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Successful sales strategies 3


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Personalizing at Scale:

In this presentation, we'll cover:
-The biggest mistakes in outbound emails and how to avoid them
-Weapons and mass personalization
-The 5 step formula for personalizing emails at scale in under 5 min
-Hacking personal communication

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Successful sales strategies 3

  1. 1. Successful Sales Strategy Session #3 @PersistIQ
  2. 2. Brandon Redlinger Host & Presenter @PersistIQ Welcome to the webinar! Nabila Parvez Co-Presenter
  3. 3. ● The biggest mistakes in outbound emails and how to avoid them ● Weapons and mass personalization ● The 5 step formula for personalizing emails at scale in under 5 min ● Hacking personal communication @PersistIQ Today’s Agenda
  4. 4. @PersistIQ Biggest Mistakes in Outbound Sales
  5. 5. @PersistIQ ● Over Automation ● Thinking Customization = Personalization ● Not making emails feel personal Biggest Mistakes in Outbound Sales
  6. 6. @PersistIQ Over Automation ● What should be automated? ● What could be done by humans?
  7. 7. @PersistIQ Dead Giveaways of Automation ● The email was sent from via another server ● The email contained missing variables ● The presence of HTML format ● The address and opt out link.
  8. 8. @PersistIQ
  9. 9. @PersistIQ PersistIQ Behind the Scenes ● Email throttling ● Reply detection ● Safety Checks ○ Strips HTML ○ Clear all formatting ○ Sending limits
  10. 10. @PersistIQ Customization is NOT Personalization ● Anyone can use mail merges ● Just because you use a {{first_name}} variable doesn’t make it personalized
  11. 11. @PersistIQ
  12. 12. @PersistIQ Customization is NOT Personalization The technology itself doesn’t make it a good cold email. Only a human can do that.
  13. 13. @PersistIQ A 5-Step Formula for Sending Highly Personalized Sales Emails at Scale
  14. 14. @PersistIQ A 5-Step Formula for Sending Highly Personalized Sales Emails at Scale 1. Identify all the decision makers 2. Collect relevant data on your prospects 3. Create an outbound email template for each ICP 4. Launch Your Campaign and analyze the results 5. Follow up!
  15. 15. @PersistIQ 1)Identify the Decision Makers ● Use LinkedIn Navigator and DiscoverOrg to map the organization ● Length of Service ● Skills and Endorsements ● Referrals
  16. 16. @PersistIQ 1)Identify the Decision Makers ● 0-10 employees: Usually the CEO or co-founders in the vertical you are selling into ● 10-50 employees: Generally VPs ● 50-500 employees: Specialized roles, such as Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, etc. ● More than 500 employees: Find the regional specialized role
  17. 17. Collect your standard variables, such as: ● First and last name ● Email ● Company ● Position/title ● Website ● Phone (direct line if possible) ● LinkedIn profile @PersistIQ 2) Collect Relevant Data on Leads
  18. 18. Next, connect deeper: ● A recent blog post (and why you liked it) ● Colleagues’ names along with their positions ● Recent business challenges they’ve expressed ● Alma Mater ● Recent awards, recognitions or press ● Case studies ● Relevant events or news that affects your prospect @PersistIQ 2) Collect Relevant Data on Leads
  19. 19. @PersistIQ 3) Create templates for each ICP Each ICP will have their own unique pain points. Therefore, each should have his/her own communication personalized to fit specific needs.
  20. 20. @PersistIQ More personalization on early touches! Use Snippets for extra personalization ● Single sentence ● Entire paragraph ● Entire email 3) Create templates for each ICP
  21. 21. @PersistIQ
  22. 22. Drop your list of leads and your templates into your favorite outbound sales platform, like PersistIQ, and hit “send!” @PersistIQ 4) Launch and analyze
  23. 23. Remember the 4 critical factors for follow up success: ● Number of touchpoints (8+) ● Channel Diversity ● Time between touchpoints ● Content of touchpoints @PersistIQ 5) Follow up!
  24. 24. @PersistIQ Hacking Personal Communication
  25. 25. How make make your emails look and feel personal. This is all about making the content and message feel personal. Use this as your checklist. @PersistIQ Hacking Personal Communication
  26. 26. What is the tone of your email? ● Conversational ● Use contractions ● Write in the 1st or 2nd person @PersistIQ Hacking Personal Communication
  27. 27. Who do you look/feel/sound like? ● Any hints that you’re a salesperson? ● “People love to buy, but hate to be sold to” ● B2B sales is still selling to humans @PersistIQ Hacking Personal Communication
  28. 28. Is it the right length? ● Concise and to the point ● Don’t use 15 words when 10 will do ● Cut your 1st draft in ½. Then cut it more ● About 150 words is a sweet spot for a first email @PersistIQ Hacking Personal Communication
  29. 29. What value are you offering? ● Is there value at every touch? ● Different for each IPC ● Value is in the eye of the receiver @PersistIQ Hacking Personal Communication
  30. 30. Who is it about? ● It’s about your prospect ● Why should your prospect pay attention to you? ● Paint a picture @PersistIQ Hacking Personal Communication
  31. 31. Are you being thoughtful? ● Is it obvious that you spent time on writing your email? ● Use attention-grabbing keywords (not buzzwords) ● Your prospect will be able to tell @PersistIQ Hacking Personal Communication
  32. 32. @PersistIQ Weapons of Mass Personalization
  33. 33. @PersistIQ ● for monitoring keyword in your industry ● Owler for staying up to date with news on competitors & clients ● Newsle for staying up to date with news on people in your network Weapons of Mass Personalization
  34. 34. ● Connect6 for finding key people and connecting with them across the social graph ● Nimble to look at a prospect’s recent social media activity and manage contact ● Crystal Knows for communication with your prospect in the most appropriate tone @PersistIQ Weapons of Mass Personalization
  35. 35. ● Hemingway Editor for helping with readability and flow when you’re writing your emails ● Tona Analyzer for making sure your emails actually matches the tone you’re intending ● extracting data out of HTML web pages and importing it into Excel @PersistIQ Weapons of Mass Personalization
  36. 36. @PersistIQ BONUS: Trigger Events w/ John Barrows & Craig Elias
  37. 37. Set up a system to monitor your key accounts for major events, such as: ● Merger or acquisition ● Product launch ● Litigation ● Expansion ● Hiring of a specific role related to what you do ● Etc. @PersistIQ BONUS: Trigger Events w/ John Barrows & Craig Elias
  38. 38. @PersistIQ
  39. 39. @PersistIQ
  40. 40. Week 4 (Feb. 24th): Template Critique Session ● We’ll share some of our best performing templates and why they worked ● We’ll critique your templates and give you feedback on how to improve Send your templates to with “Template Critique” in the subject line @PersistIQ Next week’s Training @PersistIQ