2012 Digital Content Marketing Survey


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Has the Internet completely changed the way businesses market? Maybe not as much as you might think. Our 2012 Content Marketing survey provides some eye-openers about how marketing professionals perceive, use and value online content.

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2012 Digital Content Marketing Survey

  1. 1. 2012 Digital Content Marketing Survey
  2. 2. OverviewThere is no doubt content marketing is popular, but whats working, whatsmost important, and how are marketers going to accomplish all of this?Brandpoint and the Content Marketing Institute set out to answer thesequestions.We surveyed 389 marketing decision-makers and found that marketers arelooking for help and consider quality more important than quantity and cost: Marketers see the best results come from social content, e-newsletters and blogging. 70% of marketers plan to outsource at least one form of content in the next 12 months. Marketers consider engaging/creative storytelling, custom content, and professional-level writing the most important attributes when outsourcing content:Read on to see the results to all of the questions we asked.
  3. 3. The most common forms of online content marketing used are social content, blogging, press releases and online articles Q: Which forms of online content marketing do you currently use? 99% of respondents have used at least one form of content marketingbase: 389 respondents, multiple answers
  4. 4. The best results are coming from social content, e-newsletters, blogging and online articles Social content 53% Q: Which THREE forms of E-newsletters 38% online content marketing do you see Blogging 37% the most results from? Online articles 31% Video 28% Press releases 28% Digital whitepapers and/or eBooks 21% Images & infographics 14% Mobile content 4% Advertorials 4%base: 389 respondents, multiple answers
  5. 5. Marketers plan on increasing the outsourcing of most forms of online content in the next 12 months Video 29% 32%Q: Which of the following Images & infographics 17% 22% online content Online articles 22% 22% marketing functions Digital whitepapers and/or eBooks 14% do you plan to 17% outsource in 2012? Blogging 16% 17% Past 12 months Next 12 monthsQ: Which online content Social content 13% 17% marketing functions Press releases 17% 14% have you outsourced 5% Mobile content in the past 12 months? 13% E-newsletters 6% 9% Advertorials 8% 7% 70% plan to outsource atleast one form of content in the next 12 months.base: 389 respondents, multiple answers
  6. 6. Those seeking content providers look for professional-level writing, custom content, and a proven track record Professional-level writing 49% Q: When evaluating the Truly custom content 38% services of a content Proven track record 34% provider, what are the top THREE attributes Strategic consulting/advising 30% you look for? SEO expertise 26% Culture fits with your org 24% Excellent customer service 20% Comprehensive reporting capabilities 15% Lowest possible cost 12% Long-term partnership 10% Full selection of services 8%base: 389 respondents, multiple answers
  7. 7. Those outsourcing content most value engaging storytelling, custom content carefully crafted, and professional-level writing Q: What are the THREE Engaging and creative storytelling 44% most important elements about the Crafted custom content 39% written content you Professional-level writing 34% receive from an outsource partner? Well edited copy 31% Copy written for SEO 25% Only 13% reported Originality 23% they do not outsource online content. Low cost 18% High volume of content produced quickly 5%base: 389 respondents, multiple answers
  8. 8. 82% of marketers place a high value on content written for people, not search enginesQ: How important is it to you that the copy you use on your website and blog is written for 37% a person rather than a 27% search engine? 14% 18% 3% Search Engine Optimized Customized to Consumerbase: 389 respondents
  9. 9. 80% of marketers describe their organizations online content strategy as customized, engaging content and they will pay a little more for the value added 11% 1% Q: Which of the following No Answer Wrote in their phrases best describe own strategy your organization’s online content 7% Very high volume of marketing strategy? generic content at low prices 80% Customized, engaging content with responsive customer service/paying a little more for the value addedbase: 389 respondents
  10. 10. Those polled were marketing decision-makers from a variety of business types and sizes Q: Including all locations, how manyQ: Is your organization an agency? people (including yourself) are employed by your organization? 1% No Answer 1 6% 2-6 17% 31% Yes 7 - 50 25% 51 - 250 20% 68% 251 - 1000 12% No 1000+ 19%base: 389 respondents
  11. 11. Method: Data CollectionHosted by Readex.Online survey February 15 – March 5, 2012.389 usable responses, a 4.6% response ratebased on net effective mail out.The margin of error for percentages based onthese 389 respondents is ±5.0 percentagepoints at the 95% confidence level.
  12. 12. About UsBrandpoint has been connecting brands with consumers through original and compellingcontent since 1996. Our Content Creation, PR, and SEO services span the continuum ofcontent marketing needs. With a client portfolio including hundreds of the nation’s leadingagencies, SEO firms and brands, Brandpoint is recognized as a pioneer in content-basedmarketing solutions and real-time reporting of measurable, effective results.Learn more at www.brandpoint.com or 877.374.5270The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) teaches marketers how to own their media channelsinstead of having to rent them through advertising. CMI does this through events likeContent Marketing World, media properties like Chief Content Officer magazine, andstrategic consulting and research for some of the best-known brands in the world.To see how other marketers are having success with content marketing, download ourultimate eBook, 100 Content Marketing Examples.