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  1. 1. Environmental Protection Division Requirements
  2. 2. • We all know how the fire service has changed over the years, with new NFPA regulations, better equipment, and we’ve also gotten more knowledgeable about fire and how to attack it. Along with that burning an acquired structure has also gotten harder, by saying that I mean all the leg work that goes into getting one ready to burn. A homeowner wants us to burn a home that is not in the best shape to start with; we cannot just say we will burn it in two days anymore. We have a lot of documents that we must obtain in order to burn this structure.
  3. 3. Terminal Performance Objectives • The student shall be able to identify the proper documentation and procedures for burning an acquired structure according to EPD.
  4. 4. Enabling Objectives • Identify the fire department documentation • Identify the inspector’s role and documentation • Identify what documentation has to be on scene while burning
  5. 5. Reasons • OSHA regulates every thing we do, so under OSHA and EPD clean air act we are required to have an asbestos inspection on every structure we acquire to burn. All asbestos must be removed prior to burning the structure. The only exception to this rule is wiring behind wall covering and in ceilings, but we must take and cut the wires back into the wall and ceilings.
  6. 6. What is asbestos; • a generic name given to a number of naturally occurring hydrated mineral silicates that possess a unique crystalline structure, are incombustible in air, and are separable into commercially used fibers. Asbestos includes the asbestiform varieties of chrysotile, crocidolite, amosite, anthophyllite, actinolite and tremolite.
  7. 7. Where is asbestos found? • 1. Floor tile • 2. Sheet rock mud • 3. Ceiling tile • 4. Mastics • 5. Wiring insulation 6. Break and Clutch parts 7. Gaskets and O rings
  8. 8. The state attorney general's office charged two McDonald firefighters and another man with conspiring to burn down a house for fire training purposes despite knowing it contained ASBESTOS. The Firefighters were charged with arson, causing or risking a catastrophe, tampering with public records, unlawful conduct and two counts each of conspiracy and unsworn falsification to authorities. Two days later, the DEP's emergency response team came to the house following reports of toxic smoke and collected samples from the rubble. The DEP tested the material and returned positive results for asbestos.
  9. 9. Fire department documentation
  10. 10. Permission to burn GEORGIA DEPARTMENT of NATURAL RESOURCES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION DIVISION “AUTHORIZATION TO BURN” Approval has been granted for the structure located at to be used for the purpose of “LIVE FIRE TRAINING” to be conducted by Fire Department on or between _______________________________________ ___________________ EPD AGENT GEORGIA FORESTRY BURN PERMIT NUMBER
  11. 11. Thomasville Fire Rescue Consent Release Form For the consideration of the sum of _________________ Dollars ($800) paid in hand the undersigned hereby represents and agrees to the following. The undersigned is the true and lawful owner of the improved real property located at _______________________________ Thomasville Georgia. The building/ structure are free and clear of all liens, pledges, mortgages and encumbrance of every kind whatsoever. The undersigned has removed all items of value from the structure. The Thomasville Fire Rescue has requested from the undersigned its consent and authorization to burn the structure in accordance with a training session for the Thomasville Fire Rescue and the undersigned hereby consents and authorizes the Thomasville Fire Rescue to burn the structure. The undersigned does hereby release and forever discharge the Thomasville Fire Rescue and its employees, officers, agents, successors and assigns and their heirs and personal representatives from any and all claims, actions, demands and causes of action of every kind of nature arising from or by reason of the burning of the structure, except as may be caused by negligence of the Thomasville Fire Rescue, or its officers, employees, agents, successors or assigns. Done this______ day of _________, 2007 Signature_________________________________
  12. 12. Certificate of clear title
  13. 13. Insurance cancellation
  14. 14. Request to burn
  15. 15. Inspectors and inspections • AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) EPD • NESAP (National Emission Standards For Hazardous Air Pollutants) OSHA
  16. 16. Inspections • Is the structure safe • Inspector time • Inspection time • Samples • Documentation
  17. 17. Requesting burn permit • Mail • 10 days prior • Ga. Forestry
  18. 18. Receiving burn permits • Letter to chief • Authorization to burn
  19. 19. Burn day • Permit must be in clear view
  20. 20. Review of enabling objectives • We discussed what documents the fire department must have • We discussed the role of the inspector and his documents • We discussed what documents must be on scene while burning the acquired structure
  21. 21. Summary • As we can see it takes a lot of work to get to burn permit to burn an acquired structure. Their will be costs to the home owner as well as to the fire department going to do the burn, but if were going to continue to burn these structures we have to be compliant with the Environmental Protection Division to avoid fines. Fines may be anywhere from $10,000 up on the first offence. But if we do the proper paper work all will work out as we planned and have a good training environment for our students.
  22. 22. Are their any questions
  23. 23. EPD Requirements • In order to have a good training environment we must ensure that we do all the correct procedures. It all starts with the inspection. By doing this we also avoid the risk of fines. Lets take the time to teach our students the correct procedures in firefighting. If they see us cutting corners on an acquired structure then we lost most if not all of our credibility to the students were teaching today as well as others from the departments that were present at this training. so lets take the time and do it correctly and all will benefit.