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Jessie lit id


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Published in: Education
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Jessie lit id

  1. 1. Law
  2. 2. A bracelet making literacy would include the mains of different types of beads and braiding techniquesJessie’s bracelet making literacycomes from her friends. Jessieloves to go to bracelet makingparties with her friends. Abracelet making party is whenthey all get together one night andmake all different kinds ofbracelets.
  3. 3. A texting literacy includesthe basic knowledge of allthe shorthand used fortexting for instance lolmeans laughing out loudJessie’s texting literacy comesfrom her friendship with Chelseaher and Chelsea talk to oneanother through
  4. 4. • Jessies shopping literacy probably comes from her relationship with her friends. Jessie says “[She] enjoys going shopping with [her] friend Chelsea in her free time.”
  5. 5. A basketball literacy includes Jessie’s basketball literacythe ability to read and comes from a mixture ofunderstand a play book and things it is from herknow the normal lingo used watching my cousin tiffanyon the basketball court play basketball and it is also from our dad’s love of the sport.
  6. 6. A scrapbooking literacyincludes knowing the toolsthat are used and whatdifferent techniques are used.For example you would knowthe difference betweencardstock and paper. Jessie has a scrapbooking literacy because she has a close relationship with our mother and our mother loves to scrapbook.
  7. 7. What does a softball literacy include? Jessie’s Softball literacy started to develop when she began to watch our cousin tiffany and our sister Sylvia play softball and it grew much more through the years after she began playing
  8. 8. In order to have an anatomy andphysiology literacy one mustknow the organs within the bodyand how to read about theirfunction and any defectsassociated with them.Jessie’s interest in anatomy andphysiology was initiated by mymom.
  9. 9. A psychology literacy wouldinclude different psychologicaldisorders and different behaviorsassociated with psychology.
  10. 10. A law literacy includesdifferent techniquesthat are used by lawyersand court officials. Italso includes theknowledge of thedifferent crime labelsand classifications likemisdemeanor or felony.Jessie’s law literacy comes fromwhen she took law class in highschool. She took this class becauseshe wanted to take another classwith her favorite teacher Mr.Marqaurdt.
  11. 11. Jessie’s wood working literacy wasdeveloped in her woodshop classher senior year of high school. Shetook the class because she reallywanted to have a class with herfriend Frank. A wood working literacy includes the names of all the different tools that are used and the different types of cuts that can be done on each machine and the different techniques that can