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Put Foot Rally Full Report

  1. 1. Put Foot Rally Report8th June to 24th Julycontact@brandseye.com
  2. 2. Executive Summary• The total volume of conversation between the 8th June and 24th July amounted to 3 917 online conversations. Of this conversation 59.1% was generated from respected sources. This helped increase the exposure and earned media returns.• As a whole the event was a success with only 1.02% negative mentions. The negative conversation was subjective, further reiterating the success of the event.• The participants were the main drivers of conversation indicating the strength of the „Put Foot Rally Tribe‟.
  3. 3. Value Summary: 11th -17th July 2011 CONVERSATION MEASURES VOLUME OTS AVE 3 917 5 686 450 1 308 827 MEDIA DISTRIBUTION CONSUMER ENTERPRISE PRESS 98% 1% 1% SENTIMENT DISTRIBUTION≥CONCERN DOWNPLAY LISTING ≤ENDORSEMENT 0% 1.02% 76.8% 24.3% TOP DOMAINS Twitter Facebook All Others 72% 1% 27%
  4. 4. Between 8th June 2011 and 24th July 2011, Put Foot Rally‟s onlineconversation equated to 3 917mentions in the online space.
  5. 5. The volume of Put Foot Rally‟s conversation from onlinementions across the board is illustrated below. There is a distinct spike in conversation on the start day. In addition, the graph indicates the high volumes of conversation generated during the event.
  6. 6. Pre Event Summary8th June - 21st June
  7. 7. The build up to the event (8th June to 22nd June) contributed to 1 001mentions in the online space.
  8. 8. Credibility DEF: The more people reached online, the more credible Put Foot Rally‟s conversation is. A respected source is deemed as having the potential to reach ≥ 4 000 people, an authoritative source ≥ 1 000 000.• 61.6% of the conversation generated prior to the event was from a respected source.• 650 people had an opportunity to see the average mention during this period.
  9. 9. The reach of Put Foot Rally‟s online conversation prior to theevent totaled1 587 615Opportunities-To-See (OTS).
  10. 10. This amounted to an Advert Value Equivalent (AVE) ofR 364 720This is great considering the reporting period was only twoweeks, further helping to push earned media results before theevent.
  11. 11. Visual Support Put Foot Rally‟s OTS value was moderate as a result of the hype and build up to the event. There were several influential participants talking about their excitement for the event. This helped build steam and excitement around the event.
  12. 12. The following graph indicates the domains that mentioned Put FootRally in the two weeks prior to the event.63% of the build up was on Twitter. In addition, the partners such asGetaway Magazine, 5fm and participants generated a high portionof the conversation.
  13. 13. But whatexactly isbeing said?
  14. 14. Event Summary22nd June to 9th July
  15. 15. There were a total of 2 356mentions in the online space during the event. The launch day alonecontributed 18.3% of the conversation generated during the event.
  16. 16. Credibility DEF: The more people reached online, the more credible Put Foot Rally‟s conversation is. A respected source is deemed as having the potential to reach ≥ 4 000 people, an authoritative source ≥ 1 000 000.• 59.5% of the conversation during the event was from a respected source.• The average number of people exposed to the online conversation during the event was consistent at 650 people.
  17. 17. There were a total of3 440 725Opportunities-To-See (OTS) conversation around the Put FootRally event.
  18. 18. The conversation generated during the event amounted to anAdvert Value Equivalent (AVE) ofR 791 833This is consistent with the pre event exposure due to the level ofcredible conversation.
  19. 19. Visual Support The level of engagement between Put Foot Rally and the participants contributed to the high volumes and it also helped push the conversation through credible sources.
  20. 20. A greater portion of online conversation generated during the eventwas through Twitter.64.5% of the conversation generated on Twitter during the eventwas from a source that reaches at least 1 000 people. This showsthe strength of the Put Foot Rally brand and how influential thecommunity.
  21. 21. Well, what wasall the chit chatabout?
  22. 22. Post Event Summary10th July to 24th July
  23. 23. The post event conversation was much lower with only 560mentions in the online space.
  24. 24. Credibility DEF: The more people reached online, the more credible Put Foot Rally‟s conversation is. A respected source is deemed as having the potential to reach ≥ 4 000 people, an authoritative source ≥ 1 000 000.• A much lower portion of the online conversation, generated after the event, was from a credible source (52.1%).• Despite the drop in credible conversation, the average reach per mention was still consistent at approximately 650 people.
  25. 25. Approximately 658 110People had an Opportunity-To-See (OTS) the post eventconversation. When compared to the pre event build up andduring event conversation, this is much lower.
  26. 26. Similarly, the Advert Value Equivalent (AVE) of the post eventconversation equaledR 152 274It may be worthwhile to drive more credible conversationtowards the end of the event in order to build hype for the nextevent.
  27. 27. Visual Support There was a strong sense of family throughout the event with many retweets and engagements. The volume of conversation after the event supports the strength of the Put Foot Rally brand and event.
  28. 28. Twitter conversation decreased after the event to 70%.This is attributed to the fact that there was greater diversity of onlineconversation after the event. It will be worthwhile to seed content tothese platforms for the next event.
  29. 29. But whatexactly isbeing said?
  30. 30. At the end ofit all…werethey happy?
  31. 31. Sentiment DEF: Each mention is assigned a score on a 10-point scale based on the strength of the authors feelings towards the brand ≥ Downplay implies negative conversation. ≤ Endorsement implies positive conversation.Only 1.02% of the conversation after the event began was negative. While thisreflects adequate sentiment distribution, Put Foot Rally could see increasedpositive coverage of its brand online. The negativity was attributed to generalissues such as car maintenance, the weather and the countries being travelledthrough.
  32. 32. Who were thetopcontributors?
  33. 33. Top Authors on Twitter The top authors on Twitter were the partners and team members.Put Foot Rally also engaged highly with the community which is very good.
  34. 34. What aboutthe sponsors?
  35. 35. Sponsors Returns Volume: 38 Opportunity To See: 47 525 people AVE: R 10 978 Percentage of credible conversation: 26.3%
  36. 36. In a nutshell…
  37. 37. Summary The total conversation for the reporting period amounted to 3 917 mentions. Approximately, 5 686 450 people had the Opportunities-To-See the Put Foot Rally online conversation. This resulted in an earned media value equivalent of R 1 308 827. Only 1.02% of the online conversation was negative, with the main themes personal problems such as cars and the countries participants travelled through. The top authors were the participants and sponsors helping develop a sense of community and loyalty towards the brand.
  38. 38. Appendix
  39. 39. Search PhrasesBrandsEye uses selected key words to search for Put Foot Rally‟sonline conversation. Currently tracked within the Put Foot Rally‟saccount includes conversation arising from any mentions of: • The brand itself e.g. “Put Foot Rally”As well as Put Foot Rally where it was mentioned in conjunction with: • Sponsors • Teams • CountriesOther phrases can easily be added through the account set up page.
  40. 40. Definitions• The online space or online community: Refers to the environment in which any relevant Put Foot Rally branded conversation occurs online. These may come from social media networks, forums, blogging platforms, Press coverage, websites belonging to companies, Influential consumers and any other open domain content.
  41. 41. Definitions• Opportunities-To-See (OTS): OTS reflect a measure of the number of people who had the opportunity to see a mention. A tweet from a user with 8 000 followers would account for 8 000 in the total OTS of the conversation. This does not account for the possibility that the mention may not have been seen by the user in their Twitter feed or may have been seen by the same user multiple times.
  42. 42. Definitions• Advert Value Equivalent (AVE): AVE offers a monetary value of the earned conversation. The aim behind the AVE measure is to capture what a company would have paid to expose their brand to the number of people reached by the conversation.
  43. 43. Definitions• Sentiment Distribution: The exact opinion and feeling towards a brand scored according to a 10-point scale: 5 (Celebration) - the highest form of brand endorsement and brand loyalty (very rare) 4 (Acclamation) - when a brand is endorsed and very highly commended 3 (Praise) – when a brand is recognized very positively 2 (Endorsement) – encouraging other readers to use the brand 1 (Listing) – neutral mention of a brand. -1 (Downplay) - mildly negative sentiment about a brand. -2 (Concern) – distress/worry about a brand -3 (Rebuke) – disgust towards a brand -4 (Anger) - resentment towards a brand -5 (Emergency) - severe threat to the brand or the community‟s safety
  44. 44. Any Questions or Ideas?contact@brandseye.com