy because I took AP Biology my senior year of High School. I took this class because I wanted to take another class with Mrs. Muzzarelli.
  3. 3. A chemistry literacy includes theability to read a lab manual andknow the different chemicalcompositions this is importantso that a chemist does notaccidentally mix twoincompatible chemicals. My chemistry literacy is a result of the AP Chemistry class I took my junior year. I took this class because my chemistry teacher asked me to and we got along really well so I decided I would take the class for fun.
  4. 4. A physics literacy includes a wide range of vocabulary that deals with the motion of objects and particles. Some of the words included are acceleration, jerk, and velocity.I got my physics literacy inmy physics class junior yearI took the class because Ilove science and math andphysics is a combination ofscience and math.
  5. 5. A calculus literacy includes the common terms used in calculus like integral, derivative, and derived.My calculus literacy is from thetwo calculus classes I havetaken in the last two years. Itook these Calculus classesbecause I love mathematics.
  6. 6. A Shakespearean literacyallows its possessor toread and understand theplays of Shakespeare. I got my Shakespearean literacy from the AP Literature class I took last year. I took the class because I really wanted to have another class with Mrs. Opgenorth before I graduated. In the class we read multiple plays by Shakespeare.
  7. 7. My anatomy literacy isfrom when I took anA&P class in highschool. I took theclass because I reallyliked the teacher thatwas going to beteaching it.
  8. 8. A forensic literacy wouldinclude the name ofdifferent spatter patternsand the minutia offingerprints.
  9. 9. A racing literacyincludes the ability toread a racing article. Itincludes a slightknowledge of cars andincludes phrases likephoto finish
  10. 10. A football literacy includeswords like touchdown, pass,run, and tackle. It also includesthe names of all the positionson the field. My football literacy was developed through my best friend Steven. Steven played football all four years of high school and I went and watched him play almost every game.
  11. 11. My texting literacy is aresult of my friendshipwith Bethann. When shemoved to Arizona for ayear we would text eachother every day.
  12. 12. My Riding Literacy is a branch offof my equine literacy and comesfrom my love of horses. It is anewly developed literacy that Ihave gained through my friendshipwith Lauren and Tyler and othermembers of the Equine Club. A riding literacy includes the ability to know the names of different gates and the different techniques in riding for instance knowing what direct reigning and neck reigning are.
  13. 13. • The external parts of the horse• Basic health information for instance know what colic and founder are.• Also the different coat colors of a horse• Knowing what hands are and knowing other basic descriptors of a horse
  14. 14. What does a baking Why do I have a baking LiteracyLiteracy entail? Like my cooking literacy myA baking literacy includes the baking literacy comes from myability to read a recipe and it close relationship with my Auntincludes all sorts of techniques Helen I remember when I wasused in baking. One of the younger we would spend the entiretechniques commonly used in day baking cookies if the weatherbaking is folding was bad.
  15. 15. A fishing literacyincludes the names ofdifferent species of fishand the different types ofbaits, and hooks. My fishing literacy comes from my extremely close relationship with my dad. Ever since I was young we have gone fishing together.
  16. 16. A hunting literacy includes the names of the different species, the names of the characteristics in an animal, and the names of all the different guns/ bows that can be usedJust like my fishing literacy myhunting literacy comes from myrelationship with my dad. Wehave gone hunting together since Iwas young.
  17. 17. An agricultural literacyincludes the knowledge ofdifferent types of crops andtractors and the techniquesused while performingagricultural tasks like croprotation.My agricultural literacy isrooted in my strongconnection with mygodparents. Thisconnection through theyears has brought aboutan agricultural literacy inmy literacy identity.
  18. 18. A livestock literacy includes the different breeds of cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs. For instance Hereford, Brahman, an Angus are cattle breeds and Duroc and Yorkshire are swine breeds. This literacy would also include basic terminology like bull, boar, and ram. It would also include the common diseases associated with livestock.My livestock literacy started todevelop when I was young asa result of the influence of myAunt Helen and Uncle Ed. Ithas recently growntremendously while taking myanimal science class as well.
  19. 19. A cooking literacy includes the ability to read a recipe and to know what different techniques are called like sauté.My cooking Literacycomes from my closebond with my AuntHelen. My Aunt Helen isan amazing cook and Ihave learned almost allof my cooking literacythrough her.
  20. 20. • Ability to read a playbook• Ability to read and understand articles about basic skills such as hitting, pitching, catching, and throwing My softball literacy is from all the years I spent playing softball. I began playing softball because I had watched my sister Jessie play and it looked like fun.
  21. 21. A volleyballstatistics literacyincludes the ability toread and take stats.You must know whatwords like hit, kill,dig, and pass are andhow they are usedMy volleyball statistics literacy comes from avariety of places when I was younger I use towatch my cousins play volleyball and I would helpmy aunt Rose take stats. Also in high school I wasthe manager of the volleyball team and took stats atevery game.