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Katie's Literacy Identity


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Published in: Education
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Katie's Literacy Identity

  1. 1. Film
  2. 2. A bowling literacyincludes the ability toread a scoring sheet andalso the knowledge of thedifferent termsassociated with the sport.
  3. 3. Katie’s shopping literacy isfrom when she goesshopping with Jessie. Herand Jessie love to goshopping together whenthey have the money. • The ability to read a sales ad. • The ability to read and understand sales signs posted in the store. • The ability to read and understand the tags on the clothes including the size fabric makeup and wash instructions.
  4. 4. A volleyballliteracy includes thedifferent types ofmaneuvers and thedifferent positionson the court. Katie’s volleyball literacy started to develop while watching our cousins when she was younger and has continued to grow through her playing the sport. Katie’s favorite thing to do in her free time is play
  5. 5. Katie’s Literacy islinked to her friendshipwith EJ. Texting is theirmain means ofcommunication.
  6. 6. A soccer literacy includes thenames of different penalties andkicks and all the differentpositions on the soccer field. Katie’s soccer literacy comes from her friendship with Zach Petoskey and Robin Trewieler. She goes and watches their games whenever she gets the chance.
  7. 7. A film literacy includes all the different filming techniques and the different film companies.Katie’s film literacycomes from herrelationship with herbest friends Alex andEJ. They love going outto the theater to watchmovies or rent moviesand have a movie night.
  8. 8. An art literacy includes theknowledge of the differenttypes of paints markers andpencils that are used in art.It also includes thedifferent types of paper andthe different techniques usedin art. Katie’s art literacy is from the wide range of art classes she has taken in high school. She took these classes because she loves art and she likes taking classes taught by Mr. Johnson.
  9. 9. A pottery literacy wouldinclude knowledge ofdifferent types ofglaze, clay, and techniquesused to make potteryKatie’s pottery literacycomes from her love ofart. Katie loves artclasses and has takenalmost every art classoffered at our highschool.