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Psychology of persuasion


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MKT 332 Professor Landry

Published in: Education
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Psychology of persuasion

  1. 1. Psychology of Persuasion Via Video Example MKT 332 Buyer Behavior Brandon Libby
  2. 2. Scarcity•• @ 00:10• The spokesperson states that only Ford engineers understand what “everyone” wants in a pick-up. If only Ford engineers get this, then you can only receive this benefit from Ford. Oh, and by the way, they just released a new series of engines that provide the best torque, towing, horsepower, payload, and fuel economy –not available anywhere else. This understanding could also be a part of the next slide: Reciprocation.
  3. 3. Reciprocation•• @ 00:13• “Only the engineers at Ford get it.” This message is clear, you will receive the most torque, towing, horsepower, payload, and… as a bonus, the most fuel economy of its class. By choosing to buy from Ford, you are receiving all of these benefits with your purchase, none of which are available anywhere else. This is because the Ford engineers are the only ones who understand you, or so that’s the message. Buying from Ford means exclusive benefits to you as the consumer. We give you these exclusive items, you should give us your business.
  4. 4. Commitment & Consistency•• @ 00:02• “You don’t need a bunch of donut eaters at a focus group to tell you that.” With this line the spokesperson is basically saying: you already know this… don’t you? If you believe this, than it would be difficult to make a different choice than the Ford F-150 pick-up. Hey, you already know what you want in a pick-up, and by the way, here is a list of what those things are. Still agree? Then you just may be participating in commitment and consistency. These are the things you want. Choosing a Ford F-150 proves this.
  5. 5. Social Proof•• @ 00:00• The commercial starts out saying: “Look. Everyone wants the same things in a pick-up.” Here, the spokesperson is stating directly that everyone wants this to which the viewer must agree if he/she is to be like everyone else. This is a not so hidden example of social proof.
  6. 6. Liking & Similarity•• @ 00:01• Although his name and appearance are never revealed, the spokesperson in this video is none other than comic/actor Dennis Leary. Leary tends to be a straight to the point no b.s. kind of guy, which is exactly the type of message this commercial is conveying. He states that “you don’t need a bunch of donut eaters in a focus group to tell you that (everyone wants the same thing in a pick-up).” If you desire to be a no nonsense type of pick-up truck owner, then you should choose the all new 2011 Ford F-150. Hey, don’t we all want to be like everyone else? Perhaps not in everyway, but in choosing what we drive, now you are talking.
  7. 7. Authority•• No specific time as it is the spokesperson• Dennis Leary is hardly an authority on pick-up trucks so this is a bit of a stretch. However, he does offer facts pertaining to why the F-150 is the best choice. These facts are dictated in an honest straight forward way that does not attempt to deceive the viewer. All of the claimed benefits are able to be checked on the various competitor websites. Leary could be viewed as an expert on being blunt, candid, and painfully honest. Meaning, he’s not big on sugar coating things or puffery. This falls into the trustworthiness and credibility portion of “authority.”