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Global Foundation                              Constitution                                                  Article I    ...
•        President               •        Vice President               •        Secretary               •        Treasurer...
Section D.   Treasurer                  1.    Treasurer will maintain accurate record of organization transactions, such a...
Article V                                                     Meetings   General Body Meetings will be held twice a month,...
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Global Foundation Constitution


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A constitution that my executive board and I wrote up as the basis of the group's guidelines. I remember being excited about the group, and just wish it kept going after I left.

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Global Foundation Constitution

  1. 1. Global Foundation Constitution Article I Name The name of the organization shall be called Global Foundation. Article II Purpose Statement Our mission is to develop a network where people from all the parts of the world can come togetherand develop a cultural understanding in both racial ethnicity and nationality through celebrating various culture, food, dance, music and educational seminars about various ethnicities and nations. Article III MembershipSection A. Membership The group is open to any students who are willing to work with the diverse population and to learn from fellow students.Section B. Membership Qualifications 1. Global Foundation shall not deny, but not limited to, any person based on race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual preference, disability, political views, age, weight or physical disposition. 2. The student must be on good academic standing of the minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 in order to be part of the organization and must abide to the university policies. 3. The prospective student can be either part of the undergraduate or graduate program within the VCU network. 4. The prospective member must pay the $5 membership dues to gain membership status within the group. 5. Members are recognized as active once the membership payment of $5 is collected and recorded for the academic year.Section C. Membership Package 1. Members will receive a T-shirt, voting privileges, and the ability to run for office the following academic year. 2. Members will have the opportunity to become a coordinator of a large, or small scale event which aims to promote a cultural understanding to a specific cause.Section D. Termination of Membership 1. There must be a written statement for the reason of the termination, consisting of: background story, on what grounds should the person be expelled upon and reasons why they should not be allowed into the group. 2. The group will decide the fate of the offender with a 2/3 vote in favor of the removal. 3. If the offender is found guilty, then that person will be notified through email by the president. Article IV OfficersOverview of positions:
  2. 2. • President • Vice President • Secretary • Treasurer • Operations • Public Relations • Historian • Advisor • Group Discussion • Social ChairSection A. Requirements to be an Officer 1. The officer must have good academic standing with the university prior to inauguration, and must maintain the minimum GPA requirements to retain position. GPA requirement mentioned in Article III 2. The officer must be currently enrolled in the university if the person desires to have the position and wants to continue fulfilling its duties. 3. The person will be ineligible to run or continue his or her office if Article IV, Section A Number 1 and 2 are not met.Section B. President 1. President will preside over all meetings, and be the mediator of the main points of the meeting. 2. President represents the organization as a whole. 3. President will ensure the group is operating in conformity with the standards set forth by VCU Student Organization and Development and the VCU University Student Commons & Activities. 4. President will maintain communication with organization advisor. 5. President will develop a budget proposal with the current treasurer to receive funding for the next academic year. 6. In the case of unoccupied position, the president will have the authority to appropriately split the duties amongst the board members, or hold elections to fill the position. 7. President will work with the treasurer and Public Relations as his/her main focus pointSection C. Vice President 1. Vice President will preside over meetings in the absence of the president, and will notify the president when big decisions are made. 2. Vice President will represent the organization along with the president. 3. Vice President will be charged to schedule meetings and events with appropriate University offices. 4. Vice President main focus will work with Operations and Public Relations as his/her main focus point.
  3. 3. Section D. Treasurer 1. Treasurer will maintain accurate record of organization transactions, such as collection of dues, purchases of food, reimbursements for expenses, etc.. 2. Treasurer will assist in the completion of university forms, and communicate with the finance office to ensure forms are processed. 3. Treasurer will develop a budget proposal with the president in order to receive budget for the following academic year. 4. Treasurer will arrange fundraising opportunities if deem necessary by the board, or crucial for a specific event. 5. Treasurer will solicit to Student Government Association for additional funds.Section E. Secretary 1. Secretary will maintain an accurate record of all organization meetings, the agenda discussed and send emails to officers regarding to the tasks needed to complete prior to the next meeting. 2. In the case of the unoccupied office for historian or the impeachment of historian, the secretary will act as the secretary and historian (See Section Jfor details).Section F. Operations 1. Operations will develop the layout of the events and will be present at the event to ensure the layout is up to par. 2. Operations will be responsible to the reservation for, but not limited to, banners, rooms, rolling displays, etc. 3. In the case of an unoccupied Public Relations officer, operations will split specific duties of Public Relations according to the duty and relevance of position by the president (See Section H for details).Section H. Public Relations 1. Public Relations will recruit members by, but limited to, attending fellow culture groups’ meetings, tabling, mass emails, flyers, etc. 2. Public Relations will search for T-shirts within the budget of the organization. 3. Public Relations will send emails to regular members about events and forums. 4. Go to other cultural meetings 5. Be informed of other general body meetings.Section I. Historian 1. Historian will take pictures of all events to make boards for marketing purposes and a scrapbook for the year. 2. Historian will create a PowerPoint with activities that the group has done over the year and display at any appropriate events.Section J. Advisor 1. Advisor is to maintain communication and meet with officers regularly. 2. Advisor will be aware of the financial expenditures and will approval them when necessary. 3. Advisor shall ensure the group is operating within the VCU bylaws.
  4. 4. Article V Meetings General Body Meetings will be held twice a month, alternating each week, where date and location that isconvenient for most of the officers and fellow members. The executive members will meet once every one or two depending on the officers’ needs. Article VI Voting/Elections Applications will be sent out no later than February 22, 2010 and turned in no later March 5, 2010. Interviewswill be conducted after March 5, 2010 by executive board members and positions will be decided after springbreak. Article VII Impeachment In the case for the need of impeachment, the rules of termination in Article III Section E. will apply along with Article IV of specific duties and Article VI regarding interviews. Article VIII Registration Renewal The group will be re-registering according to the VCU guidelines and bylaws.