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  1. 1. Complex • "Literacy is like the y value." Ashley Increasingly Important Ross • " Literacy would appear to be one of the few • There has been numerous efforts to elements of education that everyone agrees define literacy and " each of these to be a necessity of modernity" John Szwed efforts has identified important • "Historically, literacy has been a potent tool parameters of literacy , but none has in maintaining the hegemony of elites and yet won consensual agreement." dominant classes in certain societies" Sylvia Scribner Scribner Undefined Not measurable• "[Literacy] practices are not • "What is literature? No agreement" observable units of behavior since John Szwed they also involve • "Although literacy is a problem of values, attitudes, feelings and social pressing national concern, we have relationships" Barton and Hamilton yet to discover or set its boundaries." Sylvia Scribner
  2. 2. I believe that the ability to read,write, and understand the writtenword can be broken up into smallergroups. I call these little subgroupsliteracies. A literacy is a group ofwords or phrases that are used for aspecific field or purpose. Forinstance an equine literacy wouldinclude all words and phrasesrelating to equine. Including coatcolors such as palomino and dun,and diseases such as colic andfounder.
  3. 3. Literacy is an extremely complex subject. There have been numerous efforts todefine literacy and "each of these efforts has identified important parameters ofliteracy, but none has yet won consensual agreement." (Scribner) My belief is that eachperson has their own literacy identity. A literacy identity is a grouping of all onesliteracies and a literacy is simple a group of words that are all associated with a similarsubject. In order to have a particular literacy in a literacy identity the person mustunderstand the words associated with that literacy and know how to use themintelligently. For my project I will dive into the literacy identities of three sisters from asmall town in Northern Michigan. It will compare the literacy identities of the three sistersby showing each girl’s literacy identities. Once the literacy Identity is established for eachgirl the individual literacies included in their literacy identity will be explained. Also howthe individual may have obtained each literacy will also be included in the project. All ofthe required information was obtained through multiply interviews taken with the threeindividuals. This project is meant to show that an individual’s environment, friends, andpast experiences have a great effect on their literacy identity.