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We are professional from field of Event Industry. Our vision is to be a global media and entertainment company, to ensure client satisfaction and loyalty. Our mission is to serve our clientele in all facets event management industry. Because of our dedication to the pursuit of the most recent cutting-edge resources available in the industry, we offer trained eyes to every detail of the event. We have an unwavering commitment to our clientele, as well as the community.

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As you wish Event Management Company in Haryana

  1. 1. Event Management Solutions To Make Your Event Memorable We will cater all your needs When your Event require right touch We are professional from field of Event Industry. Our vision is to be a global media and entertainment company, to ensure client satisfaction and loyalty. Our mission is to serve our clientele in all facets event management industry. Because of our dedication to the pursuit of the most recent cutting-edge resources available in the industry, we offer trained eyes to every detail of the event. We have an unwavering commitment to our clientele, as well as the community.
  2. 2. What We Do Corporate Events Reasons to Hold a Corporate Event Marketing to create new lead generation avenues Reward employees and business partners for their hard work Help productivity through team building exercises promoting togetherness and teamwork in the office Introduce new and or reinforce existing key strategies Address the affect of competition taking place on a company’s bottom line
  3. 3. Corporate Events A corporate event can be defined as a gathering that is sponsored by a business for its employees, business partners, clients and/or prospective clients. These events can be for larger audiences such as conventions or smaller events like conferences, meetings or holiday parties. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of education that allows for the short and long term goals of the company to be realized seamlessly and with exactitude. Sometimes corporate events will involve only executives, while other times, it may include upper management along with the employees attending. The schedule could include a dinner or lunch at a restaurant. These meetings may be located at the place of business and have the food and beverage catered, while others are held in convention centers or large hotel ballrooms, catering to large groups.
  4. 4. Conference Management A conference is a meeting of people who "confer" about a topic. Organizing successful conferences has been at the heart of Event Company .We delivers more than just superbly run meetings: we add the vision and flair that will transform your conference into a genuinely inspiring experience. We organize conferences for healthcare, scientific and academic associations, professional associations and government organizations. We provide a comprehensive conference management service, from vision setting and concept development to ensuring every last detail is perfect on the day. When it comes to the conference itself, we make sure every detail of ambience and service is note-perfect. Our team has vast individual and collective experience and has sheer talent and personality. We’re privileged to have on board a group of smart, dedicated people with a flair for getting the details absolutely right We can also organize your exhibition and all your conference functions including awards ceremonies, dinners and special events. Our conference management services include: Concept development and vision setting Venue and supplier contract negotiation Ongoing management of all suppliers Risk management and contingency planning Detailed project management and reporting We can take the pressure off your shoulders by arranging as much or as little as you wish be it the venue, the delegate registration, the catering, the accommodation .
  5. 5. Social Events & Lifestyle Events We work with both private and corporate. We offer clients two luxury services. We take care of your special occasions and a comprehensive lifestyle management service is designed to assist in the day-to-day running of your life. Site visit to ascertain needs Conceptualization of layout Tailor the solution according to budget and requirements Implementation to set the correct mood for our clients Staffing of event
  6. 6. Social Events & Lifestyle Events We take care of all the planning and organizing with total discretion and confidentiality - leaving you to take all the credit. We are specialized in following social events:- Ceremonies Parties Reunion Erotic Events Anniversaries Baby showers Bachelor’s parties Birthdays Bridal showers Engagements Family reunions
  7. 7. Exhibition, Seminars & Road Shows We are involved in exhibitions, seminar, road shows, buyer seller meetings, visitor promotion and other services related to exhibitions. We, therefore, open untapped markets and explore opportunities for this Industry we work with you to reduce the stress and pressure of organizing and running a conference or event leaving you and your team to get on with their everyday work. We are able to successfully organize and manage your event from conception to completion and ensure everything runs smoothly. We have worked with companies both large and small including government agencies and associations. No matter how big or small your conference or exhibition we are happy to give you a free quote and to discuss your requirements. We have the skills and knowledge to make your Exhibition or seminar a success. One of the most effective and economical ways to reach a large number of customers is through road shows. Road shows can be small training sessions tailored for your colleague’s needs or much larger scale events in public spaces to reach out to potential customers. We would be very happy to share our knowledge and experience with you for your Road shows
  8. 8. Celebrity Management Personal relationship between a celebrity and a manager is eminent. A talent's focus is to highlight oneself but a talent manager's job is to make a brand out of an individual. Celebrity Management involves 360 degree celebrity and brand fit services including endorsement management, portfolio management, strategic PR, digital presence management, grooming, etiquette, appearance, etc. Then there's the event triangle - big league sports, turning sporting events into sponsorships, and sponsorships into promotions. Other aspects include understanding the sponsors, the media and the broadcast industry, licensing and merchandising, sporting goods and lifestyle merchandising, endorsements, sports marketing buyers and sellers For established stars, the focus is on converting their value into a progressively enhancing one. The strategic brand fit is where we interact with brands over their long term strategy and determine how the enhanced persona fits with the set of celebs. The utilization of celebrities is a very high value transaction and hence, it involves top management. Thus, the key to effective representation is to present the tangible brand fit in the best manner. Where we can be flexible, unconventional brand endorsers who can leverage the brand are picked up. We are solely responsible for strategizing and managing brand endorsements, media activities and media rights, brand and image management, digital rights and licensing and merchandising rights as well and all promotional activities.
  9. 9. MICE MICE services are included from creative concept to turn-key implementation and event management Defining an event concept, discussing the topic, features and request to its organization with a customer, scenario Site selection for the event, preliminary inspection & visit with a customer representative. Hotel reservation, fast check-in for the participants. Meeting and accommodation of regional participants Conference hall and meeting room’s selection & preparations for the event, installation of necessary equipment. Meeting and registration of the participants and guests; Excursions and leisure activities organization, concert program creation Coffee breaks, Catering service, ordinary lunch, gala dinner – we organize what you prefer! Memorable event and positive emotions for all the participants are guaranteed!  
  10. 10. Market Research & Product launches We identify new business opportunities in various industry sectors. Our customized market research has the capacity to bring real-world knowledge to the table. Consumers are reconsidering the value of brands and rationalizing their spending. They are also integrating new ethical, social, health and environment concerns. More than ever, our clients tend to show interest in online market research and need strategic and tactical information about their markets and brands to define priority actions and build brands which are both strong and innovative. We help our clients to transform their insights into competitive advantage. Our team of experts offers a number of innovative models to manage the cost of your market research better. We distribute insights within clients organizations in real-time by leveraging technology and workshops. In addition to this, we also integrate knowledge by combining various sources of insights.
  11. 11. Market Research & Product launches We offer global business solutions in 3 key specialized practices: Market understanding & measurement: Understanding people, new markets and brands to drive business growth. Innovation & Forecasting: Helping our customers to maximize the return on investment of their innovation initiatives. Qualitative: Understanding people around the world and delivering the right solutions. Every specific requirement of our client is thoroughly analyzed. Issues, if any, are resolved when they occur based on strict deadlines and process guidelines. A first impression is a lasting one so it’s crucial to host effective and memorable product launches. Our experienced team of event managers will guide you through the process from initial concept to event delivery ensuring a first class event synonymous with your brand.
  12. 12. Concert Our integrated approach offers choice at every level to suit your needs. From technical design and planning and venue management through to the highest level of production requirements including stage, sound, lighting and all elements of event management. There is an incredible amount of organization and planning involved in even the smallest of gatherings, so knowing you can rely on us to deliver all the services you will need, from venue & artists through to stage, sound, lights & security etc can really lighten the load, leaving you free to enjoy yourself and be the host!. Our production team takes over to manage the delivery of the show. Venue search / booking Artist search / booking / liaison Local authority liaison Full show production – stage, sound & lights Catering provision Decor Power & generators Stage hands and technicians Seating, carpeting & flooring Ticketing solutions and sales teams VIP area design & build Backstage area design & build Staffing for bars, hostesses & VIP liaison
  13. 13. Theme parties A themed party is a gathering of people that centers on a particular idea or characteristic. Variations in themed party ideas can depend on whether the party is for young children, college students, or adults. The party usually features certain types of food; decorations; activities; and, in many cases, costumes or a particular style of dress. The possibilities for a themed party are practically endless. Since birthday parties are common theme parties for kids, the child's preferences tend to dictate the theme. Theme parties for kids may also have general themes that are not based on commercial characters. The party might also feature specific colors, and it could even revolve around a certain type of food, such as ice cream sundaes. At many parties for adults or older kids, a specific type of dress might be the focus. .
  14. 14. WHY US Event planning requires foresight; follow through and attention to detail. We need to see the big picture as well as the tiniest of details. We need Vision. This is why we started this Event Management which is focused to vision. We wanted to create a company with the experience, skills and knowledge to help any event, no matter how large or how small, fulfills its ultimate potential. We can help fledgling events get off the ground and existing events soar. We're flexible, fast, responsive and reliable and we always bring a fresh perspective. No matter what stage of the planning you’re in, we’d welcome the opportunity to help you make your event the best it can be. We provide complete and exclusive solution of Entertainment & Advertising. We maintain high norms of standards, quality production & marketing strategy which makes us one of the top levels Event Management Company of Haryana.
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