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How to Automate Demand Generation and Personalized Sales Campaigns


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No business has ever failed because they have too many leads at the top of the funnel. However, businesses who rely on inbound alone to fill their pipeline are often left out to dry when the inbound slows or fails to keep up with their growth.

In this month’s webinar, we’re revealing one of our top-of-funnel secret sales weapons: Clearbit. Together with Matt Sornson, who manages Growth at Clearbit, we are going to show you how to leverage the latest technology to automate your lead generation and keep your funnel full.

On this webinar you’ll discover:

-How to leverage social channels and similar audiences to get more qualified leads
-The 3 step process to automate outbound campaigns
-The secrets to building viral referral loops
-The 5 reasons people ignore your emails and how you can stand out in the inbox
-3 advanced tactics using custom variables that are guaranteed to get replies
-How to build a personalized 7+ touchpoint campaign in under 10 minutes


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How to Automate Demand Generation and Personalized Sales Campaigns

  1. 1. How to Automate Demand Generation and Personalized Sales Campaigns @PersistIQ@clearbit
  2. 2. 1. Introduction/ Housekeeping 2. Automating the demand generation process a. How to define Demand Generation b. Using your current customers to automatically generate leads c. Building automated loops (social and outbound email) 3. Automating personalized sales campaigns a. Why people are ignoring your emails b. Advanced personalization tactics c. Build 7 touchpoint campaign in under 10 minutes 4. Q&A 5. Conclusion @PersistIQ Table of Contents @clearbit
  3. 3. @PersistIQ Pouyan Salehi CEO & Cofounder, PersistIQ Matt Sornson Growth @clearbit
  4. 4. @PersistIQ Matt Sornson @clearbit
  5. 5. @PersistIQ What is demand gen? @clearbit
  6. 6. DG = filling the funnel
  7. 7. @PersistIQ Manual list building sucks @clearbit ● Super manual process ● Finding a list broker or data provider ● Stale data ● Expensive
  8. 8. Use your customers to build your list
  9. 9. @PersistIQ@clearbit Two simple techniques ● Similar social audiences ● Outbound email to similar companies
  10. 10. @PersistIQ@clearbit Similar Social Audiences - FB Learn More
  11. 11. @PersistIQ@clearbit Similar Social Audiences - Twitter Learn More
  12. 12. @PersistIQ@clearbit Google / Retargeting • Google’s custom audiences - coming soon • Adroll / Perfect Audience retargeting
  13. 13. @PersistIQ@clearbit Pro Tip You can use the Clearbit Discovery API’s similar function to take your current list of customers and turn that into 3-5X more companies that are great AD targets. Then you can use the Prospector API to find contacts at each company. Try them both in Google Sheets!
  14. 14. @PersistIQ@clearbit Automating outbound email Now we can take the same idea of using our current customers to build a list of similar companies that we can then put into our outbound drip campaigns.
  15. 15. @PersistIQ@clearbit Finding similar companies manually
  16. 16. Finding similar companies w/Clearbit 16 companies input 82 companies output
  17. 17. Generating contacts w/Clearbit
  18. 18. Try it in Google Sheets
  19. 19. Go for highly personalized We automatically create a custom gif for each outbound email.
  20. 20. @PersistIQ@clearbit Semi-automated outbound email! ● Contacts imported to PersistIQ w/ similar company name to reference. ● Manual sanity check / last edits ● Send it!
  21. 21. @PersistIQ@clearbit Our results ● 52% open rate ● 16% conversion to meeting ● Over 200% improvement on our other outbound campaigns
  22. 22. @PersistIQ Pouyan Salehi PersistIQ @clearbit
  23. 23. @PersistIQ 1. It’s too generic 2. There’s no value for them 3. It’s obviously mass communication/automated 4. You’re not persistent enough 5. It’s too long @clearbit 5 Reasons People Ignore Your Emails
  24. 24. @PersistIQ Words to avoid: ● “Quick question” ● “Just checking in” ● Buzzwords The fix: Use custom variable more effectively. @clearbit It’s Too Generic
  25. 25. @PersistIQ It’s all about them, not you! Decision makers get pitched all day every day, show up like no one else and offer value. The fix: Do better research and know your personas. @clearbit There’s No Value For Them
  26. 26. @PersistIQ Giveaways: ● Missing variables ● Misformatted emails ● Sent from via EPS ● HTML rich formatting The fix: use the right tools and technologies for the job. @clearbit Obviously Automation
  27. 27. @PersistIQ Most people give up after 2 touchpoints. Reply rates go up with at least 7 touchpoints. Persistence wins! The fix: Set up multi-touch communication in your outbound platform. @clearbit You’re Not Persistent Enough
  28. 28. @PersistIQ People don’t have time to read a 500 word email. Keep it concise and don’t use more words than you have to. Keep it relevant. The fix: keep it short (about 5 sentences). @clearbit It’s Too Long
  29. 29. @PersistIQ 1. Image as variable 2. Meta-variable (variable inside a variable) 3. Paragraph as variables @clearbit Advanced Tactics for Using Custom Variables
  30. 30. @PersistIQ@clearbit Image as variable 1. Set up Dropbox or Google Drive 2. Take screenshot and host the image 3. Put link to hosted image in the variable
  31. 31. @PersistIQ@clearbit Variable Inside a Variable
  32. 32. @PersistIQ Write entire paragraphs in a variable and insert into an email template. Makes it highly personalized. Great for 1st touch. @clearbit Paragraph as Variable
  33. 33. @PersistIQ ● Keep it short ● Offer a compelling value proposition ● Include a call to action ● Sound like a real person ● Choose a relevant subject line ● Add value with every touchpoint! @clearbit Building a 7 Touchpoint Campaign in Under 7 Minutes
  34. 34. @PersistIQ Find a good reason to reach out: ● Common connection: “We both know {{common connection}}.” ● Blog post: “Loved your recent blog on {{blog topic}}” ● Value Proposition: “I can help you achieve {{specific results}}.” ● Hiring: “I noticed you’re hiring for {{position}}. Maybe we can help.” ● Funding: “Congrats! We can help you with {{value proposition}}.” @clearbit Touch #1
  35. 35. @PersistIQ Wait 2 days Resurface and thread the first ● “ I wanted to make sure you saw this.” @clearbit Touch #2
  36. 36. Wait 5 days Find a different reason for following up: ● Emphasize a different business value ● Offer insights ● Educate ● Share relevant news @PersistIQ@clearbit Touch #3
  37. 37. Wait 7 days Ask for the right person if they are not ● “Maybe you’re not the right person, can you put me in touch with the person who is?” @PersistIQ@clearbit Touch #4
  38. 38. Wait 7 days Offer a piece of relevant content that you’re company has put out ● “I know you’re interested in {{prospect’s challenge}}. We just wrote a blog post on {{linked title}}.” @PersistIQ@clearbit Touch #5
  39. 39. Wait 3 days Apologize for the constant follow up ● “I would like to apologize for the persistent emails. I know you must be busy, so in the interest of both our schedules let me know where you’re at.” @PersistIQ@clearbit Touch #6
  40. 40. Wait 7 days The breakup email ● “I want to send you one last e-mail. I'm sure you're busy, so I understand if you just haven't gotten a chance to check out {{your company}}.” @PersistIQ@clearbit Touch #7
  41. 41. ● How to Build the Perfect Sales Stack ● 4 Critical Factors For Sales Follow-Up Success ● 5 Steps to Personalizing Your Sales Emails at Scale @PersistIQ@clearbit Further Reading
  42. 42. @PersistIQ Get In Touch @clearbit
  43. 43. @PersistIQ PersistIQ Want to see how PersistIQ can help you be more effective with outbound sales? Let us show you! #MeasuringSalesMetrics@clearbit @PersistIQ
  44. 44. Clearbit Try it in Google Sheets or give us a shout to setup a demo