Which college will get you the highest-paying job?


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Which college will get you the highest-paying job?

  1. 1. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Selected Business Article ! Which college will land you the highest-paying job? ! http://money.cnn.com/2013/09/12/news/economy/debt-ceiling/index.html?iid=HP_LN!
  2. 2. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     "Harvey Mudd College among the highest earning post-grad!
  3. 3. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Summary! • Average mid-career salary: $124,300! • STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)! • The more money people make, the better they like their job.!
  4. 4. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Social Circumstance! Social Group: people 18-25 ! ! ! Circumstance: Students applying to university/ students currently enrolled and intended major!
  5. 5. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Fall Open House Admission Center!
  6. 6. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Bernon Hall: Admission Center!
  7. 7. Brandon  Chivers                     Ethnographic Research Welcoming Sign!      Professor  Klinkowstein    
  8. 8. Brandon  Chivers                         Ethnographic Research Washington Park: NYU!  Professor  Klinkowstein    
  9. 9. Brandon  Chivers                     Ethnographic Research Sara Fox!      Professor  Klinkowstein    
  10. 10. Brandon  Chivers                     Ethnographic Research Diana Pedra!      Professor  Klinkowstein    
  11. 11. Brandon  Chivers                     Ethnographic Research Billy Cohen!      Professor  Klinkowstein    
  12. 12. Brandon  Chivers                     Ethnographic Research Conner Milfred!      Professor  Klinkowstein    
  13. 13. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Observations • 15 people present at the fall undergraduate open house. ! • Divided into groups! • Prospective students were talking enrolled students at Hofstra. !
  14. 14. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Observations • Boy was looking rapidly through his Hofstra admission guide! • The girl across fidgets with her phone constantly! • The parents are attempting to connect with one another, boasting about their children. ! !
  15. 15. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Observations • Every prospective student is with a parent! • Parents taking over most of the conversations, rather than the student. ! • The students are dressed in casual clothes: jeans, leggings, jackets, blouses!
  16. 16. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Findings Sarah Fox:! What is the component in choosing a college?! • Location, location, location! What was your first choice? Why? ! • New York University: They had a great business program. ! What major and why? Is it money or aspirations? ! • Entrepreneurship in order to create a business to better the world!
  17. 17. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Findings Diana Pedra:! What is the component in choosing a college?! • Nice campus and a small class ! What was your first choice? Why? ! • Providence college: campus size, prestigious ! What major and why? Is it money or aspirations? ! • Undecided: “I don’t really know a career that is a perfect fit.”!
  18. 18. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Findings Conner Milfred:! What is the component in choosing a college?! • Study abroad programs, and a business school.! What was your first choice? Why? ! • Columbia: met all requirements! What major and why? Is it money or aspirations? ! • Business management because they wanted money for the future. !
  19. 19. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Findings Billy Cohen:! What is the component in choosing a college?! • Their father wanted them to attend a business school. ! What was your first choice? Why? ! • Boston University, because of previous relatives. ! What major and why? Is it money or aspirations? ! • International business, because it’s the parents wish. !
  20. 20. Brandon  Chivers         Diagonals !                  Professor  Klinkowstein    
  21. 21. Brandon  Chivers   Arcs!                        Professor  Klinkowstein    
  22. 22. Brandon  Chivers                 Irregular Shapes!          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  23. 23. Brandon  Chivers   Grids!                        Professor  Klinkowstein    
  24. 24. Brandon  Chivers             Monochromes!              Professor  Klinkowstein    
  25. 25. Brandon  Chivers       Neutrals!                    Professor  Klinkowstein    
  26. 26. Brandon  Chivers       High Key!                    Professor  Klinkowstein    
  27. 27. Brandon  Chivers       Low Key!                    Professor  Klinkowstein    
  28. 28. Brandon  Chivers             Combination !              Professor  Klinkowstein    
  29. 29. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Combination: Black & White!
  30. 30. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Proposal • The product will give a more concise set of options in creating the perfect college/university match per individual; which will be based upon big data (social media), major, money options, and post-grad career retention. An additional proponent of an MRI, through a neurological exam, determines the accuracy of a decision based upon neurotransmitters that react at the receptor to a list of probing questions. Giving the student an overall match that is better personalized then previous surveys.!
  31. 31. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  32. 32. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  33. 33. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  34. 34. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  35. 35. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  36. 36. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Diagram Elements 1.  Previous methods! 2.  College applications! 3.  When applying to college ! 4.  Better college, major, career matches!
  37. 37. Brandon  Chivers         Sketch #1                  Professor  Klinkowstein    
  38. 38. Brandon  Chivers         Sketch #2                  Professor  Klinkowstein    
  39. 39. Brandon  Chivers         Sketch #3                  Professor  Klinkowstein    
  40. 40. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  41. 41. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Tagline Research 1. Burger King: “Have it your way” 2. Verizon: “We never stop working for you” 3. Mac OS X: “The future is here”
  42. 42. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Tagline Study Your Future. Your Way. Brandon Chivers, Professor Klinkowstein FA014, Tagline Study